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Chapter Six – The Truth and Endings

"What do you mean?" Harry asked softly, looking at Hook warily. The pirate captain smirked at him.

"Do get comfortable, boy," Hook responded. "We'll be here a while. Smee!"

"Yes, captain?" the white-haired pirate asked after he burst into the room.

"Fetch me some rum, Smee. And be quick about it!"

The elderly-looking pirate babbled out a 'yes' before disappearing. Several bangs later, he returned with a bottle of rum and a glass. Captain Hook practically snatched it away and helped himself, sipping at the alcohol and swirling it around his glass. He narrowed his eyes. Where to start, where to start?

"How much do you know of Peter's past, boy?" Hook asked Harry, noting how the boy winced slightly.

"He ran away and came here. He didn't want to grow up," Harry replied softly, looking at the pirate captain with poorly concealed fear.

"That's it? The infamous Peter Pan told you nothing else?" Hook asked snidely. At Harry's frightened look, he smirked nastily. "And here I thought you both were close."

"We are close," Harry burst out before he shut his mouth and mentally berated himself. It wasn't smart to talk back to the captain when he had a hook for a hand.

Captain Hook laughed cruelly. "Of course you are. That's why you know so much about him." Silence met his statement. "I thought so. Now, since Pan hasn't told you anything of his life, I will. Interrupt me and I'll cut out your tongue, understood?"

"Y-Yes, sir," Harry whispered, looking at Hook fearfully.

"Good. Now where to begin… Well, let's start with the beginning. Contrary to imbecilic Muggle beliefs, magic exists. A very long time ago, there were very four powerful witches and wizards. They were Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. Together they created a school they later named Hogwarts. Now, when they were deciding how to admit students into their school, they had different ideas. Gryffindor," Hook spat, "wanted to let everybody into the school—including filthy Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers. Slytherin, who was the strongest and purest of the four, wanted students to be chosen based on their blood purity and status. In the end, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff sided with Gryffindor. Slytherin, who felt magical learning should be kept in Pureblood families, decided later to leave the school.

"Pan was supposed to go to Hogwarts. You see, his family were Purebloods and very adept in the art of Potion making. But, instead, Pan ran away like a coward. He failed to uphold Pureblood traditions and ran from his duty. He is a disgrace to all Purebloods." Captain Hook paused and took a sip of his rum, swiveling the glass around before he continued. "Eventually, the Pan line died out. Decades later, a very strong wizard started to come to power. He planned on exterminating the filth of Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers from the Wizarding world. Lord Voldemort had many followers, myself included. Any respecting Pureblood followed the Dark Lord; he had many great ideas and ambitions for the World. After all, those Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers reproduced even more of their kind and brought their filthy customs over to our world. In no time at all, there would be no one pure left. Something had to be done. Before my Lord rose to power, nobody knew where Pan had gone. My Lord was the one to figure out that there was, indeed, still a Pan alive. Pan was then expected to leave Neverland and join the Dark Lord's ranks. He was to learn Potions and become the Dark Lord's Potions Master. Instead, that blood traitor stayed in Neverland and thus dared to mock the Dark Lord by his refusing to accept a wonderful opportunity!"

Captain Hook's lips curled into a snarl. "So, my Lord gave me the privilege of being the one to exterminate Pan. After all, he was expendable. There were other Purebloods adept in the art of Potion making that would jump at the chance at serving the Dark Lord. Pan's defiance and disrespect cost him his life. Cowardly, he decided to run away to Neverland again. He hadn't anticipated me following him, but I did. However, as I passed through to Neverland, something happened. That blasted door that connected the two worlds sucked my magic. It left me defenseless and unable to return to my Lord. Neverland is a magical destination and one can only pass through with good intentions," Hook said mockingly, sneering. "That is the reason my magic was taken. Pan still has his magic, and when he opens the little present you gave him, he'll find a necklace. Do you know what this necklace will do?"

Harry shook his head. "N-No."

"The necklace is a magical artifact that was used in the time of the great founders. When Pan puts on the necklace, it will steal his magic and soul," Hook smirked. "Whoever wears the necklace will be able to use the magic, and as soon as I get it, I will be able to finally leave this place and return to my Lord. Ah, and that brings on another matter of concern." Hook leveled Harry with a glare. "What is your full name?"

"Harry James Potter," Harry murmured, looking at the pirate captain warily.

"Potter, huh? So, you're a blood traitor as well."

"But, I'm not magical…" Harry whispered fearfully.

"I care not for your insecurities or doubts. You are indeed a wizard as your surname is Potter. It explains why my Lord went after your family and why he killed your parents. The Potters have always been blood traitors! Muggle-lovers! They mock Pureblood customs and traditions by marrying filth in a traditional bonding ceremony. They have the gall to reproduce and spawn more filth! I've no doubt you're the product of such blasphemy! It's a good thing my Lord killed your parents, although why he failed to kill you is a mystery. I can't fathom how a child, a mere baby, could defeat the most powerful wizard of all-time. Whatever the reason, I will kill you and help return my Lord to his former glory. No, wait," Hook murmured, his eyes taking on a glint that Harry did not like as a nasty smirk stretched across his face. "I'll give you to him. Oh, yes, my Lord shall be pleased. He'll kill you himself and I'll be promoted within the ranks."

"But, my parents died in a car crash!" Harry blurted out. "Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia said so themselves! They said magic doesn't exist!"

The pirate captain slammed his hook on the desk mere centimeters away from Harry's hand. "Magic does exist, boy," Hook hissed. "The place you are in is a magical domain and magic is happening all around you this very moment. I assume you've been to the mermaids, correct?" At Harry's nod, he continued, "And I'm sure they showed you a bit of their magic, yes?" Harry nodded once more. "And still you doubt? Pathetic! It is no matter, however. After I bring my Lord back to his glory, you'll be dead."

The room fell silent as Hook drank the rest of his rum and Harry shook silently at the promise of his premature death. Before any words could be spoken, not that they were going to in this moment of silent contemplation, Smee burst through the door with a couple of bruises on his elderly face.

"Captain, it's Pan!" the pirate wheezed.

"What?!" Hook bellowed, slamming his glass on the table and effectively shattering it. Harry flinched at the noise, but looked rather hopeful at that statement.

"It's true, Captain! Pan and those blasted Lost Boys came aboard not even three minutes ago!" Smee babbled.

"What of the necklace? Is the necklace in his possession?"

"No, Captain. Not that I could see. And Miss Tinker Bell was with him, Captain!"

Furious, Hook stormed over to a grandiose bureau and opened it. Inside were many hooks and swords of great value and he carefully chose a golden hook and a sword. The sword was obviously made at a very early date. It had a long steel blade with intricate designs engraved in it. There were also designs engraved in the very handle of the sword along with the letters J.A.B. Hook attached the sheath at his hip and switched his hooks. With a slight snarl, the pirate captain reached over and yanked Harry out of the chair. Hook kicked Smee to the side and walked out of his quarters, holding Harry at hook-point. The fighting immediately ceased as Harry came into view.

"You go too far, Hook," Peter spat, glaring furiously at the pirate captain.

"I haven't gone far enough, Pan. Drop your weapon or the boy gets his pretty little throat slashed," Hook sneered, pressing the hook even further against Harry's delicate neck. He winced as a little drop of blood began to travel downward. Peter's jaw stiffened and his hand clenched and unclenched around the handle of his sword. When it felt like an eternity had passed, Peter harshly threw down his sword. With a quick motion, the Lost Boys also threw down their weapons. Laughing and jeering, the pirate crew wasted no time in capturing the boys and taunting them.

◦Winter Chime, apprehend Tinker Bell or poor little Summer Chime dies.◦ With a nod of Hook's head, Smee pulled out a glass case that had a small, golden-haired fairy. Her hair was more than a little disheveled and aside from dirt on her face, she appeared unharmed. Tinker Bell felt her whole world fall apart.

'Is that his mate? Is that why they share the same surname?' she thought to herself as Winter Chime almost gently held a small dagger at her throat. He didn't meet her eyes as Tinker Bell glared furiously at him, easily using her righteous anger to hide the pain and betrayal she felt flowing through her entire being.

Hook smirked viciously. "Interesting, Pan, how you feel for this boy. Tell me, what's so different about him? Is it these big green eyes of his?"

Peter glared at Hook. "That doesn't concern you," he bit out through clenched teeth.

"Ah, ah," Hook said softly as he pressed the hook harder against Harry's neck. "Be careful what you say; my hook might slip and accidentally kill him. It'd be a shame if he died." Of course, Pan didn't need to know how important the boy was in his ambition to bring back his Lord. "Now, answer the question."

"I don't know," Peter said finally, unable to look into Harry's pleading eyes.

"You don't know?" Hook scoffed. "Among all the other boys you've taken, you've taught this one to fight and to fly. You've built him a little house and you've taken him to see the Mermaids and the Indians. Now, now, don't look so shocked, Pan. You're not the only one with eyes throughout Neverland. So, again, what's so special about this boy? Do you find him cute?"

The pirates laughed cruelly.

"No answer? Aw, you do find him cute. That's so…disgusting," Hook sneered. His lips twisted into a grotesque version of a smile and his cold blue eyes glimmered. "Tell me, Pan, have you told this boy of your past?"

Peter's eyes widened fractionally. "Harry doesn't need to know my past; it's irrelevant!"

"Ah, it's too bad I've already taken the liberty of discussing it with him. The poor boy didn't even know of the Pureblood inheritance you turned your back on. For a Potter, he's not that bright. Then again, his blood isn't Pure so that's expected."

"Potter?" Peter asked softly, finding it slightly difficult to swallow.

"From your reaction, I gather you hadn't a clue you picked up another blood traitor. Well, isn't this precious," Hook snickered viciously. "Now, unless you want poor little Potter here to walk the plank, you'll put on that necklace you received."

"Peter, don't!" Harry said, speaking for the first time. "Don't put on the necklace! Once you do, your magic and your soul will be sucked o—" Harry gasped in pain as the hook was pressed harder against his skin, causing blood to slowly trickle down his neck.

"Shut up," Hook hissed, lips curled in a snarl, "unless you wish to meet a death too soon for you to fulfill your purpose!"

"Don't hurt him! I don't have the blasted necklace with me, you barmy old codger!" Peter yelled furiously.

Tossing Harry to a nearby pirate, Hook unsheathed his sword and charged at Peter. As if he were anticipating the move, Peter picked up his fallen sword and side-stepped the attack. Without preamble, Peter was in the air and jeering at Hook. He taunted the pirate captain until Hook was too furious to do anything more than swing his sword wildly. Harry struggled against the pirate that was holding him. He quickly stomped hard on the pirate's foot and bit down on his arm. The pirate yelped in pain and Harry swung around. Glaring, he pulled his fist back and punched the pirate in the nose. The pirate fell down and Harry shook his aching fist wildly, discovering that punching people in the face was so not as painless as it looked on the telly. The Lost Boys took their example from Harry and soon an all-out brawl occurred. Harry ran into Hook's private quarters and opened the bureau, grabbing a rather sharp sword.

Smee dropped the glass case as he ducked for cover and tried to avoid the rocks being pelted at him. The case shattered and Winter Chime immediately flew to his sister's side, scooping her up in his arms. Tinker Bell watched, feeling her heart shatter into a million tiny pieces as the glass confinement had. She started to turn around and fly away when she heard Summer Chime speak.

Brother, I knew you'd come for me!◦ she cried out, throwing her arms around Winter Chime's neck.

Of course I came for you! You're my little sister; I'll always come and get you! I'm so sorry I let you get taken in the first place. It'll never happen again, I swear it!◦

Tinker Bell paused, her eyes narrowed as she quickly contemplated the situation. Summer Chime was apparently Winter Chime's little sister, something happened to cause them to separate, Winter Chime hadn't betrayed her in that aspect, and at the moment the others were in need of her help. Without so much as a glance backwards, Tinker Bell flew around several pirates and threw dust in their eyes, effectively blinding them temporarily. This was the only opening the Lost Boys needed to knock the men unconscious.

Hook blocked one of Peter's thrusts and made one of his own. Loathed he was to admit it, but Pan was a worthy opponent in sword-fighting. Of course, he was much better with years of experience honing his movements. With a nasty grin, Hook opened his mouth to begin the psychological abuse he so wanted to lash out.

"I wonder what Pan Sr. would have said if he knew his son feels for another boy," he mused aloud, easily side-stepping another attack. Peter faltered slightly before his face became one of indifference. "It's too bad he'll never find out," Hook continued. "After all, everyone knows after you left, your poor mum died of a broken heart and your father followed her shortly."

"Shut up," Peter hissed, swinging his sword at Hook.

"I wonder what Potter would think if he knew you felt for him in that aspect. His upbringing screams 'Muggle' and everybody knows how accepting they are of these types of situations," Hook sneered, a malicious glint in his eye. "Potter probably already knows. Maybe that's why he decided to leave you."

"SHUT UP!" Peter bellowed, swinging his sword around savagely. "Harry wouldn't do that! He wouldn't care about something like that! He's not that kind of person; stop talking about him!"

"Sad, isn't it? How Potter would rather grow up than spend eternity in this damned place with you. He plans to grow up and leave you behind, alone!"

Peter gasped in pain as Hook's fist planted itself in his stomach. His sword was wrenched from his grip and he was knocked down to his knees. Hook grinned victoriously as he pulled on Peter's hair and the fighting was once again ceased. Harry looked at the scene with something akin to disbelief on his face. Taking advantage of the dazed children, the pirate crew immediately gained the upper hand once more. Hook wrapped his hands around Peter's neck and squeezed. Peter's eye widened and he desperately clutched Hook's hands in a weak attempt to get him to loosen his grip.

"You'll pay for your transgressions against the Dark Lord, blood traitor," Hook snarled. Peter began to see spots in front of his vision and wheezed weakly.

Harry watched the scene with wide eyes and he struggled against the pirate that held him. He had to help Peter like Peter helped him. If it hadn't been for the other boy, he would've never been able to come to Neverland. He would've stayed in the Dursleys and waited impatiently for them to return. With a steely determination he had never before experienced, Harry wrenched himself out of the pirate's grasp. He immediately ran towards Hook, sword drawn. Hook threw Peter down on the floor, finally relinquishing the grip he had on his throat, and pulled out his sword from its sheath, turning around and blocking Harry's move easily. It wasn't much of a battle to gain the upper hand. Hook used his own sword to knock Harry's out of his hand and he hit Harry's head with the handle of his. Harry let out a small noise of pain as he fell onto the floor, clutching his head.

"Foolish boy! My Lord will take great pleasure in killing you, but I'm sure he won't mind you missing a limb or two. This is what should happen to all filthy blood traitors, Muggles, and Muggle-lovers!"

The next few moments happened in quick succession. Everything seemed to move in a slower pace than before; Harry saw the sword coming down on him and closed his eyes. The next thing he knew, instead of a blinding, mind-numbing pain he was sure to feel at the loss of his arm or perhaps his leg, he felt nothing. Absolutely nothing and, confused as he was, Harry opened his eyes to see what the pirate captain did exactly. Needless to say, he was completely shocked to see Peter standing in front of him with a sword now in his chest. Peter stumbled back a little as Hook practically ripped the sword out of Peter's body and felt himself collapse. Harry managed—just barely—to catch Peter without getting squished himself. Harry's eyes filled with tears that he was not able to hold back and they trickled down his face onto Peter's.

"Alas, Pan was a worthy opponent," Hook said almost contritely. The smirk on his face angered Harry.

The small boy felt something build up in him; something that coursed through his veins and his entire being. As he gazed down at Peter's still body, shallow breathing, he felt cold fury he had never before experienced fill him up. Harry glared at Hook furiously as his body shook with his emotions. Peter opened his eyes slightly and absentmindedly realized that his head was in Harry's lap and Harry's shaking hands were clutching his shoulders. His own hand weakly went up to grasp Harry's, unaware that that small action was very significant and helped Harry in ways he wouldn't know. Hook took a step closer, eyes gleaming with malicious intent, sword drawn to finish what he had done.

Angrily, Harry screamed, "GET AWAY FROM US!"

His rage instantly drained from him; the thing that had filled him up was his magic and as it was expelled, it took on a form of its own. Harry watched in awe as his magic, in the form of a stag, started to throw pirates off the ship before charging at Hook. The pirate captain looked aghast as he was thrown off his own ship into the water. The stag walked over to Peter and Harry before it melted into Peter. The wound he had received was soon gone and Peter felt better than he ever had. Quickly Peter, Harry, the Lost Boys, and the fairies ran to the edge of the ship and looked at Hook who was attempting to stay above the water.



Hook's body froze and his expression immediately became one of pure, unadulterated fear. His mouth seemed to tremble as he looked over to his far right with glassy eyes. The crocodile that had haunted him for so long almost smirked, if a crocodile could, and leisurely swam over to him. Hook let out a shriek of terror and tried vainly to swim faster than he was going. His large coat and his boots were holding him down, but in his panic-stricken state he didn't seem to notice. The crocodile swam under the water and Harry flinched as Hook let out one last scream before he was pulled below the glossy surface.

The ship was quiet for a few moments before the Lost Boys let out cries of rejoice as Peter's arch nemesis was defeated at last. Peter smiled thankfully at Harry and gave the boy a hug, causing his cheeks to redden ever-so-slightly. Never-the-less, Harry returned the hug with the same enthusiasm and joy Peter had.

Winter Chime swallowed thickly and flew over to Tinker Bell. She looked at him with a pain in her eyes that hurt him deeply. ◦I…I'm sorry,◦ he whispered.

Why didn't you tell me?◦ she asked after a few moments of silence had passed between them.

I couldn't. Hook had my little sister captive and I had to do anything he said or she would've died. I never wanted to hurt or deceive you like I did, but I had no other option.◦

Tinker Bell sighed softly. ◦Was everything a lie?◦

No,◦ Winter Chime answered. ◦I really do enjoy spending time with you, and maybe, if you wanted, we could start all over. Hi, I'm Winter Chime.◦ He held out his hand nervously and watched as she merely looked at it. Just when he was about to withdraw it, she grasped it gently.

I'm Tinker Bell,◦ she said, giving him a small smile. Winter Chime returned it ten-fold.

The two fairies looked at each other and before they knew it, their faces were getting closer and closer. Their lips brushed against each others before Tinker Bell threw all caution out the window and wrapped her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss that sent tingles up and down their small bodies. They were interrupted by a cough and turned to see everybody looking at them.

Summer Chime cocked an eyebrow. ◦What exactly happened while I was away?◦ she asked, causing a slight flush to appear on the two older fairies' faces.

◦I'm glad you two made up, but I need to take Harry home,◦ Peter said tightly. His heart clenched painfully at the reminder of Harry leaving and Hook's words immediately resounded in his head.

"Sad, isn't it? How Potter would rather grow up than spend eternity in this damned place with you. He plans to grow up and leave you behind, alone!"

Taking a deep breath and focusing solely on the feelings he had when Harry spent time with him, Peter gently lead the smaller boy into the air and started back to Surrey. Harry and Summer Chime were talking, so not to end their conversation prematurely, Winter Chime and Tinker Bell followed Peter and Harry. In no time at all, they were almost at Number 4, Privet Drive and Harry frowned at the thought of what the Dursleys would say at him being out too long. A part of him told him they wouldn't care; he was only a nuisance to them, after all. Another part of him reminded him of the conversation he and Tinker Bell had before she was banished.

Time flows slower in your world than in here. Peter thought he could go see his parents again after he had spent a while in here. He hadn't realized the flow of time was different so when he went to go back, it was as if he had only just left. His parents were looking for him and he flew back to Neverland. The next time he went back, his parents were gone and the line had died out. After that, he started making regular visits outside of Neverland so that he could stay updated on what had happened. And that's when Hook found him,◦ she had said.

"We're here," Peter said softly, pulling Harry out of his reverie. They landed softly in the backyard of the Dursley residence and Harry bit his lip.

"Peter, please know that I'm not leaving Neverland because I want to," he said gently, looking straight into Peter's eyes.

"I know. You said you had a gut feeling about something you needed to do," Peter responded.

"Yes, that. If it hadn't been for this feeling that I'm needed here, I would love to stay with you." They were silent for a few moments. "Say, why were you shocked to find out my last name?"

Peter's cheeks stained red. "My nanny was a Potter. She was very kind and now that I think about it, you're a lot like her."

"What was her name?"

"Abigail," Peter said. "Had I known you were also a wizard, I would've taught you all the magical theory I know."

"Hey, I have a question." At Peter's look, he continued. "What exactly is a Muggle? Captain Hook kept talking about them."

"Muggles are people that don't have magic."

Harry scrunched his brow. "So, my aunt and uncle are Muggles?"


An awkward silence passed over them before Harry jumped on Peter and hugged him tightly. "I'll miss you," he whispered.

Peter returned the hug and blushed when Harry gave him a peck on the cheek. He gently drifted in the air and Harry smiled at him tearfully. Turning around, he made his way back into the house.


The small boy spun around. "Yes, Peter?"

"Make sure you don't forget me while you're growing up, alright?"

Harry smiled softly. "Forget you? Never."

Beaming, Peter turned around and made the journey back to Neverland. Harry had the feeling that he'd see the other boy one day, and he couldn't wait. Walking into the house, Harry quickly went back upstairs to the room he had occupied before his little adventure and waited. Not even five minutes later, the Dursleys came home from their family outing. Harry was left alone and he went to sleep with a smile on his face. The next day along with his eleventh birthday and came a letter from a school that sounded very familiar. And so, as his adventure to and from Neverland ended, a new one began.

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