Hello everyone! Welcome to the new story. I have a one-shot by the same title, but this is going to be a little different than that one - and a lot longer. It's going to explore Chase's past and will be House/Chase friendship. I hope that you all enjoy it!!

There was a high school like feud going on between two of the doctors in ICU and Chase was sick to death of listening to the two of them fight and then run around, trying to convince everyone else that they were the ones who were right. So he decided to hang out in Diagnostics for awhile. House's new team was busy running tests on their newest patient, so House and Chase were alone in the conference room. House was playing on his PSP and Chase was doing crossword puzzles.

A nurse from the ER cautiously poked her head into the room. "Dr. Chase! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Both doctors looked up at the nurse. "What is it?" he asked. He didn't know what her name was, she was relatively new to the ER.

"There was a fire at your apartment complex. Your nanny and daughter are downstairs!" she told him. Chase was out the door faster than House had ever seen him move. House looked up at the nurse.

"Did you just say his nanny and daughter were downstairs?" he asked. She nodded. "What room?" he asked. She told him that they were in room 147 and then followed Chase. House waited half a second before following them.

How had Chase worked for him for three years without House knowing that he had a kid? He wasn't married, he knew that. On all of his forms, he was listed as single. He got on the elevator, thinking hard about how Chase could have his own child. He wondered how old the kid was.

Getting into the ER, he saw many victims of the apartment fire. Most were being treated for smoke inhalation. Cameron was no where to be found. He quickly found room 147 and looked inside. A young woman (obviously the nanny) was sitting on a chair. Her face was smoky, except where her tears had formed tracks down her face. She had an oxygen mask over her mouth. Chase was holding a small child, maybe three or four, also covered in smoke and also with an oxygen mask. The little girl was a carbon copy of Chase. The same blond hair, same blue green eyes, same face structure.

He was hugging the small child close, while he had her chart in one of his hands. After he seemed satisfied, he turned to the young woman. "Maddie, are you okay?"

Her eyes filled with tears again and she nodded. "I'm okay, Robert. Pretty shaken up, we both are. And I think that the apartment is destroyed, but we're okay." He set the child down for a moment and hugged the girl.

"The apartment is only a place. Just filled with things. As long as you two are okay, that's all that matters. Do you know what happened?" he asked, picking up the baby again. The little Chase clung to her father tightly, her small arms wrapped around his neck.

"I'm not sure. I heard Mrs. Graves saying that Dan Palmer fell asleep with food on the stove." Chase nodded and replaced the oxygen mask she had removed to talk to him.

"Okay. Just keep that on for a few more minutes. I'll check your stats in a minute. Have you called your mother? Does she know that you're okay?" he asked, while rubbing the back of his child.

"Yeah, I called mom when we got here. I told the nurse who admitted us that I had your daughter and to find you. I guess she did." Robert smiled and nodded.

"My heart nearly stopped when she said that my nanny and daughter had been in a fire. I'm just glad that neither of you are hurt." he told her. Then he raised his voice a little. "And House, it's rude to linger in doorways, I know you're standing there, come in already."

House pushed the door all the way open. "You have a kid." he said.

"Yes. This is Emily, she's three. And this is my nanny, Maddie." Chase introduced him. House nodded at the nanny and took the chart that was on the table. It was the nanny's. Her o2 sats were a little low, but they had her on oxygen. He pulled out his stethoscope and listened to her lungs. Then he gently pulled the oxygen mask away.

"You're fine." he gestured to the sink. "Wash your face off, you're smoky. I know Vogue says it's in, but really, you have to know when too much is too much." The girl giggled and Chase rolled his eyes. Then House took the chart that Chase was holding. He glanced over it, noting that the child's sats were completely fine. There was no reason to have her on oxygen, unless your father was an overprotective doctor, of course. "She's fine, too. Take her off the oxygen." He told Chase.

Chase nodded. He was still shaken up over hearing those horrible words, that his daughter was in the emergency room. "House, if you'll let this drop until I can get through this, I'll give you full permission to ask any questions that you may have."

For once, House decided to give him a break. "Okay. One question before I go, though..." Chase gave him a look, but nodded for him to go on. "Where are you planning on staying tonight?"

The question left Chase a little dumbfounded. He had been so focused on making sure that Emily and Maddie were alright, he didn't really think about where they would be staying tonight. "Well, I want to go back and check out the place, see what can be salvaged. Then we'll probably go to a hotel." he looked at his daughter. "How does that sound, Emmy? You want to spend the night at a hotel?"

"Stay with Daddy." she whimpered, clinging tightly to him.

"She's pretty shook up." Chase said. He turned to Maddie. "You're fine, I want you to go on home, take the next couple of days off. I'll still pay you. I know that this was really scary, but you did a great job. Do you think you can drive home?"

She nodded. "Yeah, but my car is still at your place." Chase fished out his wallet.

"Here's some money for a cab. Maddie, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. If you need anything, or if you're not feeling well, give me a call. Anytime, day or night." He leaned in and hugged her tightly.

"Thanks Robert. I'm okay, just a little shaken. Me and Emily both." Maddie said, returning the hug. Then she left the room, leaving Chase alone with House and his daughter.

"I'm going to go talk to Cuddy and cut out for the day." Chase busied himself gathering the few things Maddie had brought with them. House was simply watching them and said nothing as Chase, still carrying his daughter, brushed past him and left.