Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight; I can only dream that I do

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight; I can only dream that I do.

Well I thought that I'd try my hand at this story (although I should have finished the other one first lol I couldn't help myself) :) –All human. (OOC)

Chapter one

"BELLA!! WAKE UP! You're going to be late!" Alice screamed at me from outside my room. I rolled over and covered my head with my pillow, I didn't care how much money her dad offered me; I wasn't going to wake up at 4am to get in to clean the offices it was beyond ridiculous.

"Not kidding Bella, if you're not out of that bed in 10 seconds I'm coming in there with this bucket of water and chucking it over your head."

My eyes flew open, she wouldn't-she would-I was too late, the ice cold water raced over my head. I couldn't believe that she had done that to me, I knew that she was eager for me to get this job (it was the only one that I could get being 19 and not having any of my college qualifications-I needed this job to save up for college and because of the ridiculous hours worked it paid great) but I didn't exactly know the reason for her eagerness.

"Okay Alice" I said trying to stop my teeth chattering together "but next time please don't get the water out of the freezer, the cold will kill me."

Alice laughed her beautiful chiming laugh; I never knew how she could be so beautiful even at this unearthly time in the morning; I wish that I had such a gift. "Don't be so ridiculous Bells, I got this out of the tap-and if I had got it out of the freezer then it would have been a lump of ice, which wouldn't have been any good for chucking over your head-and your right; out of the freezer it might have killed you."

I groaned "fine, I'm up, happy? Now I'm off to take a boiling hot shower to warm myself up." And with that I gathered my clothes together and walked out of my room leaving Alice standing with her bucket in the centre of my room grinning broadly, I had no idea what other surprise she had planned out for me today, and it was still only 4am I couldn't cope with any of this.

"Thanks for the ride Alice!" I yelled as I got out of the car "see you soon for breakfast"

I turned and looked up at the building in front of me it was just an ordinary block of offices but right now they looked very intimidating. I took a deep intake of breath and started climbing the few steps to the door of the building and pressed the button for the 8th floor-the one that I'd be cleaning until I had enough money for college.

"Hello, please state your name, your appointment number and the reason for why you are here." screeched a nasty nasal voice from the box by the door.

"Hello, its Bella Swan, I don't have an appointment number…because…well I'm the new cleaner" I said confused, wasn't it a bit early to start opening an appointment service? Like anyone would come in 4:30am in the morning.

"Okay, please make your way up to floor eight, and hurry you're very late." The voice scolded me-late? My watch made it out to be 4:32 so I'd only be a couple of minutes out…maybe I should contemplate getting here a couple of minutes earlier in future.

I took a quick glance up the amount of stairs and decided to go against it, no way was I going to climb like a hundred and fifty stairs this early in the morning; so I searched the hallway for a lift. I couldn't find one anywhere-why wouldn't they have a lift in a building with like fifty floors?! Okay maybe fifty was an exaggeration I knew that they had at least eight and I was sure that it went up to floor number thirty by the outside view. Yet they still had no elevator-so I started my trek up to the eighth floor, I realised that I had to rush-I'd already wasted about ten minutes looking around for a lift so I basically ran up the stairs, surprisingly for me only tripping over about five times-not even once a floor-score!

I finally made it to the 8th floor-only took me about five minutes (I should time myself each time and see if I get better at it). I reached the reception desk all red faced and panting-not good.

"Glad you could finally join us Miss Swan" The receptionist stuck her chin up towards me and looked at me as though I was a piece of chewing gum that she had just scrapped off of her designer shoe. I was not going to like this job at all.

"Sorry, but I couldn't find the elevator-so I had to take the stairs" I gasped, I was shocked that she understood me through all of the panting

"As you go through the main door you take a left and the lift is there right in front of you" She had said this in the most uninterested tone as if she had to tell everyone who came up that staircase, she probably did the elevator was definitely a hard thing to find.

Just then a man who looked like he must have been in his early thirties appeared out through a door and started walking towards the receptionist "Jessica-I'll take my messages in about twenty minutes after the new-ah," he said spotting me "you must be Miss Swan, I've been waiting for you to arrive-do come through into my office."

I smiled as warmly as I could at the receptionist, Jessica (I was sure that it must have looked more like a grimace), and followed closely behind the man back into the office that he had just come out of.

He sat down in the seat behind, what looked like, an expensive mahogany desk.

"Do take a seat Miss Swan" He waited for me to settle into a seat before continuing the conversation "I'd like to welcome you to the firm-although you may be the office cleaner-you're by no means any less important then any other member of this firm therefore you will be expected to join in with the team building activities and office parties…" He must have rambled on about welcoming me to the firm for about half an hour, however it seemed so much longer he just spent a lot of the time repeating pointless facts that he had already mentioned. I could sense that he was nervous about hiring me-clumsy Bella-after how much he must have heard from Alice. So I just smiled and nodded at the right times so that he thought that I was listening whilst truly my mind was still cursing Alice about making me get up at 4am and showering me in ice cold water.

"Right I'll show you around the offices and that will be all for this morning, I'll be expecting you here at 5:30 every morning and night-so that does mean that you get an extra hours sleep then you did this morning." He smiled down at me thinking that he was being generous by letting me sleep in until 5am-but if he wanted to be generous he could cancel the morning shift all together-yeh chances are that's not going to happen.

After about 30 minutes of showing me around the 8th floor, which I figured there only being three rooms and one unisex toilet that it would have only taken 10 minutes-if that; but no, he insisted in literally explaining all of the problems that might occur to the rooms starting with the dirt might not have been picked up by the hover if I wasn't using a nozzle and how to safely get mud off of the walls without taking the paintwork off, to cleaning the floors without scratching them with the wrong cloth-whoever thought that office cleaning could have been so exciting (although it's definitely adding to my sarcasm). He finally let me go to meet Alice who was waiting for my update in the café around the corner.

As I entered the Café I automatically saw Alice sitting down in the corner with Jasper and some guy that I've never met before in my life, this got me curious-this must have been what Alice had been planning earlier, it better not be a double date because the last time she did that to me I ended up with the vile Mike Newton-who still to this very day is stalking me trying to force another out another date, like the last time he 'bumped' into me walking into the Chinese restaurant for mine and Alice's takeaway and asked if I'd care to join him-because people go for Chinese food to eat in alone-duuuh.

I walked nervously over to where Alice, Jasper and the stranger were sitting. Carefully moving my feet so as not to trip over the air (again). I took my seat opposite Alice and Jasper, next to the guy that either Alice or Jasper had bought with them.

"Bella! You're here!" Alice declared joyfully "I wasn't expecting you to be done so soon, oh- and this is Edward!" She exclaimed excitedly "He's my older brother"

Whoa, total knock out there "Since when did you have a brother other then Emmett?" I asked astounded that she'd never mentioned him before-ever.

"Since I was born" She said as if it was an obvious fact that should be well known

"Well you never mentioned him, so how was I supposed to know that you had another brother other then Emmett?" I pouted, I really should have asked more about her more-some friend I was I had only assumed that she had one brother because she only mentioned the one brother.

"What, you never mentioned me?" Edward asked clearly displeased "Your favourite brother, I'm shocked-but you managed to mention Emmett" He scoffed.

"I'm sure I did" Alice frowned "Well anyway-now I have" she and Jasper chuckled

"Well nice to meet you Edward" I said holding my hand out towards him

He just looked at my hand as if it was infected or something disgusting and nodded his head at me "Charmed…anyway" he said looking back at Alice "I should be getting to work now, Dad will be wondering where I've gotten too, important things to be doing today." And with that he hastily stood up and was out of the door in seconds.

"Well" I breathed "THAT was rude."

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