Chapter Two

A Fairy and a Faerie are two totally different things. Evela is a Faerie. They have bird wings and less magic than Fairys, although they are warriors and tacticians, lending help in wars or fighting off beasts, both of the magical and non-magical kinds. They tend to be more sensible than Fairys, which have butterfly wings and are the most magical beings on the planet. They tend to be more on the silly, frivolous, high strung side. You're more likely to see a fairy than a faerie, because they don't hide their wings very often and dress in colorful, gauzy fabrics. Fairys take on the job of "Fairy godmother" or "Fairy godfather". They are also very beautiful, which usually makes them vain. Faeries dress more simply, in brown, gray, or a few varieties of green, most often made out of canvas or wool. They tend to be less attractive than the fairies, tough they are still pretty. A typical fairy or faerie lives around eight hundred years, if they aren't killed before then.

They also marry only once and have approximately one to three children. They look and act like humans, for the most part, except for the wings.

Evela marched down the hall at a brisk pace. Teagan came out of his stupor about halfway down and tried to fight back, but, weakened as he was, was no match for her. She stopped and dumped him unceremoniously onto the floor. He rubbed his backside, then got shakily to his feel, thinking, I forgot how rough she can be when she's annoyed. He stood there, swaying a bit on his feet and looked at Evela with a lost expression.

"Well," she said in a kinder, calmer tone. "I suppose the first thing to do is get you cleaned up." Teagan stared at her, now, a small look of dread flitting across his grimy face. She looked the same as she did when Alexandra died, and only a little older than she did when he was a child. Evela was only about one hundred and ninety five years old, so she looked about seventeen. She stood defiantly, like she always did, framed by her impressive wings. Teagan winced.

"Please tell me you won't be doing the cleaning," he muttered.

"Unfortunately, I can't do that. In your mentally unstable state, I'm the only one who can keep you from doing something stupid," she said in a cheerful tone. Before Alexandra had died, Teagan would have argued back, but he felt overwhelmed, tiered, and blinded by the light. He swayed, and Evela picked him up again. She was aware of many eyes watching, looking at her wings, and the King in this state. She took of half-running, half-flying down the corridor, until she reached the door to a washroom.

The washroom was clean, with a large fire place and cauldron for heating water. The floor had a depression of about four feet at the deepest and candles, clothes racks, and shelves with cleaning supplies lined the walls. The room was a little too cramped for her wings, so she retracted them again, but not without a little pang of longing. It felt so good to have them out, and the strain of the magic that kept them in always made her feel a little weary. She hadn't had them out since Cassandra was two or three. The risk of being discovered was too great to open them in public.

With a sigh, Evela put Teagan on the floor and began to pull off his rags as he slept. The thing about the faeries is that they don't really care about seeing a human naked. Even the fairies were wiser than to care about something like that. After the first hundred years, you'd get used to it too.

She then called for water to be brought up, which she heated using magic. The way that faerie and fairy magic works, you have to concentrate on it, want it enough, and believe that it'll happen. No magic words, wands, or potions. Pouring the water into the depression, she nearly burned her fingers, but, luckily, it wasn't that bad. Evela selected a few soaps from the shelves, then proceeded to scrub thirteen years of crud, dirt, and grime off of Teagan's starved frame.

She reflected on when she had done this to him when he was just a boy, and of all the messes he got into. I hope he hasn't changed for the worse in the last thirteen years. More than likely, he'll go crazy. It didn't take long for the water to get murky, so Evela drained the water from the basin and started again. When his hair and beard where washed and untangled, she gave him a quick haircut and dressed him in a large shirt and leggings. Calling to one of the maids in the hallway, she sent for Cassandra.

She came, tripping lightly down the stairs that led to the tower and stopped by the door to the washroom, staring at the sleeping stranger inside.