Chapter 2: The story continues

About an hour later of pouring over charts and diagrams, Kaiba heard the sound of his doorbell. He so wanted to release the dogs that guarded the mansion (he smirked at the thought of Joey running away) but held himself back. Exiting his study he took long strides to the stairs and begun his descent to what he saw as the dinner from hell.

Mokuba hadn't actually heard the bell as he had his music in his room so loud he couldn't hear anything else. Meanwhile he was quickly throwing some stuff around and getting out of the way while he was looking for some movies he had rented.

There was no sign of Mokuba so Kaiba grudgingly walked to the door. He put his hand on the handle, sighed and pulled it open.

There stood Joey, Tristin, Tea and Yugi. He stood towering over them, staring at them coldly.

"Hey, Richboy, you gonna let us in or wha'?" said Joey, rude as always.

"Heel mutt, dogs shouldn't be allowed indoors!" He smirked.

Joey turned red. and he made for Kaiba. "Why i outta'...stupid pri..."

"Joey!" Warned Tea "We're guests, shut up!" She turned to her glaring host. "Hi Kaiba!" She chirped.

Kaiba just rolled his eyes and looked to Yugi. He was the only one he greeted. "Yugi" He nodded.

"Hay Kaiba." Yugi said feeling slightly torn. He could notice how his friends were fuming behind him at Kaiba's rudeness. But then again Joey wasn't a example for politeness either, but at least Tea tried. But then again he didn't had much chance to give it any thought as Joey and Tristan let themselves in and started inspecting the house.

"Gee, Kaiba fancy taste ya got." Joey commented as he and Tristan were looking over at some of the art bored. Tea had hurried in after them trying to prevent them from breaking anything. Yugi could feel his face slightly burn with embarrassment as he quietly followed them in.

Kaiba growled. The mutt was already inviting himself in. He sighed, and opened the door wider to let Yugi in, he could see the tad flushed cheeks and he knew he was embarrassed. But Kaiba wasn't exactly polite! When all four were in the house, he shut the door and turned to his 'guests'.
"Mokuba, should be down soon!"

"Great!" Said Tea trying to break the tension. "I'm looking forward to spending time with him." She smiled at the older Kaiba.

"Yeah, but its a nice pad you got here Kaiba." Said Tristan looking around again.

"Being rich has its perks I suppose." Said Kaiba indifferently. "Come on, the dining room is through here."

They all followed Kaiba with the necessary drama act of the money and expensive art and Tea threatening to kill both Joey and Tristan if they didn't just shut up.

Mokuba meanwhile was already in the dinner room as it had been impossible not to hear the gang arrive with all the noise they made. He had decided to surprise them all and had snuck to the dinner room by another way in order to be first, were he was now nonchalantly waiting for the others to arrive.

Yugi on the other hand had been very interested in all the fine art in the Kaiba Maison. He lingered on behind the others taking his time to inspect each peace. When suddenly something, in the living room they had passed, had drew his attention. Unable to stop his curiosity and almost as if he was in a trance he walked in. He stopped before a coffee table on which a small box stood that was decorated with Egyptian marks. He looked at it as if he was hypnotized and for some odd reason he felt as if everything else around him disappeared. Leaving only him and the small box with the inscriptions which Yugi could have sworn it seemed as if he was actually able to read them. Of course he knew some of the ancient Egyptian languish but he never learned so much from his granddad or Atem that would aloud him to read this so fluently.

Kaiba entered the dining room where he saw Mokuba. He passed him silently and stood near the table waiting for the rest. Joey, Tea and Tristan came in a little wary of the silence. Kaiba noticed Yugi wasn't there...

Mokuba was happily chatting with Tea while they were laughing with Joey and Tristan who were fooling around while waited for their dinner.

Kaiba sat at the table. he was rather impatiently waiting for his food, watching the two dorks and his brother talking to the friendship girl. He still wondered what Yugi was doing.

'Where was that guy?? Probably got lost.' He smirked openly, but Joey caught sight of this.

"Oi, Kaiba, wha's with da smirk??"

"Shut up! Mokuba, Where is Yugi?"

Mokuba looked at his brother confused. "Um I dunno, I haven't seen him around yet."

"Probably got lost in your big castle, mister host." Joey said taunting to Kaiba.

"Well if anyone should go get him it's you cause we probably get lost as well." Tristan added.

"Fine! You fools would probably get lost going down the hall anyway." With that he stood up and left the room muttering! He made his way down the hall, glaring at nothing in particular. Then he caught sight of spiky hair in the room across from him. puzzled he went into where Yugi was..."Yugi?"

Yugi didn't even heard Kaiba, it was as if he was completely of from the world. Around him there seemed only to be darkness, a voice calling in the distance and next everything started to spin and his legs gave away under him and he sunk to the ground unconscious.

'What the...' Kaiba hurried over to where Yugi collapsed. He picked up the duellist wrist and checked his pulse. It was a little fast!
"Mokuba!" Called Kaiba. "Come in here..."
While waiting on Mokuba, Kaiba spotted the gold box, Yugi had held. He stared at it...'What was going on?'

"What's wrong Seto?" Mokuba asked as he came in followed by the gang.

"I swear it, Kaiba and Yugi just got into another fight." Joey commented.

"Joey you're such a..." Tea suddenly fell quite as they saw Yugi motionless on the floor. They all started at the scène in shock at first but then all hurried over.

"What did you do to him?" Joey asked heated.

"Shut it Wheeler, I came to find him and when I did, he just collapsed!" He snarled.

Joey eyed him with mistrust and went over to his buddy and scooped him up, laying him on a couch nearby. "I don't believe ya Kaiba! You hate Yugi. And your likely to pull something like punk!"

Kaiba grew red with anger, striding over he grabbed Joeys collar and pulled him up roughly. "I didn't do anything you stupid mutt!"


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