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Chapter One

When Joey came home to visit his dad, Hank knew that something was bothering him and that he didn't want to talk about it because his Sargent from New York where Joey was working undercover trying to help stop child prostitution called him and said "Hank, Joey is having a hard time dealing with something that happened here so please let him stay with you and maybe he'll open up and tell you what's really wrong."

The day that Hank opened the door and found his son standing there looking so lost and alone it nearly killed him and he opened his arms and Joey went to him and as he held his son in his arms and Joey started crying Hank knew that whatever was wrong it was really eating him up inside and he was going to do his best to help his son deal with whatever was bothering him.

Joey left Domino right after he graduated from High School and all he told his dad was "I need to get out of here so that I could find myself" and that was eleven years ago and now he was back and some of his old friends were still here and Hank prayed that Joey would call them and they could get together and visit.

Joey didn't know what the hell to do anymore, he was having nightmares still and he was afraid if he couldn't deal with them then he'd go completely out of his mind. One day while Joey was walking around Domino he ran into Yami and Yugi and Joey smiled to himself as he looked at them and they never really changed much.

Yami felt it right away that something was wrong with Joey but he didn't know how to deal with it. He had his link with Yugi open and when Yugi felt the disturbance coming from Joey he was afraid that he might not be able to get better and that if he couldn't then he just might die.

Yugi asked Joey "What have you been doing all this time since you moved away?"

Joey smiled at his long time friend and he said "Well when I first got there my mom told me either get a job or get out so I started looking and that's when I found out how much I loved being a cop and so I entered the Police Academy and well I aced the test and I became an Officer at Precinct 240 in downtown Manhattan."

Yugi's eyes got really big when Joey told them that and then he started laughing as he said "That's really good, since all you ever did when we were growing up was get into trouble with the Police here in Domino."

That caused both Joey and Yami to burst out laughing and then who should walk over to where they were but Tea and tears ran down her face as Joey held her in his arms and he said "It's good to see you again, what have you been doing lately?"

Tea smiled at them as she said "Well I blew out my knee and I can't dance anymore but now I'm the owner of Domino's Dance Academy thanks to my banker Seto Kaiba."

Joey nearly fell on the ground when she said that and then he looked at her and asked "Where is old moneybags anyway?"

Tea then said "Well the last time I saw him he was talking care of our twins with Mokie's help that is."

Now it was Joey's turn to do a double take and he asked her "When did all of this happen, you know the marriage and all the rest?"

Seto and I got married right after I came back from tour and I was in the hospital getting physical therapy to help me deal with the only leg I had and then she smiled and said "He was so generous to let me stay at the Manor and one thing led to another and well we got married."

Tea then took Joey's hand in hers and she asked him "Joey what's wrong?"

Joey smiled at her and he said "Hey, I fine really I just came home for a visit that's all."

Tea didn't push but she knew deep down inside that he was dealing with something that was eating him up inside and she prayed that someone could get him to talk about it before he just blew up.

Joey said good-bye to his friends and started back home when he ran into Bakura, Ryou, Marik and Malik who were just back from Egypt and Ryou and Malik were glad to see him again while Bakura and Marik were getting strange vibes from him and that's when Bakura said "Wheeler what the hell is going on with you?"

Joey blew a gasket then and he started yelling "Why can't all of you just leave me the hell alone, there's nothing wrong so stop asking me!"

About then Joey found himself up against the wall and he was staring into the face of Bakura and he said "Wheeler you can go on all day long denying that nothing is wrong but remember that I know you better then you know yourself and I can feel that something really huge is bothering you and if you don't start talking about it it will eat you alive so start talking."

Joey then started crying and as he sobbed Bakura held him and then Ryou, Malik and even Marik all gathered around them and that's when Joey finally said "Something happened back in New York and I'm trying to deal with it but I can't talk about it right now, please all I need is some time to try to find out why it happened in the first place and if I need someone to talk to I'll call you alright?"

Bakura smiled at him as he wiped the tears from Joey's face and then he said "Don't wait to long to try to deal with this by yourself because me it will get so damn huge that you'll never be able to handle it by yourself you need to talk to someone as soon as possible."

Joey thanked them and then he started back to his dad's home and when he got there he found his dad outside watering the plants and when Hank saw his son walking towards him and that he was crying Hank turned off the water and they walked inside and that's when Joey said "Dad I have to talk to you about something that happened to me back in New York."

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