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Chapter Ten

Hank was just about to crawl into bed when the phone rang and when he answered it he got a surprise when heard Joey's voice as he said "Hey dad, is it alright if I come home and talk to you about something?"

Hank smiled as tears filled his eyes as he said "Son you know that you can come home and I can hardly wait to see you again." They talked for a few minutes and Joey told his father that he was bringing a friend home to meet him and that this friend was very special to him. Hank knew that this just might be the one that will help his son find his way back home. They said good-night and Joey said that he'd call when they had their ticket information.

Raphael then said "We can get tickets out of here tomorrow afternoon and be in Domino tomorrow around five in the evening." Joey smiled and put his arms around him and he said "I love you with all my heart and I'm go glad that we found each other again because I would have been alone without you."

Then spent the day inside just talking and making love and when it was time for dinner Raphael said "Let's go out and celebrate out up coming marriage?"

Joey smiled and he said "That sounds like it would be lots of fun." And that's just what they did.

The next day when Hank got up he called the Game Shop and talked to Solomon and told him the great news and he asked him "Could you have Yugi and Yami get hold of all their friends and let them know and find out if they'll come to the Wedding?"

Solomon laughed as he said "You can count on it and Hank I'm so glad that Joseph is better and that he has found his life mate to spend their lives together."

Everyone that Yugi and Yami called said that they'd be there and so when the plane landed at the airport Hank was there waiting for them and he was overjoyed to see Joey and as they hugged each other and tears ran down their faces, Joey said "Dad this is Raphael and he's the one that I told you about and I love him with all my heart and he loves me too."

Hank welcomed Raphael to the family and as they got their things and loaded them into the car, Hank said "Everyone is going to be here tomorrow for the Wedding and we're having it in the living room of our home, and I've called Franklin and asked him to come be here when you and Raphael exchanged vows and rings and he told me to tell you both "I will be honored to reside over the ceremony and then he said for me to give you both a big hug and kiss and that he'd see us tomorrow."

They got into Hank's car and he drove them back to the house and as they got settled in he said "How about if we go to Burger World for dinner?"

Both Joey and Raphael said "That sounds great" and they went to change and then they got back into the car and Hank drove to Burger World where Yugi and the gang along with Solomon were waiting for them. As they walked into the place they heard cheers and yells saying "Congratulations and may you both have years of happiness."

They all ordered and as they all sat around the booths and tables that were brought over to get as near to the booths as they could and it was a night of laughs and stories and tears and as the time grew late Solomon said "We have to get home and Hank has to drive them home and we have to help him get the house ready for the Wedding, so I think that we all need to call it a night and we all go home."

Everyone gave Joey and Raphael hugs and kisses and said "We'll see you both tomorrow so go home and get plenty of sleep." Then they all left and as Hank was driving home he smiled as he looked in the rear view mirror at the two love birds talking and kissing and as he stopped outside the house he said "We're home, you both need to stop kissing and we have to get inside and to to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us."

They got out of the car and when they got inside Joey went to his dad and he said "I love you and want to tell you that it was your love for me that kept me going when all that shit happened to me and it was that love that helped me want to find myself and to come home again." They held each other and then Hank reached out and when Raphael come over he wrapped his arms around them both and said "I am the happiest man tonight I not only am getting my son back but I'm getting another one too."

They all walked to their rooms and as they all said good-night they all went to sleep and were excited about tomorrow and what it would bring.

The next day after they had breakfast, Solomon, Yugi and Yami came over to help get the house ready for the ceremony that would be later that day. As they worked several of their other friends came over to help and soon it was ready for the Wedding and now all the had to do was wait for Father O'Donnell to get there.

Joey and Raphael were getting dressed when Franklin finally got there and as he and Hank talked he said "Brother, you are one very lucky man, you not only have one heck of a great son but now you're getting another one and he's a great young man too."

Soon the guests were arriving and Hank went to the bedrooms and he knocked on the doors and he said "We're ready for the ceremony to begin whenever your ready."

The doors opened and out walked Joey and Raphael and Hank had tears running down his face as he saw them and then he said "We better get out there or I swear I'm going to be crying like a baby soon." So they walked out to the living room and that's where Franklin stood before everyone who was there to witness the joining of Joey and Raphael and he said "We are here to witness the joining of these two young men as soul mates and as I stand here I am very proud to be here today to be the one to join them together.

Joey and Raphael have asked that this song be their vows because it says exactly what they are feeling now and have felt before, so I'm going to as a very special young lady to come up here and she will sing the song that they have asked for."

To Joey and Raphael's surprise out of the kitchen walked Tea and Tristan carrying his guitar and as Tristan started strumming the cords and Tea looked at Joey and Raphael and began to sing the song that they both requested:

For Once in My Life
Stevie Wonder

For once in my life
I have someone who needs me
Someone I needed so long
For once unafraid
I can go where life leads me
And somehow I know I?ll be strong

For once I can touch
What my heart used to dream of
Long before I knew
Ooh, ooh, ooh, someone like you
Would ever dream of making? my dreams come true

For once in my life
I won?t let sorrow hurt me
Not like it?s hurt me before, oh
For once I have something I know won't desert me
?Cause I?m not alone anymore

For once I can say
This is mine, you can?t take it
Long as I know I?ve got love I can make it
For once in my life
I?ve got that someone who needs me

For once I can say
This is mine and, you can't take it
Long as I know I?ve got love I can make it
For once in my life
I?ve got that someone who needs me

Oh, yes, he does
I?ve got that someone who needs me
He told me this morning? that he needed me
Mmm...mmm...I believe

When she was through she walked over to them and gave the each a hug and kiss and said "May each of you the real meaning of love with each other and may it last for years to come."

Then Father O'Donnell said "Dearly beloved we are here today to join these two young men together in the bonds of wedlock and I am very glad to be the one to be joining them. They have each written vows and so I'm going to as Joey to go first and then when he is done Seto will read his."

Joey's Vows: I have been alone for to long and when I ended up in Tokyo at "The Sanctuary" little did I know that not only would I find myself again with the help from everyone there but that I would find my life mate there too. Today I am joining together with my soul mate and we will forever be life mates till the end of time. I Joseph William Wheeler take you Raphael Diego Sanchez to be my life mate to have and to hold till death us do part."

Raphael's Vows: Raphael turned to face Joey and he said "I too have been alone for to long and the day I got a call from Father Dominic to come and help him help someone who was really in need of guidance well little did I know that I would find my soul mate and that we would someday be joined together as life mates. I Raphael Diego Sanchez take you Joseph William Wheeler as my life mate to have and to hold till death us do part."

Then the front door opened and in came Father Dominic and all of the young boys from "The Sanctuary" and both Joey and Raphael stood there crying tears of happiness because when the young boys heard that they were joining together as life mates they were all excited and wanted to come and tell them in person.

Father O'Donnell then asked for the rings and as they exchanged rings and said recited after the Father he then announced, please may I have everyone's attention I give you Raphael and Joseph Sanchez life mates forever

Everyone cheered and as the young boys all ran over and hugged and kissed them Charlie said "Are you both coming back to help us?"

Raphael smiled down at him and he said "Yes, we will be back and we plan on staying there till we get kicked out."

Cheers rang out as everyone there congratulated both Raphael and Joey and as they left to go spend some time together they were

bombarded with marshmallows and popcorn balls.

When they got back they did return to Tokyo where they are today helping Father Dominic with the young boys who come there for help and guidance.


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