Hey guys,

Yes, yes, yes. It's sad that this story has come to an end and I know so many of you readers have so many questions like "What the hell has happened to Kiki?" and "What's to become of Artemis and Dean?" , but the Breath of Life prologue is already in the works and will be up shortly. Breath of Life will pick up with "Blood Lust" in Season 2 and work its way through at least two to four episodes of Season 3.

A minor note to tuck away in your mind is that Artemis' long time friend, Athena, will be a crucial character to the storyline I'm creating for this squeal, especially to the last few chapters and the ending I have planned.

So the waiting for this squeal won't be long and I hope you guys will enjoy it like you have Slightest Touch. Thanks for all the reviews that you guys have given and I hope that the squeal will be just as big of a success!