Ashley Rouse lived in an orphanage in a small town near a coast. She had a talent for dancing, everyone knew that. She could dance for hours on end if she wanted to, could wear out her shoes if given the chance to do so. But because of her past, a past which everyone in the small village knew of, she was shunned. Only one friend she had but even she could not help Ashley with the torment she put up with.

Every day in the orphanage, the nuns failed to notice the boys picking on her. So one day, she finds a flyer on the street. She had just finished dancing for coins when she noticed it. "Cirque Du Freak" it read. She desired to see the show, longed to. That night, as if it was destiny, the boys throw her into an old building. An old theatre on the outskirts of town actually!

She is thrown onto the stage, feeling other's presence near by. The boys tease her and throw things, shouting for her to dance. This gift of hers to dance is sacred to her, something not to be shown often…especially to cruelty. So she runs through the dark dirty curtains. When she realizes she's being followed by the boys, she slams into a warm body.

This is the tale of a girl who was nothing more than filth who had a small hope in the real world because of her talent. This is a tale of a girl who met Mr. Tall and was saved. A freak met a freak. From beginning to end, this is the sorrowful joyous tale of Ashley Rouse.

On rainy nights such as this, when the story is told, her voice came be heard through the village singing a double meaning, "Ashes to ashes we all fall down!"

What do you think? This is just a small summary of the beginning and in the next few chapters, there will be a mention of the ending. I'll try not to make Ashley a Mary-sue; she WILL have faults. Review please if you think I should continue. Flames will be laughed at and…well as they say, fight fire with fire.

Quick note: the rhythm "Ashes" thing (Which has been modified slightly) will play a BIG part in this whole story.