Thanks for the reviews. I must admit although this wasn't exactly how I pictured my story ending, I am happy that I got some reviews, that people liked it.

A wet cloth wiped away the dirt, the dried tear stains, and the ashes from her cheek. It was placed in a small water bowl, getting clean. Even half conscious Ashley felt her clothes be gently taken off...the remains of them anyway. The smell of burnt hair, probably the ends of her own, reached her nose making her cringe slightly.

She felt the cold cloth wipe away the dark marks of ash and fire that her clothes had left. So amazing and odd it was for this girl to have danced in fire…and yet have no burn marks on her. All the scientists in the world would have loved to study her.

Her eyes fluttered open to see Mr. Tall. His forearm, she noted, was slightly burnt from the tent. She remembered dancing wildly, carelessly, then having him save her. He had risked his life for her.

"Mr. Tall?" She whispered, her voice weak from crying and from the heat. "W-what…"

"We are in our trailer. Only a few trailers survived, most of the tents were destroyed." He whispered gently, soothing her. "After we clean you up, we'll go and attention Mary's funeral."

Ashley groaned loudly, almost crying again. "I don't…I can't…believe it all happened." She sighed heavily. Slowly getting up, she covered herself with a towel and blushed darkly. While he turned his back to her, she dressed in a dark dress.

An hour later they were at the funeral. The day was cloudy and windy, yet held a certain peace to it. The graveyard they were in was calming even if it was with sadness. As the priest spoke, Ashley prayed to whatever higher force there was in the universe that she was in heaven, happy. They lined up to place a flower on the casket.

Mr. Tall was hiding stealthily while Truska sat next to Mary's father, watching with a look of pity in her eyes. Ashley stepped forward and as she placed the blue rose on the girl's casket, which said flower matched her eyes, she remembered the memories. She remembered how kind Mary was, how funny she was. She remembered the love she felt for her friend, her sister.

Would she meet Mary again? Yes. She was bound to see her in heaven or wherever. She just had to believe. Everyone spoke their good-byes when they placed the flower there. What should she say to Mary's spirit? With a soft sad smile, she whispered,

"…Ashes to ashes…we all burn down."
The End