"I still don't think this is such a good idea. Are you sure it will be safe there?"

"Mom, I'm eighteen. I can take care of myself. And besides, Trish has been to Slovakia before. She said there is nothing bad about that country. Except that it should be a crime to have that many hot guys in one country."

I don't think that my mom was convinced. It was only a month ago when I brought up the trip to Slovakia. Since it was our last year of school, we thought it would be cool to go out of America for Spring Break. Usually people would go to Florida or some hot place like that, but we decided to be different.

Of course first my parents had to ask who was going with. I told them that they had nothing to worry about; that it was going to be me and my friends, Trish, Sofia, Nicole, Rico, Erin, Brian, Will, and Josh. The next thing they asked was how much that it was going to cost them. Well they didn't have to worry about that either because Rico's parents were paying for all our plane tickets. And I was using money from my job at the Twist Cone to pay for a hotel room.

"Mom, trust me. I'll be fine. I'll call you after we board the plane." I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Outside, a car horn honked. I grabbed my bags, said good bye to my mother again, and then ran out the door before she could stop me from going.

We arrived at the airport a little after ten. We were standing in line to the gate when Erin, elbowed me, "Look who's here." She was talking about Elisha and Kendra. They were the bitches of our school. They were rich and stuck up. Well we didn't like them because Elisha stole my ex-boyfriend Craig and Kendra did the same thing with Sofia's boyfriend.

They were walking right towards us. "What are they doing?" Sofia asked with an irritated tone in her voice.

"Um, I hope you don't get mad, but they had no place to go for Spring Break. So I kinda told them they could come with us if they paid there own way." We all stared at Rico.

"You know we don't get along with them! How could you?" I screamed.

"Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realized that they put him under their evil witches' spell. Just like what they did to our ex's" I could tell that Sofia was royally pissed. Her hands were balled into fists at her sides.

"Well hello Amber. Isn't this going to be a fun trip?" Elisha asked me as she and Kendra walked up to our group.

I rolled my eyes and walked up to the desk and handed the lady my passport and ticket.

"Oh my god! Trish you were right! This place is gorgeous!" Nicole squealed. "Why were you here before?"

"My grandpa lives here. But ever since my grandma died four years ago, we haven't visited. My father doesn't really get along with my grandpa which is his dad."

"That's kind of sad. I would beg and plead to come back to this place." Nicole was a little to overexcited.

Arriving at the hostel, I was really tired and ready to go to bed. I didn't even want to wait to get the key. I would have slept right there in the lobby. At the front desk we gave the receptionist our passports and she went into the back room. "What's she doing with the passports?" I asked.

Brian, who was standing right next to me answered, "She must be checking to make sure that they aren't fake. There are some people out there who counterfeit passports."

After about five minutes, the receptionist finally came back to the desk and gave us back our passports. She then passed out the room keys. "Have a great stay here in Slovakia."