My first Transformer slash Fic! RachetXWheeljack! Enjoy!

A Different Kind a Healing

Ratchet sighed as he checked over his documents. Huffer, healfy. Jazz, healfy. Prowl, healfy. Sideswipe, a broken hand; fixed. Optimus Prime, healfy. Brawn, healfy. Sunstreaker, healfy. Bluestreak, broken leg; fixed. Ironhide, healfy. The medic threw the documents on his desk in a huff. Same thing everytime, nothing the medic couldn't handle. Everytime the Autobots came back from the battle with the Decepticons he'd check them over and patch them up if any of them were injured. Same thing everytime. Everytime. Ratchet had been doing this for over 20 million years, before and during the war and always managed to fix any damaged mech. From broken joints to torn up wiring Ratchet fixed it. He was the best, reason why the Autobots were so desprete to enlist him at the start of the war. Even the Decepticons wanted to use his talents but Ratchet vowed never to work for such an evil group. He enjoyed working with the Autobots, although he was a little gruff and never showed his emotions to his comrades the rest of the Autobots enjoyed his company. Ratchet sighed as he looked at the remaining documents and smirked at the name on one of them.


Wheeljack came back from battles with a few bumps and scrapes however within his workshops he came out with broken joints, damaged limbs and sometimes carrying his own arm or leg. He was the top engineer, mechanic and inventor from Cybertron and was a great asset to the Autobot forces. However he had a habit of blowing half his inventions up making him a bit of a hazard at times. He was in Ratchet's med bay nearly every single day forcing the medic to guess what was wrong with him. Today he blew his arm off while trying to invent a new thingamajig which Ratchet of course fixed. He saw the Mechanic everyday and it was now starting to get on the medic's nerves. Fixing any other Autobot was such a big deal but when it came to Wheeljack, it really ticked him off. He had to find ways to stop himself from screaming at the mechanic. Ratchet flipped the document on to his "out" box and stood up. Just for one day, just once, he didn't want to see Wheeljack walk in with a self-injury. He stepped out of the med bay with the idea in mind to go for a small walk round the base, something he did nearley every single day. It was the chance to clear his mind and shake loose any bugs from his logic circuits. In other words, this was the Medic's private time and he didn't want to be disturbed. He didn't mind it if anyone said hi to him just as long as no one bugged him with a dumb question. He passed Jazz who waved to him but was more interested in his conversation with Prowl. the twins, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe ran past, laughing as they greeted Ratchet before running off. Following was a grumpy looking Ironhide.

'I swear when I get my hands on those Primus-forsaken-pranksters, I'm gonna turn them into toaster ovens!' snarled the old warrior.

Ratchet snickered a little and continued to walk down the halls of the Autobot base. It was an average day at the Autobot base and so far everything seemed normal. That was until Ratchet saw someone that made him groan in misery. Wheeljack appeared at the end of the hallway and was walking towards him in a rather fast manner. Ratchet didn't mind seeing Wheeljack but right now he didn't want to see him. He forced a smirk on his face as Wheeljack came closer and prepared to get a greeting off the mechanic. However Wheeljack walked straight past him, his face down as if he didn't want anyone to see him. Ratchet watched him walk off in curiosity but shrugged it off. The mechanic must had been in a bad mood or something. Not that Ratchet cared or anything, everyone had there days. He continued walking until he heard laughter from the end of the hallway from where Wheeljack had come from. As he got closer he recognized the vocal frequencies of the laughter. Tracks. Out of all the Autobots, Tracks had a habit of being a jerk to nearley everyone. One of the reasons everyone was glad he spent most of his time out the base was because all he did was tease anyone he thought was worth teasing. Wheeljack must had been his latest victim. Ratchet glared as he walked in on the Firebird who was trying to stop himself from falling over from laughing too much. Tracks noticed Ratchet and stood up smirking a cocky grin at the medic.

'Hey there doc bot! How's it going?' snickered the Firebird.

'Nothing's "going" anywhere Tracks. What are you laughing at anyway?' sneered Ratchet.

Tracks chuckled and gave the medic a, supossinely, friendly slap to the back. He then leaned in closer so he could whisper into Ratchet's audio's without anyother passing bot listening in.

'Our resident walking-timebomb, Wheeljack has a crush!' whispered Tracks, almost falling back into a fit of giggles.

Ratchet pulled away slowly and glared back at Tracks, almost disgusted.


Tracks stepped back and snickered.

'So? I think it's the funniest thing I ever heard!' chuckled the Firebird.

Ratchet glared at him. How could this idiot find something like that so funny? If someone had a crush it shouldn't be made fun of. Tracks saw the anger and disgust in the medic's optics and decided to explain why he thought it was so funny.

'I walked in on him talking to himself outloud! He was going on how he wished he could tell him how he feels or how he wishes that he could hold him and stuff! I heard the whole thing and he ran off going red in the face the moment he saw me!'

As the Firebird began to laugh again, Ratchet blinked.

'He? Wheeljack has a crush on a guy?'

'Not only that! But it's someone in the base!' snickered Tracks.

Ratchet now had a face filled with shock. Wheeljack had a crush, on a guy, within the base.

'How do you know it's someone in the base?' asked the medic, shocked that he was starting to get a little curious.

'Ratchet, we've been on Earth for a whole decade and during that time Wheeljack never had a crush on anyone til now! How long has Wheeljack been away from Cybertron? How long as it been since he's seen a someone else from Cybertron? Grow a logic circuit you dolt.'

Although Ratchet didn't really appreciate the insult, he had a point. Wheeljack had been on Earth for a whole decade and it seemed logical that he had a crush on someone within the base. However it seemed strange that Wheeljack suddenley got a crush right here, right now. Plus he never noticed it before, Wheeljack had never acted strange round the other Autobots. Tracks shrugged and left the medic to ponder alone.

'Later doc bot. Try not to damage any of your logic circuits while trying to figure out who Mr Walking Timebomb likes!' sneered the Firebird.

Ratchet glared after Tracks who disapperaed out the breakroom. Tracks could be a real jerk at times and he pissed Ratchet off more than Wheeljack did when he walked in to the med bay with an excuse why his left arm was missing. Checking the time Ratchet decided to halt his little walk round the base and made his way back to the med bay, still a little suprise that Wheeljack had a crush on someone in the base. Who could it be? Perceptor? Prowl? Jazz? Who? Ratchet was rather suprised that he was atcully trying to figure out who Wheeljack's possible love interest was. Upon returning to the med bay he was suprised to find Wheeljack waiting for him. Nothing was broken, nothing was damaged he was just standing there waiting for the medic. Ratchet suddenley wished he wasn't there but Wheeljack looked up and noticed him, his Light-up fins flashing a light blue to indicate that he was happy to see him. Ratchet sighed and tried to smile back. He didn't hate Wheeljack, he just didn't enjoy seeing him so often after blowing himself up.

'Well Wheeljack, what can I do for you today?' asked the Medic.

Wheeljack scratched his head and seemed to be a bit embaressed as he spoke.

'Well Ratchet old buddy...I was wondering if we could...y'' asked the mechanic.

That was a first for Ratchet. Wheeljack only came to him to get fixed, never to talk. Ratchet wasn't the talking type either, he was the last bot that anyone would come for advice. Then again they were old friends...sort of.

'Fine let's go inside.' muttered Ratchet, opening his door.

Wheeljack didn't really have a face but the medic could tell he was happy. He chuckled a little, the mechanic was adorable when he got extremely happy. Everyone thought so. Wheeljack walked into the med bay and sat down on a chair facing Ratchet's desk, noticing the files on the table and chuckled nervously when he noticed how big his own file was. Ratchet prayed to Primus that it would encourage Wheeljack to stop blowing himself up, then again nothing stop the mechanic from experimenting with dangerous materials. Ratchet sat down and faced Wheeljack who was trying his best to relax.

'Oh by the way, sorry about earlier. Tracks was picking on me again.' muttered Wheeljack.

'Again? He's done it to you before?' inquired the medic.

'Well yeah...but that's not important right now. I have a problem Ratchet and I don't know who to talk to about this!'

Although Ratchet was a bit concerned with Track's teasing he decided to lend an audio to Wheeljack's problem. Wheeljack inhaled some cool air preparing his vocal proscessors for something that seemed to heat up his circuitry. What he said next almost suprised Ratchet, if he didn't already know.

'Ratchet...I'm in love with someone!' spluttered the mechanic, going red in the face as he reveled his not-so-secretive secret to the medic.

Ratchet tried to look suprised and tried to think of what to say. He wasn't good in situations like these but Wheeljack looked like he needed help. Ratchet sat up and tried to act like a profeesional.

'Really? With who may I ask?'

Wheeljack went red and shook his head.

'I-I rather n-n-not say.' he muttered, still bright red in the face.

'Too bad.' pondered Ratchet as Wheeljack tried to bring himself back to normal.

'So why are you telling me?' queried the Medic.

'W-well I need advice, y'see. I wanna t-t-tell him how I feel but I'm to nervous to t-t-tell him. P-plus I'm scared that if I t-t-tell him he won't want to be my friend anymore c-cause we've been pals for a while now. I'm stuck and I don't know what to do.'

Ratchet raised an optic brow. Why come to him? He never dealt in situations like these, he was a fixer not a walking advice drone. Wheeljack was giving Ratchet a pleading look, he needed help and seemed to trust Ratchet with this problem. in fact he didn't seem to have a problem telling Ratchet he had a crush on a guy and the fact that the guy Wheeljack liked was a close friend of his and he was afraid that by telling him he had a crush on this friend he'd loose a long-term relasionship. There was only one piece of advice he could give.

'Do you know if he likes you? If he likes you then tell him but until you're sure just leave it and...try to make it work...I guess.' muttered the medic.

Ratchet wasn't sure if that was enough for the mechanic but he seem satishfied. Wheeljack sat up a little and his lights lit up to indicate he was happy. Ratchet was just glad to have Wheeljack leave his office.

'Thanks Ratchet, maybe I'll find a way to-'

'Yeah sure, no problem, have a nice day, bye!'

Ratchet slammed the door in Wheeljack's face and sighed with relief. Like he stated earlier he didn't hate Wheeljack, he just had a hard time dealing with him. Wheeljack was a little younger than him and was so energetic. Half the time Ratchet thought that the mechanic forced all that energy into his work and that caused the big boom. Ratchet smirked at the thought of Wheeljack trying to remain calm and keep a straight face whilst inventing something. He was always laughing and blabbering on whilst he worked and it looked like he didn't even knew what he was doing as he built his strange machines. Shrugging it off he went back to work and was still suprised that he was still wondering who Wheeljack was in love with.