A Different Kind of Healing Part 3

Ratchet, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had followed Wheeljack, who was following Prowl, with the idea of figuring out who Wheeljack was in love with. Prowl had just bumped into Wheeljack with a letter, which the mechanic had sent him, and now he wanted to talk to Wheeljack in private. Possibley it was a love letter and Prowl was Wheeljack's love interest. Prowl didn't seem to be the mechanic's type, sure he was handsome and buff but he was too strict and Wheeljack was too wild. It didn't seem to make sense but the twins had been researching and there was a possbility that it was indeed Prowl. Ratchet kept hidden as the bots entered Prowl's office. Prowl didn't shut the door fully but left it open just a tad bit so the trio could watch. Prowl leaned against his desk with Wheeljack standing front of and glared at the mechanic.

'What's the big idea Wheeljack?' snapped the Police car.

Wheeljack flinched at the words and when Prowl shoved the letter in his face. Sideswipe gasped.

'Prowl's gonna reject him!' he whispered.

Ratchet frowned. Apparentley Wheeljack had sent Prowl a love letter and now Prowl was rejecting him by humiliating him. That seemed to be a bit harsh but Prowl contiued his onslaught on the mechanic.

'I don't know what was going through your logic circuits when you sent this to me!' snarled the police car.

'Sorry Prowl but I thought-'

'I don't want to hear it! I can't believe you would even think I would approve of this!'

Sunstreaker's jaw dropped, Prowl was being just a little too harsh on Wheeljack, it was just a simple love letter wasn't it? Ratchet couldn't believe it either, how could Prowl say such a thing after Wheeljack tried to express himself through a primtive way of a love letter. Wheeljack didn't seem to happy as Prowl continued to yell and shout at the mechanic.

'What were you thinking Wheeljack? There is no slagging way I'm going to approve of this!'

'But I thought-'

'Well you thought wrong!'

Sideswipe sighed.

'Poor Wheeljack. He's probaley gonna run out crying after Prowl's done with him.' he muttered.

Ratchet also thought this, Wheeljack was rather sensitive and after something like this he would run off and cry. Ratchet glared at Prowl from a safe distance, how could he? Didn't he have a Spark? At least he could just let him down gently or something? The medic didn't know why but he suddenly pictured himself hugging a sobbing Wheeljack. Ratchet had to wait till Prowl was finished before he could comfort the mechanic.

'Tell me Wheeljack? Why?' snapped Prowl.

Wheeljack scratched his head.

'Well it didn't seem to be such a bad idea. Anyway it was Grimlock's idea!'

Ratchet, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker tilted their heads in confusion. It was Grimlock's idea for Wheeljack to fall in love with Prowl? They listened a bit futher to get the full story.

'Forget it Wheeljack, you can tell Grimlock that I'm not approving for the construction of another Dinobot!'

Ratchet slapped his head in stupidity. Wheeljack didn't send a love letter, he sent a request for the construction of another Dinobot. It didn't suprise Ratchet that Prowl would get so angry at the very idea of building another one, they were all such a handful. As the twins crossed off Prowl's name off the list and ripped up his photo, Ratchet listened in a bit futher.

'Are we clear Wheeljack?'

'Yeah, yeah. No more Dinobots.'

'Good. By the way, Jazz tells me you interested in someone in the base. Anyone I know?'

Wheeljack flushed red.

'W-well, you know him. It's not Jazz! Definitly not Jazz!'

Prowl shrugged and shooed Wheeljack out of his office. He had forms to fill and data tracks to be completed and couldn't work with another Autobot around. Wheeljack waved farewell before setting off, with Ratchet and co following close behind. It wasn't Jazz and it wasn't Prowl, the only ones left were Perceptor, Tracks and Optimus Prime. Who could it be? As the trio followed Wheeljack at a safe distance the twins began to talk to Ratchet.

'So far we've been wrong about Prowl and Jazz, but I got a feeling that it's gonna be Perceptor!'

'Why do you think that?' snapped Ratchet.

'Because they always hang out!' giggled Sunstreaker.

Ratchet glared at them.

'What's that supposed to mean! Wheeljack spends more time with me than he does with everyone else!'

The twins were silent for a moment until Sideswipe smirked.

'You're not jealous...are you Ratchet?'

The medic flushed red and slapped the twins on the head. Why should he be jealous, he didn't love Wheeljack. He didn't mind every now and then when he popped in for a check up but after a while it was starting to bug the medic. Was it annoying...or was it worry? Ratchet almost stopped dead in his tracks at the sudden thought. Was he atcully worried about Wheeljack everytime he blew himself up? That couldn't be right! Ratchet grumbled as he followed Wheeljack, passing right next to Perceptor's lab. As the mechanic passed, a voice came from within the lab.

'I say Wheeljack, could you lend me a hand for a moment?'

Ratchet recognized the voice, it belonged to Perceptor. Wheeljack peeped into Perceptor's lab until finally walking in. Ratchet and the twins snuck up and peeped in. Perceptor was examing a small piece of material and Ratchet didn't see anything that would give him reason to invite Wheeljack in. Percerptor then held up a data pad and waved it around.

'I need to know how to write a letter.' asked the Microscope, his face flushing.

Wheeljack suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

'A love letter!' he cried.

The twins smirked at Wheeljack's reaction. He must of liked Perceptor for now he was curious who this letter was for as the mechnic snatched it from Perceptor's hand, reading it. Ratchet got the same idea as well, it was true that Perceptor was charming and a gentlebot plus he and Wheeljack did love to invent together. Wheeljack was still reading the letter before looking at Perceptor.

'Nothing's wrong with it but why ask me?'

Perceptor flushed red and whispered something into Wheeljac's audios that made Wheeljack's optics widen. Then Sideswipe grinned.

'I knew it, Perceptor wanted Wheeljack to read his letter and then he can profess his love!' snickered the red twin.

'I don't think so!' muttered Sunstreaker, pointing at the two bots in the lab.

Sideswipe spun round to see Wheeljack snickering and Perceptor chuckling nervously.

'Well I can see why you think he's attractive but y'know what he's like. I didn't think he was your type.' snickered the mechanic.

'Well Blaster may be loud and uncontrollable but he does have a sort of...charm around him.' sighed Perceptor.

Wheeljack shrugged and handed back the letter.

'So you asked me to check it because I have a crush?' chuckled Wheeljack.

'You mean you never wrote a love letter yet?' gasped Perceptor.

Wheeljack chuckled nervously and tried to change the subject.

'Well he'll like that but don't play that classical stuff, he hates it. Gotta go! I have an appointment with Optimus Prime.'

'Optimus Prime? Whatever for?'

Wheeljack flushed a little and looked around the room avoiding Perceptor's optics.

'I have to...well it's sort of...private...' murmered Wheeljack as he left the room.

The trio ducked as Wheeljack walked out and headed towards Optimus Prime's office. As Sunstreaker crossed Perceptor's name off the list, Sideswipe jumped up in a victory pose.

'He booked an appointment with Optimus so he could tell him!' he cried.

Ratchet bonked him on the head and growled. Sideswipe yelped and clucthed the spot where the medic had smacked him, looking up at him confused.

'So far you've been wrong about everyone else you twit! What makes you think it's him!?' snapped the medic.

'Well you saw him blush when Perceptor asked him! Plus it's a private matter! It has to be Prime!' argued Sideswipe.

Ratchet groaned in frustration and headed towards his leader's office, twins following behind. It had better be Prime or he was just going to give up!