Itachi stared at his alarm clock. It was 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday. His parents were out on a mission so it was his job to take care of Sasuke for today. He got out of bed and walked towards his Otouto's room to check on him. Cause that's what older brothers do, right?

He walked down the hallway and stopped at his brother's door. It was closed which surprised Itachi. Usually Sasuke left his door open. He knocked. No one answered. "Sasuke?" he asked quietly. Still no one answered.

He pushed open the door and walked inside the room. Itachi strode over to Sasuke's bed and stopped. He pushed Sasuke's bangs out of his eyes to see him properly. Sasuke didn't move at all. Itachi put his hand on his Otouto's forehead. He was burning up. "Shit." Itachi muttered.

He left Sasuke's room and walked to the bathroom to get a cool towel and a thermometer. When he came back Sasuke still hadn't moved or on the contrary, done anything. Itachi stuck the thermometer in Sasuke's mouth and put the towel on his forehead. After a moment the thermometer beeped and Itachi took it out to look at it. 103.5. "Not good at all," Itachi thought.

"Niisan..." a quite voice said.

Itachi looked down to see Sasuke's eyes slowly open. "How you doing Otouto?" he asked with concern. Sasuke just muttered an incoherent word and shifted. Itachi sighed and stared at his brother. He really was perfect in every way. Itachi shook his head. That was it little brother! He walked back to the bathroom to see if he could find some medicine.

When he came back with a fever reducer, he gently shook Sasuke awake and eventually got him to swallow it. Itachi then just stayed there with his brother waiting for him to fall back asleep, but he didn't. Sasuke looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"What's up?" Itachi asked coolly.

"Thank you Niisan." Sasuke said sleepily.

"Anytime Otouto." And with that, Sasuke gave into the tiredness and scooted closer to Itachi. Itachi smiled and gently kissed Sasuke's forehead.