What made you think that she would go out with you ever? You always knew this would be the ending for you! For four years you would comfort her, take the blows of her life, guide her to success, hoping to get her to give you a chance, but you knew that it would never happen. She would never give you the time of day, and the day you brought him back your life with her was over.

So Why? Why did you continue to give in to her? Why continue down this impossible path? You knew yet you still wanted to try, so hard to just prove that you had a chance, well there's your reality check Uzumaki, you never had a chance. So now every time you see her, your going to think oh hey there's Sakura-Chan, then what? What will you do when she just smiles and waves at you, then walks away like you were never a part of her? When it starts to break your heart then will you finally notice that she never cared, go back and think, why did you give her a chance?

From the day you met her you knew that this would happen, she would go for the knight in shining armor rather than the hero of the town. YOU KNEW, yet you still repeatedly put her life over yours like some lovesick puppy. Well you know what UZUMAKI fuck them. Fuck the man who put this thing in you, fuck the man that made Konoha what it is today, fuck all your friends for all the shit they put you through, fuck the council who fucked up your life every day, fuck Shinobi for making this world so fucked up, fuck the ANBU for making you do all this shit, fuck Tsunade for making you put up with Sakura, fuck Jaraiya for teaching that man, FUCK Sasuke for fucking up your life, fuck the Sandaime for making you go to the academy, fuck Iruka for failing you, fuck Sakura for doing this shit to you, Fuck everybody. No… No no no Fuck you Uzumaki, Fuck you for giving into them, Fuck you for doing it all, fuck you for being the fool, fuck you for not trying, fuck you for lying to yourself, fuck you for all the shit that you go through, fuck you for holding the Kyuubi, fuck you for even being born…

To think that they even cared, to think that she loved you, well do you still think that? HUH. Then go fuck yourself. There's only one thing left for your sorry ass, the sad part is that it's an almost unattainable dream. You can still go down the path of a Kage, make them all respect you, become great, and when they all see your name in books, they can eat their own shit because they all had a chance with you, to help you when you needed help! They can all look back and see that they were nothing to you, they had nothing to do with you, you were merely there back up boy. Someone to lean on when there was no one else, the left over friend that no one used but in that last desperate moment. They used to call you stupid, dumb, the dead last. Hell they still taunt you at times, well news flash for them. You beat them all, you're at the top now, Sasuke lost when you brought his ass back, they all lost when you beat them down one by one, the only thing left to beat is that man! He holds it all, the jutsus, the respect, you have to prove to them all, prove to them all, that they were wrong.

When they called you weak you beat Kiba, when they called on fate you beat Neji, when they called you stupid you beat Shikamaru, when they called you dead last you beat Sasuke, now you must beat everyone, BECOME HOKAGE, that is your dream, that is your future, You must be at the top. Then when your Hokage don't stop, be the best of the best, top in the world, don't stop in one direction, reach them all! Don't stop.

The room was dark, the shower still running, his mop of blonde hair flat against his head, tears streaming down his face, mixing in with the hot water. "Don't stop…" He smiled a bit, his eyes gleaming softly as he let his last tears fall. "Don't stop…" His eyes began to swirl, a gray intermixing in the soft blue, "Ha… Don't stop." Like a maelstrom the grey sketched itself in his eyes, "Don't stop… No… Don't stop." His heart broke.

Three Weeks Later

No signs of Naruto Uzumaki for three weeks, no one panicked, he did this all the time, over working himself in training and things like that. No one knew where he was but Tsunade. When people asked, she denied, when they began to pester she shooed them off, and when they became desperate she told them off. Where is Uzumaki Naruto?



You fail


Your fate is to lose to me

You hold the Kyuubi in you

Demon Child

I'll be back for you

Your Father, he's…



Fulfill my destiny


Naruto don't be so careless

You look just like him you know

Bring him back

I love him

Goodbye Naruto

He's dead Naruto

I'm Sorry Naruto

You were always a failure



It has to end like this



We're getting married!

Be the best man!

Don't stop

Don't Stop


He's Dead Naruto

He's Dead

He got up from his lumpy bed, preferring the window as he strode over to it. The view from it wasn't too intense, just overlooking the slums of the village by a bit. 'Ah Konoha. Why do I love you so much? Is it because I was born here, because my father was born here, because my family died here? Whatever the reason is, I will always protect you…' He slipped on his pristine ANBU suit, as the leader of one of the most prestigious ANBU teams it was always mandatory to look official. He sighed into the air, rethinking his choice for a second, and with a deep breath he was gone in swirl of leaves.

"Hokage-Sama." Tsunade looked up to meet the missing Uzumaki.

"Yes Naruto-Kun?" The look he was giving her was a bit unnerving, but none the less she was the Hokage, so he must want something.

"I need to ask for something." Naruto hid his eyes under his long hair, "Something that will require me to leave the village for two years or so…"

"Absolutely not." Tsunade face was stern as she spoke, "It's too dangerous out there Naruto, besides you barely returned, and without Jirai…."

"Don't say his name, just please don't say it." He eyed Tsunade in pain, "You know why I have to leave, I can't stay here for this Tsunade, I need to be out of Konoha."

"Naruto please don't start." Tsunade rotated her chair to stare out the window overlooking Konoha, "You may not want to stay but you have to, it's your duty…"

"What duty?" His anger began to rise, "My duty to be pushed around? Or maybe the one where everyone takes advantage of me, or maybe the one where the village hates me." His eyes showing his rage he continued, "No or maybe it's my duty as the scapegoat to watch as my life turns to hell as everyone else walks around in good moods, is that my duty?"

The pain in her eyes was apparent as she looked at the closest thing to a son she had.

"Yes it is Naruto, whether you like it or not, it is your duty to stay here, even if your life is hell and you go through so much, you have to be here.."

"Bullshit, your just too overprotective of me, I'm not your son, your grandchild, I'm a ninja, and ninjas don't live the life that I do…" He began to yell, "Trained by a Sannin, son of a Kage, I have the potential to rise and all you do is hold me back." He glared at her, "You want me to be like Sasuke huh? Leave here without permission, because I guarantee you that if I do they won't take me back, I'll have hunter nins on my ass, maybe an s-class rank in the bingo book, Is that what you want?"

"Naruto calm do.."

"No I won't, you don't know what I go through, and if you think death scares me then your more fucked up in the head than you'll ever know." His eyes began to shift again, the grey returning, "You think that death is worse than this, then your beyond wrong, your bullshitting yourself, I refuse to be held back because of some bullshit mistakes of Konoha, I will rise, I won't stop rising, and if you dare hold me back…"

"If I dare hold you back? You think your better than me? You think you have experience? Some things go wrong in your life and you think it's over? What's wrong with you? HUH?" Tsunade rose from her seat, "You think that you're a special case to this village, do you?"

"Special? HAH You think that I'm not a special case, the fact that I hold the single most powerful demon on this planet says something doesn't?" The grey was fully sketched in his eyes, "Look at me Tsunade, Look at me so you can take it all in, IM OLDER NOW!" The grey shifted even more, "And this…" He pointed to his eyes, "Look into my eyes, JUST DO IT."

"What, you think that those eyes scare me huh? You think just because you're all grown up that you are any better than the people out there?" Tsunade didn't look into his eyes, "Your going to be like the Uchihas now and flaunt your skills? Huh?" She stepped back, "Or maybe you'll be like Itachi and betray everyone, or maybe like your godfather, die in a batt…" She never finished the sentence as she was forced to look in his eyes…

"Don't you dare compare me to traitors Tsunade! And you have the nerve to disrespect the dead like that? He's dead because of you. You think only one thing has gone wrong in my life?" Naruto kept eye contact, "If only one thing went wrong in my life I'd be the happiest man alive, but my whole life is wrong." He glared, "You know how it feels to have a family, a mother, a father, a brother, you know how it feels to be loved, and all I know is how it feels to be hated." He gathered chakra in his eyes, "I'll show you how it feels to have nothing."

"Mangetsu: Tsukiyo (Full Moon: Moonlit Night)" She found herself trapped, nowhere to go, only small sounds surrounded her, the bright moon above her which lit only a small circle around her, and the screaming, the blood curdling screaming caused her to shiver, "Crazy isn't it, what just eyes can do to you in a matter of moments." Naruto appeared by her side, "Through pain, unimaginable pain I gained this technique, showing the person trapped in it there worst nightmares, but I won't use it on you Tsunade." He stepped back into the shadows of the realm. "No I'll just show you what it feels like to be alone."

Naruto pushed Tsunade into her chair and sat down in front of her, she was trapped in his realm, and she had another few seconds or so before she would get out. Was it necessary, no, but it felt damn good to relieve some stress. Tsunades look of horror receded and she gained her consciousness back. She stared at him. Terrified, her lips trembling, and he only glared, she grabbed a few papers eying him in fear still, "So I see that it worked, you see how it feels now? You gonna let me leave now?" She began to move faster, "Oh poor Tsunade finally see's that I need to go…" She handed him the papers, and he gave her one last remark, "If you ever disrespect my sensei Tsunade..."

He was gone again, Tsunade eyed the empty space with tears in her eyes. How could Naruto do that to her, was he really in so much pain? Now he was gone. Why was she so scared? It was only a Genjutsu yet it felt so real. She had tears streaming down her face, Two years is a long time…

Several Months Later

"Tsunade-Shishou, are you going to call him back?" Sakura stared at her master with pleading eyes, "He has to be here for the wedding."

"I've already sent him several invitations, but they've all just come back with a head in a bag." Tsunade kept calm, "Naruto wants nothing to do with Konoha right now Sakura, he will miss your wedding, he will miss everything that is happening right now, and when he gets back maybe he'll feel bad, but maybe he won't." She stared out onto the Hokage mountain, "You know he transferred out of team seven the day he left right?"

"Yes, Kakashi-Sensei told us." She kept her eyes on the turned back of the Hokage, "But he never gave us a reason, I mean we were the perfect team, never failed a mission, and our respective abilities helped us finish the missions perfectly, so why would he leave?"

"I can't tell you why Sakura because it is not my place to tell, figure it out by yourself and maybe someday you'll see." Tsunade cut herself off, "Blah forget it, I'm just a ranting old lady…"

"Shishou, please just keep on trying to get him to come, we want him to be the best man." Sakura's eyes were tearing up, "It won't be the same without him!"

"Nothing is the same without Naruto, Sakura…" Tsunade kept an even voice, "Konoha will never be the same without Naruto, he's our source of happiness, what makes us all keep trying to reach our dreams, and without him nothing is the same!" She was tearing a bit, "But with all the shit he has gone through I don't think he will ever be the same, Naruto is in pain, and pain causes change."

"I understand that Shishou, which is why I'm asking you to just send the letter one more time."

"Ok Sakura, one last time and that's it." Tsunade turned back around to face her apprentice, "Dismissed."

Sakura's Letter

Dear Naruto,

Sasuke and I want you to be in our wedding, you have helped us as a partner, as a friend, and as a brother. Nothing will be the same if your not there to celebrate with us Naruto. We miss you, you are our inspiration, and we really do need you to be there for us on our wedding day, it would be really nice if you could just come back to us for a few days. Sasuke has even decided that your going to be the Best man. So please come, team 7 needs you again, because without you were not team 7. Well I can't really say anything else other than we miss you, so come back!


Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sakura

1 Month Later

Tsunade handed a letter to Sakura as she walked in, "What's this Shisou?"

"A letter from Naruto-Kun!" Tsunade was smiling a bit, it had been forever since anyone received a letter, "Come on hurry up and open it!"

Sakura opened it up and walked next to her master, "Here we can read this together!"

Dear Sakura I cant make it to your wedding, and honestly I don't care, BUT I found Sasuke a new best man.


Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto

"I think it's a blood seal Shishou!" Tsunade eyed it warily as Sakura bit her thumb and smeared the blood.


Blood poured out as a head fell onto the floor, and there, his face twisted in an evil grin, was the head of the third Sannin. Orochimaru was dead.

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