Drops of blood obscurred her vision as she tried to catch a glimpse of the enemy. They were greatly outnumbered. It was almost ridiculous how fast shit had hit the fan.

A blade crossed her very limited line of sight. She ducked, thrusting her own blade into the enemies gut. He gave a faint cry of pain just as she twisted the blade, making the blow lethal. Steel in her eyes, she faced down the next enemy, taking out kunai and hurling them quickly, watching them multiply as her jutsu took effect. The young chuunin's eyes widened as the blades penetrated her body, looking like a human pincushion as blood seeped endlessly from her dying body. Ino turned quickly, the blood on her face becoming dry and sticky. Her team had been separated minutes ago, the enemy triggering the lethal traps and dying in mass.

But it was not enough. Like a never ending torrent of a storm, the men and women of Iwa swarmed the borders of the fire nation. Ino was frustrated, with the way things were going, she was going to need to summon Naruto to the field, something her pride screamed for her not to do. A kunai cut a clean gash into her cheek, Ino moving swiftly to dodge the incoming mud dragon, launching her own fire dragon at the incoming nin. She watched with sickening resignation as the men, women, and children were burnt to a crisp, only a small amount escaping the searing flames. She span a kunai, launching it into the jugular of an unaware genin. He grasped his throat, eyes wide in realization. He was going to die.

Her hands blurred into action as she performed a wide area technique Naruto had drilled into her. She spread her arms apart, watching in mild satisfaction as electricity flowed through strands of ninja wire that had been placed as a precaution earlier. She was glad they were there as she watched numerous men become ensnared in a web of pure lightning. Their bodies shaking as their hearts burst from the speed in which they were pumping.

Once again flying into handseals to deliver a jutsu she knew would slow these men down, Ino took a deep breathe as she poured almost all of her chakra into one of Iwa's most secretive jutsu. The ground shook fiercely as a hand reached out from the ground. A body of Earth pulled itself from the once solid ground, followed by another, and another until the area was filled with earthen bodies. They were featureless creatures whose sole purpose was to attack. And attack they did. Ino watched with light satisfaction in her belly as the Shinobi of Iwa began to be killed by a move their first Hokage created.

There was only one drawback to this technique. The longer she kept these beings out, the longer they would feed off her chakra.

She shook her aching hands, laying her eyes on the advancing troops of the allied army. There were too many, she would not escape. Her team would not escape. She had failed.

She reached into her equipment pouch, pulling out the seal that would bring help. She pumped chakra into the seal, waiting for a reaction. Backing up from the charging enemy. Fear was setting in. They were getting closer. Closer to her. She was closer to death. Her creatures were falling to ash as chakra fatigue was setting in.

Was the seal faulty? Did Naruto mess up? She would surely die here. She had failed, and knowing that she had failed the one person she wanted to trust her... Hurt.

There was a flash of red, Naruto appearing before her, shrouded in a red mist. He turned his eyes to her, the fury in them all too noticeable. The intensity in the gaze shook her to the core. "Get your team..." He turned his back to her, "Get back to Konoha. Now." And he was gone.

There was a huge explosion that pushed her to the ground. The aftershock rumbling the ground she stood on for longer than she thought possible. A giant dome of light erupted in the middle of the forest. Was she supposed to leave him to fight alone?

Naruto's clawed hand ran through a man's torso, the fire burning at his fingertips causing the enemy's blood to boil. He pulled his arm out, creating a mass of Shadow clones, watching each diverge in separate paths to stall the enemy. His main concern was getting his men out alive. He picked apart the enemies like an animal during a hunt.

A charged Rasengan shredded a womans intestines as it plunged into her lower abdomen. Her eyes pained, her scream echoed in the forest. Naruto let her drop down to her knees as he plunged her ninjato into the incoming enemy. Swiftly yanking the blade out, he brought the sword in a wild arc, twisting his body and decapitating the next man who crossed his path. Blood sprayed but he paid no heed to it.

He heard a pained sound to his right, one that he was not the cause of. A chill ran down his spine as he saw Ino upon her knees before someone he knew was quite capable of ending her. An elite.

He was once again in front of her, sword blocking the incoming attack that would have ended her life.

"Fucking brat! Always taking the fun away from me..."

"Your still working under another man? I always figured you for that type..." Naruto roared as he pushed the man's blade astray, throwing away the useless ninjato and unsealing a blade of his own creation.

"Better to be on the winning side then on the brink of extinction eh?" The man bared his teeth, the toothy grin setting the Jinchuuriki on edge.

Kisame was always a man to fear. Filled with unimaginable chakra, holding the power of a brute, the keen swordsmanship of a true master... He was truly one to be feared.

Kisame charged the Jinchuuriki, grin still in place. His blade met the dark steel of Naruto's own, slowly putting the Hokage to his knees under the pressure. "Your pretty strong brat..." He kicked him in the abdomen, chuckling when he rolled out of the kick, "But I've got years on you."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, barely noticing that his hands were no longer clawed, his teeth no longer sharp. His Chakra had suppressed greatly under the influence the shark mans blade. It was important that he avoid the damn thing.

"You got a pretty big sword there fish man! Trying to make up for what your lacking or what!" The blonde chuckled when Kisame gave him a toothy grin.

"Quite the opposite kiddo, I'm showing the world that I got a big sword... Hehehe funny right?" He charged with a speed belaying his size. Sword held on his shoulder, he swung with enough force to rip muscle from bone. Lucky for Naruto, he didn't want to be a few bones and no meat.

A quick flash of yellow put him behind the weird shinobi. Sword blocked by the mans wrapped blade. His sword dug into the material. An odd spiky blue tissue appearing in the tears. Naruto analyzed it for a second, disappearing as soon as the blade was nearly in his face.

A quick succession of flashes put the boy in numerous positions. Clones surrounded the shark man, and he laughed comically. "Oh kid... Your gonna annoy the hell out of me." Shuffling through seals faster than even Naruto could, twenty sharks gushed from the cloaked mans mouth. Moving faster than a few clones could avoid, puffs of smoke gave Naruto a good idea of what he was dealing with.

A treacherous grin formed on the Shark mans face, "So I hear that you fell in love with another blonde?" He gave a low guttural chuckle, "It's funny, I always figured you idiots to be senseless... Now I know it." Naruto's eyes widened as the smell of blood assaulted his nose. He hadn't noticed. He hadn't fucking sensed it.

He failed. His heart ached as Kisame's clone came forward with Ino, he throat slit. The wound very new. Very red. So much blood leaving her small form. His eyes widened. His heart stopped. He couldn't move. It hurt. It all hurt so much. What? What was this pain? What was this sad destructive feeling in the pit of his stomach. He clenched his chest and choked out something. It was then that he noticed the katana sticking through it. Plunged deeply in his heart.

"So weak. Love..." The blue toned man looked grim for once, "Love makes you weak. You fool."

And it did. It made him so weak. It dropped his senses. Clouded his judgment and made him clumsy. And now the ultimate price had been paid for his weakness. His eyes were fading, and he laughed.

"I... I loved her. You kille..." He choked on his blood, "You killed her." His eyes became so dark. His pupil expanding, the gray faded to nothing. "You killed her." Kisames eyes widened as he tried to pull the blade out. It fell apart at the hilt. "You killed her..." He jumped back in fear. "You."

"YOU Killed Her!" Something dark had come forth in his voice. In his soul. In him.

"I'll fUCKinG END YOU!" Black chakra, so foul in feeling permeated from his skin. A dark cloud wrapping around his body, impenetrable and vile. Kisame felt something he hadn't felt in a very long time. Fear.

A sonic boom was the only disturbance made before Kisame realized that Naruto's fist was through his stomach. He looked down. Shocked. Unsure. Confused? "Heh?" The grin never reached his mouth as a scream formed in his throat. The demonized Naruto grabbed his arm, and the Akatsuki member screamed. An inhuman screech rocked the earth they stood upon as the man who could never fathom pain so immense yelled out for forgiveness.

Where the chakra met his flesh, the smell of decay overtook his nostrils. He looked the monster in the eyes. Nothing. The black orbs gave nothing. He looked to the hand upon his arm, only to see the flesh falling off like leaves from a tree, flaking and dying. He watched as his arm was destroyed from the inside out. The pain was never going to end. Never going to end.

"I hoPe ThiS fuCkIng HuRTs yOu SoN Of a BitCh!" The sound that came from his mouth was not of this world. It was so eerie. So unnatural. It hurt to hear it.

Kisame screamed more as the black chakra invaded his body. It was attacking everything inside him at a molecular level. He could feel it all, consuming him down to the core. He was going to die here. And it was going to be the worst moment in the history of mankind.

Naruto's black eyes watched in anger as Kisame's head imploded and fell away to nothing. This would not be the end. This would not be the end of his redemption.

He looked to the North, where the enemy troops were retreating. No... It was just the beginning.

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