Did You Know?


Sarah: just another idea I got for a two-shot. I don't own the Naruto series. Enjoy part one.


Did you know I loved you from the beginning? Did you know that I always wanted to win your love? Kaka/Saku; Kakashi's POV


Did you know that I loved you from the beginning? That I hooked the second I saw you in that classroom all those years ago? That I loved you from the first word you said? I did. I was always jealous of Sasuke, taking all your attention and love only to put you down and ridicule you over and over. I wanted to be the one to receive your affections, to be the one you watched with such a loving expression. But I wasn't, and the jerk was.

Did you know that I would do anything for you? I would. I would walk through fire if you asked me to. I would even die for you. I would do anything to make you smile.

Did you know that all those anonymous presents you found on your bed were from me? I would go to hell and back to get you anything you just mention you'd want one day. But I couldn't bring myself to let you know it was me. You seemed to know it wasn't Sasuke who got you all those trinkets and clothes.

Did you know my heart tore apart whenever you started to cry? I couldn't bear to see you so upset. But I couldn't show it, not with the boys around so much. I comforted you as best I could, for I wasn't very experienced in that department. It angered me to no end when Sasuke would insult you and belittle your skills. I wanted to tear him apart, limb-by-limb, for bringing those tears to your beautiful eyes.

Did you know I treasured every second I spent with you, whether just you and me or with the boys as well? I did. I wanted those moments to go on forever. But fate had other plans. I couldn't get enough time with you, and never will be able to. Those moments with just the two of us were even more precious to me.

Did you know I was delighted when you finally gave up on Sasuke, realizing that he and Naruto should get together instead? It was so amusing to help you set them up together. And I was overjoyed to know you had finally given up on a lost cause. I knew it was a lost cause from the beginning: but as they say, love is blind. And you were blinded by your crush on the boy.

Did you know I nearly fainted when you finally got up the nerve to ask – more like order – me to get a few drinks with you, when you were seventeen? I was ecstatic to go out with you, even if it was "just to have a few drinks together". I remember how amusing you were when you got "drunk". Don't hit me, it's the truth. I had to help you back to your apartment. Somehow you managed to convince me to come inside with you. It was then that you revealed you were nowhere near as drunk as you had acted. It was a very good act, it actually fooled me.

Did you know that I almost had a heart attack when you told me how you felt for me that night? I hadn't thought that my love for you would ever be reciprocated. I was shocked, overjoyed, surprised, lightheaded … a whole tangle of emotions when you told me you loved me. I almost fainted when I felt your lips on my cloth-covered ones. I decided that in that case, the cloth mask was more of a hindrance than a safety device. I know how good I look, and I don't want to be chased all over Konoha by swarms of women.

Did you know how much I loved the sound of your gasp when I tugged the mask down? I knew you'd be surprised at seeing my face. I didn't let you have a chance to overcome that surprise, for I pulled you to me and kissed you, really kissed you. Not the innocent friendly pecks on the forehead or cheek I used before. No, I kissed you like how I wanted to since we first met. I felt like lightning struck me the second I kissed you, I was so filled with attraction and hormonal electricity. I knew that after that point, nothing would be the same ever again.

Did you know I didn't really care about that? I didn't, nor did I care about the consequence that would come when our soon-to-be relationship became public knowledge. Nothing stays a secret in Konoha for very long, and a fourteen year age gap isn't exactly widely approved of. But I knew what I wanted, and what I wanted was you. And I still do. To hell with the repercussions; let the village talk about us, let them try to break us up. They would never succeed.

Did you know I was very surprised when we got approval from the most important of people when we finally revealed our secret affair? I knew you were shocked too. You overcame your shock faster than I did mine. But you told me all along that the people who really mattered would most likely approve. I knew you weren't sure about your own words, but you said them anyway, over and over again.

We've been together for three years now, even counting the time when our relationship was a secret. And I want to ask you one question right now. Haruno Sakura, will you marry me? No, don't cry; just say "yes".