Did You Know?


Sarah: here's part two. I don't own the Naruto series. I do own this fanfic, don't steal. Enjoy.


Did you know the second I saw you, I instantly forgot about him? Did you know I only faked the romantic feelings for him because I was scared you'd reject me? Kaka/Saku Sakura's POV


Did you know that the second I saw you, he was wiped from my memory? That I fell for you the instant you spoke? It happened. I was hurt when you said you didn't like us just because of baka Naruto's prank. I had tried to stop him, really I did. But you know how he is: more stubborn than a mule… almost as stubborn as you.

Did you know that I faked those romantic feelings for Sasuke because I was scared you'd reject me? I did. But his insults and criticizing view of me really did hurt. But I wanted to stay with the safe option, because I thought Sasuke would eventually come around and realize I'm here… even if my feelings for him weren't real. I knew he was a jerk, but he was also someone I thought could be softened up enough to befriend.

Did you know I saw you watching me while pretending to read that stupid book of yours? But I didn't say anything, as I didn't know what to think. I noticed how you were lighter on me than the boys. But I didn't say anything, because I didn't have the stamina to keep up with those two.

Did you know I knew those anonymous gifts on my bed weren't from Sasuke? I knew he wouldn't do such a thing. I also knew they weren't from Naruto, because he wouldn't have the money to buy so much stuff so frequently. I had a feeling it was you, but I didn't dare ask. I didn't dare find out if my suspicions were correct, because I was afraid the gifts would stop if it was you. But the more that came the more I believed I was right in my guess.

Did you know that I saw that heartbroken expression that entered your eye whenever I would cry? I did. I started suspecting that my feelings just might be reciprocated, but didn't dare find out without more evidence. I knew you'd find a way around the topic if I didn't have enough evidence. You were always like that, avoiding awkward or personal moments and conversations with ease and wit.

Did you know I saw the fierce anger in your eye whenever Sasuke made me cry? I had a feeling your self-control wore very thin in those moments. Only training and an iron will kept you from dismembering him, as I saw in your eye you wanted to.

Did you know my heart soared every time you held me to comfort me when I was upset? It did. I didn't want you to ever let go. But I knew you would eventually; so I cried longer than my emotions felt like doing so, just to make the moments last as long as possible.

Did you know that I loved every second we were together, whether alone or with the boys? The times it was just the two of us were the best. But I made sure I'd remember every moment we were around each other.

Did you know I loved the way you let only me to be your extra weight when you do all those two finger push-ups? I loved being in such close contact to your body. I daydreamed about us being in much more intimate contact with each other while you did those exercises, but I made sure you and the boys never knew. That would have been embarrassing.

Did you know I finally gave up on Sasuke so that I could spend more time with you? Having you help me get him and Naruto together was the most fun I had had in a while. I knew all along they were supposed to be together.

Did you know it took every last bit of my will to get up the nerve to ask you to get some drinks with me that night? I faked being drunk to get you to "help" me home. I managed to convince you to come in with me. That was when I let you know I wasn't as drunk as I had acted.

Did you know I had to scrape up every bit of my nerve and will to let you know how I felt for you? My feelings for you grow stronger with every passing second, even as we sit here and talk. I was so overjoyed when I found out you loved me as well, I had to kiss you. So I did.

Did you know that I had never suspected you would tug down that damned mask of yours? I never thought a man could be as drop-dead gorgeous as you are. I didn't even have time to absorb the fact that you were showing me your beautiful face when you pulled me to you so you could kiss the senses out of me. I was so glad that you were holding me, because I would never have been able to stand up by myself during that kiss. My legs and insides turned to mush and I swore my heart would beat right out of my chest.

Has it really been only three years since we got together? It felt a lot longer than that, but I feel like I've known you forever anyways. What is your question? Marry you? … of course, Kakashi-koi. Of course I will marry you. I can't imagine life without you. I'll be proud to become Mrs. Hatake Sakura. I love you more than anything this world has to offer. Nothing will separate me from you for long. Not ever.