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Another prologue…

Chapter 1: Partnering Up

Harry ran into the dungeons just as the other students in the class had sat down and settled. Ron, who was also late, skidded to a stop and stared nervously ahead where Snape was standing.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley… how nice of you to finally join us. Ten points from Gryffindors."

Snape sneered and spun around to face the blackboard. He pointed his wand at the board and started to wave it around; chalk letters slowly appeared as his wand moved.

"Copy down the instructions," The Potions Master said without turning around, "If you two don't find a seat I'll take another five points!" Snape barked, his hand still waving around.

Ron gulped and tugged at Harry's sleeve, "Hurry up mate, find a seat before we lose any more points."

"There aren't any seats…" Harry mumbled; he raked his eyes across the classroom and groaned.

"What?" Ron asked.

"There's a seat up next to Goyle and there's one next to… Malfoy." Harry muttered, "Ron, take the one next to Goyle… I'll sit next to Malfoy."

"Are you sure?" Ron questioned, but in reality he was extremely glad he didn't have to sit next to the ferret.

"Yeah, just go." Harry pushed Ron ahead and trudged over to where Draco was sitting.

Draco looked up from his notes when he saw a shadow looming over him. He turned his head and looked up and sneered when he found Potter glaring right back at him.

"What do you want Potter?" Draco asked boringly.

"Nothing. Just mind your own damn business." Harry spat and sat down next to the blond. He took out a piece of parchment and started copying down what Snape wrote on the board.

Severus turned around and faced his Advance Potions class. He smirked and sat down behind his desk.

"Alright you seventh years," Snape started; all students stopped writing and looked up at their professor when they heard his voice. "If you have correctly written down what I have on the board then you will know, unless you really are incapable of doing anything right," Snape paused and looked straight at Harry. "We will be making a de-aging potion today. If made correctly, the drinker will become five years younger. No more, no less. If you do this wrong, then you suffer your own consequences. You will work with the person sitting next to you and then one of you will drink the potion when it's finished. You have forty minutes." Severus stopped and stared at his students, who were all just sitting… and waiting. "Well? Start!"

Chairs scraped across the hard stone floor as the whole class became animated. Harry scowled and stared at his notes. It wasn't that complicated, but with one wrong move the whole potion could be botched up. Harry then sighed and glanced at Malfoy, who was putting his notes in his book bag.

'Just because he's good at Potions…' Harry grumbled and left his on the table.

"Hop to it Potter, get the ingredients." Malfoy sneered, "I'm sure even you can get the right ingredients we need."

Harry puffed out his chest and took a deep breath.

'Calm down… You've been his partner before Harry, just in one ear and out the other.'

Harry nodded to himself and scowled at the blond, "Aren't you going to do anything?"

Draco smirked at the brunet. He placed a big, somewhat rusted cauldron over the fire he had started while Harry was thinking to himself and took out his wand. With a small flick, Draco adjusted the fire to the right intensity.

"I'll be tending the fire Potter," Draco drawled, "If I left you to do this, you might burn the classroom."

Harry let out a small growl and stomped his way over to where the ingredients were held. Harry looked up, down, right, and left for the needed things. He took down a bottle of Salamander tails, a jar of dried bat wings, a few pieces of Belladonna leaves, and finally vial of leech extract. Harry shuddered as he looked into the vial.

'And we actually have to drink this?'

Harry carried the bottles and jars back to where Draco was sitting idly, playing with the ends of his blond hair. Harry placed the four ingredients down in front of Draco's face none too gently.

"Here," Harry said bluntly, "Make the potion since you don't want me to do anything."

Malfoy stopped playing with his hair and sat up; his lips curled.

"Truthfully, I really don't need your help Potter… You might just make things worse." Draco smirked at the smaller teen, "However, I cannot cut up the ingredients and stir at the same time. I hate to admit it, but you would have to cut these up for me." Draco waved his hand over the four ingredients. "So help me Merlin, please cut them correctly Potter."

Harry stared at the blond dumbly. Malfoy said please. He never said 'please' before. After blinking several times, Harry finally moved and took the bottles closer to him. Malfoy scoffed and started on the base, which was this gray-ish, thick, awful smelling liquid. Harry gagged when Draco pulled the stopper out from the bottle that held the base; the smell was even stronger now. Draco hardly batted an eye as he poured the base into the heated cauldron. When the last drop had splashed into the cauldron, Draco took a ladle and began stirring it counterclockwise, just as the notes said. Harry tried to block off the fumes but failed. He bent down and retrieved a cutting board and a cutting knife from one of the drawers. The Gryffindor glanced at his notes.

"Okay… Take out two Belladonna leaves and slice them horizontally," Harry read, "Then chop them until they become a paste. Okay… I can do that."

Malfoy snorted, "Hopefully you can Potter, otherwise you might have yourself an explosion and it wouldn't be my fault."

"Shut up Malfoy," Harry snapped and sliced the leaves angrily.

After Harry had gotten eight horizontal strips of the leaves, he began chopping them until they turned into mush. Without saying a word, Draco handed Harry a small plate for the Gryffindor to scrape in the puréed leaves. He handed Malfoy the plate and the blond used his fingers to scrape the mush into the now bubbling cauldron. Harry looked over and into the black cauldron; the base was now brown and was making squelching noises every so often. Next, Harry remembered, was to add in three Salamander tails. He opened the bottle and took out three red pieces. Harry showed the tails to Draco and the blond nodded. Harry was about to throw the tails in when Draco grabbed his wrist.

"Damnit Potter! Read the instructions! You can't put the tails in until the base turns blue!" Draco yelled; he let go of Potter's wrist and stirred the contents with fervor.

Harry curled his hand around the tails and peeked at the bubbling potion; it was now a dark purple. Not blue. The green eyed teen sighed and sat down on a stool, waiting until Malfoy gave him further instructions. Five minutes later, Draco made a sound and Harry snapped his eyes opened; he had dozed off. Seeing that Draco had stopped stirring, Harry stood up from the stool and carefully dropped the Salamander tails inside. The potion started bubbling again and Draco started to stir in a figure eight pattern.

"You can start with the bat wings now Potter," Draco smirked, "Dice them, not chop."

"Yeah, yeah," Harry mumbled and reached for the jar with the bat wings. He glanced at his notes again; it said take five bat wings and dice. Shrugging, Harry took out five wings and started dicing them into small blocks.

"Are you done yet?" Malfoy asked impatiently after a few minutes had gone by.

Harry was just finishing with the last wing; he nodded curtly and picked up the whole cutting board. Draco inspected the diced wings and gave Harry a small nod. Harry tilted the board and let the small blocks of wings to roll into the now reddish potion. As Harry flicked a small piece off the board, he caught a whiff of the fumes.

It smelled like something that came from the garbage can.

"Merlin… Are we actually going to test this potion?!" Harry asked; he was sitting on his stool again, "That thing smells horrible!"

Draco rolled his eyes and chose to ignore Potter. He was quite glad that the potion was going well. No explosions, no smoke, no sizzles. Draco looked around the classroom and smirked. There were some with smoking cauldrons, some where making a weird whistling sound, and one was actually bubbling over with this black liquid. Malfoy laughed at those people in his head as he looked at his own cauldron.

It was turning a light pink, just as it should. He had to agree with Potter though. The smell was atrocious. Draco looked up again and found Snape barking at the group with the bubbled over potion.

'At least Potter didn't mess up the potion this time.'

Draco scooped up some of the pink liquid with the ladle and then let it dribble back into the cauldron. It was a bit watery. But he knew that after they add in two drops of the leech extract, it should turn into the right consistency. Draco turned to look at Harry—who was pushing the bottles around—and gave the brunet's shoulder a shove. Harry turned his head and glared at Draco.

"What?" Harry grounded out. Draco arched his eyebrow and stared at Harry coolly.

"It's time to put in the leech extract, Potter."

Thinking that Potter knew what to do, Draco sat down on his stool to wait till the forty minutes were up.

Meanwhile, Harry had pulled the stopper from the vial of leech extract and was reading over his "trusty" notes. He had written 'three drops of leech extract then let potion sit'.

'Ah, that's easy enough.'

"Malfoy, I'm going to put in the extract now."

Draco flapped his hand at Harry without looking up at him, "Yeah, just put it in. Don't move the ladle."

"I know that Malfoy! It's in my notes." Harry snapped and used a dropper to drop three drops of the extract into the pink potion.

Harry watched as the grey extract settled into the thick, pink goo. Satisfied that the potion didn't start bubbling or anything, Harry put the stopper back on the vial and waited until Snape would bark out more instructions.

Little did Harry know, the leech extract was a very stable ingredient. It would not react with anything, so of course there wouldn't be any explosions or bubbles like Harry thought it would.

But with that one extra drop came unexpected results.


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