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What Aiva, Kenn, and Penelope are wearing:

Aiva: Blue spagethi strapped tank-top with open button collar shirt and khaki capris with large brown belt with her sword attached to it

Penelope: White capris, light blue t-shit and blue sweater on top

Kenn: Green shorts and Brwon long sleeved shirt

One Piece In Their World 2

Drifting Down

Aiva's, Kenn's, Penelope's Time!! (POV)

"Ahhh," Penelope sighed as she was leaning over the railing thinking of Ace. It has been one week and things have been going smoothly. About two weeks ago was when they were on the snow island and Aiva had been possessed by her power, but all seemed fine now. Aiva came over to Penelope,

"Hey, where are the belts you got before?" she said curiously.

"I just told you this, why are you so forgetful today?" Penelope said laughing.

Before, Aiva was carrying something heavy for Franky and you told here there was a box in her way so she should step around it, instead she fell over on it and hurt her thumb, she said she forgot while everyone else was on the floor laughing. And then there was when she was practicing her earth but then forgot how to use it and got it to splatter all over Kenn's face, he looked like he was at the spa with a mud mask on.

"Geez, you like to forget today,"

"Forget what?" said Aiva looking at Penelope curiously. Penelope looked at her like she was stupid and then hit her on the head.

"Oh never mind," she went back to staring over the sea with Aiva doing the same thing next to her because she had nothing else to do. Then she heard something from the water. (Huh?) Penelope leaned over the railing a little more.

"Aiva, do you hear that?" she said with her ear cupped and leaning a little more.

"Hear what?" Aiva did the same thing and strained a little more.

"It…sounds like a squeaking sound," Penelope leaned a little more to hear it and then suddenly felt herself falling over.

"Wh-who-whoaa!" she yelled as she did and started to fall.

"Penelope!" yelled Aiva as she jumped trying to catch her.

"You idiot!" yelled Penelope. Then everyone on the ship saw you fall over and went to where you were.

"Aiva!" yelled Zoro.

"Whooooaaaa! Penelope! I-I can't use it!" said Aiva referring to her power.

"What?!" Penelope thought quickly and brought water from the ocean up to her and then to Aiva, holding them up in columns. Everyone looked over the railing to see if they were alright.

"Penelope, Aiva! Are you both alright!" yelled Luffy.

"Yeah!" yelled Penelope. She looked over at Aiva and saw was awake but seemed out of it and was looking at the sky with her mouth drooling…

"I think Aiva's fine," said Penelope laughing. Then that noise came again, but it was closer this time and was annoying her.

"Ugh, do any of you hear that?" she said putting her hand over her ear now to the squeaking.

"What sound?" said Sanji. Then suddenly it turned into a piercingly loud sound making Penelope cover both her ears and losing concentration on the waves keeping Aiva and her up.

The water disappeared from under them and Penelope and Aiva splashed into the water. Penelope looked up as the sky was turning dark around her and looked over to Aiva. Aiva was struggling and wondering what the hell was going on. She looked to Penelope panicky for help and screamed her name, but as she did the air rushed out of her body and she couldn't breath. She grabbed her throat wondering why she couldn't swim when you couldn't breath anymore and blackness surrounded her eyes. Penelope watched as Aiva yelled her name though you couldn't do anything. You tried to yell go after her, but you couldn't move. Aiva then closed her eyes slowly and drifted down lower.

You could feel the water swirling around you and wondered what was going on because you weren't controlling the water. The air in you body was now tight and you couldn't breath. (Air!) You thought, but couldn't get any. Finally you closed your eyes and before you did, you saw bunches of small lights under you, then darkness.

Crews Time!!(POV)

Everyone rushed over as they saw Penelope and Aiva fall into the ocean.

"Penelope, Aiva!" yelled Ussop. But when they went there, Penelope was holding her and Aiva up with the ocean water.

"You guys okay?" asked Zoro as he looked at them.

"I'm fine, and Aiva…" Penelope seemed fine but Aiva just looked like she was out of it and was staring at the sky with drool coming out of the side of her mouth.

"Do any of you hear that sound?" Everyone looked at her as they saw her cup her ears.

"What sound?" said Sanji looking at her curiously. All of a sudden the crew saw Penelope cover both of her ears and the water underneath Aiva and Penelope falls making them go into the ocean with it.

"Aiva! Penelope!" yelled Zoro. Luffy stretched out his arm to get them but then it was forced away by wind. He looked at Kenn, but he didn't do anything. But then, the sky suddenly turned dark and a whirlpool was beginning to form right ahead of the ship.

"AIVA, PENELOPE!" yelled Zoro. Then Zoro jumped off the boat and into the water to get them.

"Tsk, shit!" Sanji threw out his cigarette and jumped in too. Everyone was still on the boat but then it was getting pulled in.

"LUFFY! Bring the mast down!" yelled Nami as she ordered everyone to put everything in place. But the whirlpool got close enough that the ship was being pulled around in circles and sucked in.

"Everyone, hold onto something!" yelled Franky as he held onto the door, Nami and Ussop to the railing, Chopper to the table, Robin and Kenn to the stairs, and Luffy at the mast.

"What about Sanji, Zoro, Aiva, and Penelope!" yelled Chopper frantically.

"They'll be alright, just hold on!!" screamed Nami as they went down.


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