Okay, so I finally got around to starting the fifth story in my Rory/Jess 'I Love You Series' The list of stories in this series can be found in my fanfiction profile, for anyone that doesn't already know. And I guess I could have ended anywhere with this chapter so sorry if it seems a bit blunt, but it just seemed like a good place to stop.

With his head resting against the pillow that was leaning up against the couch, Jess laid across the couch with Rory sleeping soundly beside him. Her body was meshed with his as her head rested in the nook of his shoulder.

The toffee colored couch had been the last thing they had unpacked in their new home. After spending half of the day moving in a few boxes, some opened and some that weren't were scattered among the light tan carpet.

The white walls were no longer bare as nails hung in the wall. Pictures that were soon meant to be displayed were leaning against the bottom of the wall in beautiful wood frames.

It had been two long years that they had saved. And with a little help from Luke and Lorelai they had sustained their own place, just a few hours from Stars Hollow. A place where they would evolve into two levelhead individuals and be in the home where they could begin their lives together, take off with their careers and start a family.

Since they had been married though they had lived up to their word about not moving too far away. For a couple months after marriage, they had lived in a apartment. And until last week they had been staying with Lorelai and Luke until their house had been painted and fixed up.

Now this was the beginning of living in harmony. There were no noisy or rambunctious adjoining neighbors you could hear through the walls. In fact now it would be harder to hear the ones that you were living to next door as the outside of the house was surrounded by beautiful red bricks.

So far there was peace in this neighborhood. The phone hung briefly on the wall between the frame that seperated the living room from the kitchen, but it was impossible that anyone here knew their number, besides Luke and Lorelai. However there was the doorbell, fully fuctioning for anybody that happened to come their way.

But luckily as the sun went down in the blue sky, it's fading to a pink streak in the horizon, a few neighbors passed their way but in the way of observation. And to anyone that hadn't realized until now when they walked past to notice the once empty house now occupied.

Although it was getting late now, visiting would have to wait until tommorow to get a peek. With the brown colored curtains drawn to keep out prying eyes and curiousity drawn, there were only short lived conversations among the neighborhood consisting of brief glimpses of the young couple.

Not a light was on inside of the house and the surrounding light in the darkening sky was coming to an end, but just beyond the settiing was a stir.

Jess still half-asleep raised his head off of the couch, his mind lightly jumbled as his hazel brown eyes flittered open. Absently he turned his head to look down at his wife who was still sleeping beside him.

Her body was drawn out across the couch. Her arms drew over her head as her fingers curled against the palm of her hand, rising with every breath she took. The silhouette of her slender frame stretched beneath her t-shirt and jeans.

The beauty of her made his senses intensify. His lips pulled in a gentle smile as the back of his hand brushed against her cheek. From what light was left, he saw the soft rose colored base warming against her pale skin. Her eyelids fluttered at his touch, lips drawing in a content line.

Her foot contently crossed over the other drew slightly as the muscles twinged from her ankle to her toes--knee fluttered as her stomach rose under a deep stirring breath. "Can't I get just five more minutes?" She muttered sleepily, moving to her side and turning away from him.

"You know it's getting late and nobody's been by." He reminded her lightly, hope underlined in his tone. In return her lips pressed together with a noticeable groan, her mind slowly processing his words.

"They're not supposed to come by right now. In fact they're to let the tired people sleep." Rory raised her point sleepily throwing her hand up to her ear then letting it slowly drift down until her muscles relaxed and her hand fell over the side of the couch.

Jess smirked, leaning down until his lips were leveled to her ear. Her level of satisfaction showed in her expression-- but only for a moment. "But we're alone." He hinted with a tinge of urgency. "And we can do anything we want."

With a sleepy smile, she turned onto her back. "That would be why we have the rest of our lives to do whatever we want." She raised her hand and poked his chest. "If I remember correctly that was your saying when I raised the conversation of children on our honeymoon."

He laughed, slightly taken on her rememberance of their conversation. In fact it had been two years since then and they had continually gotten into the habit of working. "I know what I said, but I was thinking that now that we we're in a new house, we're finally together and on our own and I really wouldn't mind some pitter patter of feet around the place."

"Jess" She laughed incrediously with her eyebrow raised. "We just moved in here." Sitting up, she raised herself as her hand reached over to the lamp and switched on the light, only to find that it hadn't been plugged in.

"I'm only saying." He defended himself as she moved off the couch and he watched her walk over near the landing between the tile floor of the foyer and the carpeted living room, her hand raising against the wall as her fingers finally found the switch.

Her gaze found the soft ceiling of light, her thoughts of the silence penetrating. Diving back on the couch beside him, she nudged him in the side with her elbow. "So are you volunteering yourself to suffer sleepless nights, change dirty diapers--"

"Okay, I'm really beginning to see your point. But who couldn't really resist toys scattered around the place? I've heard it's a great bookseller."

"I think you've been hanging out with my little brother too long." She eyed him suspiciously with a smile, placing her hand on his chest.

"Your brother is cool." Jess pointed out, adjusting the pillow behind his back.

"And he's two." She added specifically. "Somehow I'm seeing the kid in you right now."

"I married a Gilmore." Reaching, she grabbed one of the pillows that they had set down on the floor earlier and put it in her lap. "Doesn't that count?"

"Technically since your kids will be Gilmore related." Jess sighed knowingingly. "Of course."