"This does however call for celebration." He added curling his fingers around what she made out to be an invisible glass. At that moment she felt the need to hit him with the pillow, and she did. It ended up hitting him just below his shoulder. " What was that for?" Rubbing his left shoulder in a mock gesture, she laughed.

"I'm confused. Since when was there need for celebration?" She asked, tucking her legs close to her body. Jess played a mischevious grin, his expression hungering as he took in the sweet scent of her shampoo. Quickly his lips collided with hers. The warmth of her lips meshed with his as her lips parted to take everything in.

After a moment their lips broke in sealing suction as they came up for air. "We are considerably fiesty tonight." Rory commented, surprised. Her head tilted in a considerable manner as her eyes searched through his.

His long fingers stroked down her arm for effect, sending a chill through her body. "You know I think I could do it right here." Through her lips escaped a whisp of a sigh, her back straightening as she felt herself melting into him.

"We just got the couch a few days ago, not to mention we have a window right there." She threw her hand back in the direction of the front door.

"Then," He sat up and stood. "I'm just going to have to carry you up there." Without warning he lifted her up, cradling her body as her laugh echoed throughout the house.

Her legs flailed a few times but she noticed that she was stuck in his arms. "What's gotten into you?" Rory laughed joyously as they made their way past the front door and up the stairs. The evening light filtered from the hall window as they approached the landing and his hand scurried over the wall for the light switch.

Rory smiled; stomach tying in knots as the hall light switched on. "And then there was light." He carried her to the bedroom in silence and set her gently on her side of the bed before walking around his side and sat down beside her.

"Where were we?" He stared intently into her eyes as he searched her expression. Laying on her back, she stared up at him, clearly confused at his intentions. She could feel his warmth drift over her in waves, his breathing controlled.

Pulling her arms around his neck, she braced herself as her lips crashed against his. Even more so, she realized how much she had missed his embrace as her fingers interlaced and held for dear life as his kiss deepened, her lips parting as she let him in until they both were gasping for air.

"Do I have your attention?" Jess asked intentionally, her hands still wrapped around his neck. Her body curved as he lowered her back on the bed, his hands gently laying her own hands on top of her stomach. Nodding he couldn't help give a smile knowing he had won her speechless. And as his breath trailed and his lips kissed her forehead, he knew the deal had been sealed.

She studies him, takes in the smell of his aftershave as he leans over her, and she hears the cupping of his lips on her forehead much to her delight, warm and smooth as they lift from her skin. "I'm glad." His fingers brush back a few stray hairs and then move down her cheekbone lightly and delicately brush over her chin. "Let me tell you about the intentions this evening ensues." Gently his hands begin lifting her green t-shirt, exposing her bare stomach. She begins to protest, but he holds up his hand.

"I don't think you know what you're doing to me right now." Rory mutters as he gazes down at her for a moment before the corner of his lips tug into a smile.

"I don't know about that Ror. You really don't know how much I want you right now." Lifting up her shirt even higher, his hand rubbed back and forth over her skin, finger circling over her belly button. "Seeing you just lay here," he raises his eyebrow in emphasis. "Is enough to turn me on." He was just getting started as he closed the distance between them. "But I have to ask the question." He pauses, building the moment as she raises her eyebrow in anticipation. "I'm not going to make you do what you're not ready for."

"That was not a question." Her lips curled in a smile. "You're bluffing. You are just as nervous as I am on having a family. I mean we both come from broken families and spend way too much time at our jobs and--"He could tell that she was rambling again so he leaned in and kissed her, efficiently shutting her up.

"Are you that tortured on having a kid, Rory?" He asked after breaking apart, closing the distance between them.

"I can't go in the same room as someone giving birth." She began, watching him closely. "So how do you think I'm going to feel when I can't escape that feeling?"

Running his hands through her hair, he chuckled softly remembering she couldn't even come into the room when her mom gave birth to her brother, And so if he was going to get to his wife on this matter, he would have to dig deeper. "You remember when we looked in the window of the nursery?" She nodded silently. "And we saw your brother for the first time."

"He was wrapped in a little blue bundle with a nice white cap, which mom threatened to give him a dodgers cap to stick backwards on his head."

"That was beside my point." Jess rolled his eyes. "Because she had everything, she forgot about what she just went through."

"Okay, you have been talking to my mother way too much."

"I'm not saying it's going to be easy, Ror." Jess interjected her. "I'm just asking you if you'll do it with me."

She stayed quiet for a moment, her hands still laying on her stomach. "Fine, but just remember this moment that you're on diaper duty."