Slight SakuraSasori


Pink Clay

A pink haired girl around seventeen was walking down the dark empty Konoha streets. She sighed and closed her emerald eyes and tilted her head toward the starry sky (A/N: Its night time... if you didn't notice you should either return to kindergarten or get the teacher fired.).

She sighs softly. 'Damn, its cold... why did I leave home...'

'Your dad blamed you for everything just because he was mad, damn mom for staring at you and watch him smack you, then get mad too for nothing. Then they have a nerve to call you forehead and rant about hating you and you being a mistake a... oops... sorry... Sakura where are we going?" Inner Sakura said sadly.

Sakura opened her eyes halfway and stopped in the middle of the sidewalk she sighed and closed them again. 'I... I'll just use my training and sleep in the woods, since I have no friends to stay with... Naruto I miss you why did you dissapear... ' A tear slid down her cheek as she sighed and left the village and went into the woods and sat on a rock sobbing about being weak, worthless, ugly, and a mistake.

There were three guys in a dark room. One long blond hair around nineteen, his left eye was covered by blond bangs down to his chin, the top layer of his hair was in a ponytail, and he had mouths on his hands and chest. The other had messy black hair his face was covered by his orange and black mask which only has one eye hole in the right side he was around the same age. The third was hidden in the shadows you could hardly see him the only thing you can tell about him is the piercings shining from the shadows.

"Deidara, Tobi, I want you to capture a kinochi." The man in the shadows said.

"Why, un?" Deidara, the blond haired man said.

"Who? Where? Tobi wants to know Pein-san" Said Tobi the messy black haired man.

"Her name is Haruno Sakura, she is the Hokage's apprentice she has surpassed the Hokage herself in medical skills, she resides in the Leaf village I would like her to join, her skills may be useful to us." Pein said.

Tobi and Deidara nodded. "One question, how will we distinguish her from the other kinochi in the village, un?" Deidara questioned in a serious tone.

"She shall be the only pink haired kinochi in the village... you are now dismissed." Pein said chuckling.

Tobi vanished in a puff of smoke. Deidara hesitated a second then disappeared also. Tobi and Deidara reappeared in a forest near Konoha. ' Hmm, interesting...' Deidara thought as he began walking.

After about an hour Tobi sat down. "Deidara-sampi, Tobi's tired can Tobi rest?" Tobi huffed out.

"Tobi we just started walking!" Deidara said irritably.

"Tobi knows but Tobi's foot, leg, and arms hurt from Tobi's last mission when Deidara had gotten Deidaras scope crushed..." Tobi wined.

Deidara sighed and touched the left side of his face he missed the scope."Fine, but I'm going ahead you stay here I'll be back with the kinochi got it, un?"

"Hai!" Tobi said cheerily.

Deidara sighed and jumped through the trees quickly. Suddenly he stopped when he heard sobbing.

He jumped to the ground and stood behind a tree. He looked around the tree to see a sobbing kinochi. He felt his face get warm when he seen her spaghetti strap shirt and little skirt. He shook his head. 'Your a heartless missing nin...' He thought.

He looked at her again and noticed her sakura pink hair. "Haruno... Sakura..." He whispered. He stood there and listened to her sobbing.

"Why...why...why am I so weak? I couldn't even stop Sasuke from leaving..." She slammed her eyes shut. "Sasuke... you were right... I-I-I AM WORTHLESS... a horrible, worthless, mistake... with a big fat ugly forehead! I'm the reason you left... I'm the reason Naruto vanished I bet! Everything is my fault..." She yelled and sobbed. She quickly reached up and pulled off the village headband and threw it across the field.

Deidara couldn't stand it anymore, from what he heard she was amazing kinochi and tho he had to admit that she was beautiful. He disappeared from his spot behind the tree and reappeared behind Sakura.

"You know that isn't fully true, un." Deidara smirked. Sakura turned and gasped. "You are quite talented. As a matter of fact you are so talented the Akatsuki want you to join." Deidara chuckled.

Sakura quickly stood up and pulled a kunai out with one hand and wiped the tears from her red swollen eyes. "W-why would I join Akatsuki?"

"Because your apparently unhappy here, Sakura Haruno, un." Deidara smiled.

Sakura growled and yelled. "You're going to have to take me by force."

Deidara sighed "Fisty one huh? Fine then I will but I want to get back so I'll finish this..." With that Deidara disappears and reappeared by a surprised Sakura. 'He's fast!' Inner Sakura screamed. 'Oh no!'

Deidara hit a pressure point on the back of her neck as she falls onto the ground unconscious. Deidara bends down and wipes a loose strand of hair out of her face. 'She needs to go easy on herself she's beau... I-I mean she would have been a good opponent if she wasn't in such a weak state...' Deidara thought as he pulled out her headband slashed it with his kunai and tied it onto her like he seen her with it before she threw it almost hitting him in the head. He picked her up and started to walk back to Tobi.

"Is that her Deidara-sempai?" Tobi asked getting off the rock he was sitting on.

Deidara sighed. "No, Tobi she is another high class pink haired ninja from the leaf village, un." Deidara rolled his eyes as Tobi gave a quizzical look under his mask.

"But sempai Leader-san said there was only one pink haired ninja from the leaf village...OWWW, WHY DID SEMPAI KICK TOBI?" Tobi squealed.

"Because I can't punch you with the medic in my arms..." Deidara glared at Tobi. Tobi closed his mouth and looked away afraid of getting kicked again. "Lets get her back to Pein, un."

Tobi nodded as they disappeared in a poof of smoke.

They reappeared in front of Pein's office. Tobi knocked on the door. They heard a 'come in' from the other side of the door and entered.

Pein noticed the kinochi and smirked. "You have returned... I trust no one was injured?" Pein glared hard at Deidara. Deidara sighed and says. "If I tried to injure her she would be in a million pieces, un."

Pein nodded and smiled slightly. "Now we get her to pledge her full allegiance to Akatsuki and we can get ll our members fully healed at almost any time, including you Tobi." Pein stated.

Tobi nods slightly and tilts his head. "Pein? Where is the kinochi going to sleep... we have no more rooms or beds free?" Tobi got a little worried. 'Tobi hopes kinochi doesn't have to sleep with Tobi, Tobi likes his own bed...' Tobi thought.

"With Deidara..." Pein smirked from the shadows and glanced at Deidara.


"ARE YOU DISSOBEAYING MY ORDERS?!" Pein yelled standing up and slamming his hands on the desk.

Deidara shivered slightly tightly tightening his grip on Sakura. "No... sorry..." Deidara said softly as he stared at the kinochi in his arms. Tobi felt like hiding in a corner but he just shook a little.

"Fine... dismissed." Pein grumbled.

Tobi and Deidara were gone in an instant.

Sakura: So... did I go willingly?

Me: Sorta...

Sakura: What do you mean sorta?

Deidara: She means you didn't come against your will you will find out...un