I sighted as I straightened out my new room. Well, new to me. I was going to live with my father, Henry, from now on. My mother, Elizabeth, had died in a plain crash just a few weeks ago.

As horrible as it might sound, I didn't really miss her that much. I hardly knew the woman. And the encounters I had with her, weren't pleasant. She was a strict, non tolerate woman. One mistake was one to many in her book.

"Edward." I straightened up immediately. I stared straight ahead as my father came into my room. He looked around the now hospital clean room and nodded in satisfaction.

"Are you done unpacking, boy?" He asked briskly.

"Yes sir." I said in a monotone voice. He stared at me with cold gray eyes, and smacked his cane right into the back of my knees, making me fall. I caught myself in time with my hands. I shot up again, standing in the same position as I had earlier. My knees were killing me, but I didn't let it show.

"Don't take that tone with me, boy. Speak clearly when you speak to me. Speak only when spoken too. You don't ask a question until I say you can ask a question. Understood?" He barked in his military voice.

"Yes sir." I said more clearly. He nodded in satisfaction and lowered the cane. My father was a soldier in his younger days, but he had to retire when a mine blew off one of his legs. He was strict, and loved everything that had to do with the military. No wonder my mother fell for him.

"Look at what that woman has done to you. Your pathetic. No muscles, can't even stand straight. You look like a sissy. A chess club sissy." He said as he circled me like a shark circling in on his pray. I knew I looked like a geek. I was a geek. I had geeky clothes, glasses, messy bronze hair that was never tame. It just stood out everywhere.

"I used to beat up kids like you." He hissed viciously. He pushed me lightly and I stumbled backwards. I never trained, and my balance sucked. I was more focused on my studies and music. Piano especially. I always wanted to play El-guitar, but my mother refused. She said it was too barbaric.

He shook his head in disappointment as I straightened up hastily.

"No, I'll have to toughen you up. I'm debating on even letting you go to school tomorrow. What will the town think when they see the pathetic excuse of a boy I've got? I'm ashamed to call you my son, Edward." He said seriously. I hade to bite my tongue to not say something smart back.

"You'll finish high school and go straight to the army. A scrawny boy like you will have no chance in life. Go to sleep, you have school tomorrow." And with that, he walked out of the room gracefully.

As soon as the door closed I hurried into my bathroom. Quickly, I tried to comb my hair down so it would lay flat, but I only made it worse. Sighting, I brushed my teeth and shed my clothes. I took a quick shower, and hurried into my bedroom again. I checked my clothes for the next day. White kaki pants, a white shirt and a brown striped knitted vest to go over. My backpack was packed as well, ready to just be grabbed.

I laid down on my bed, staring into the darkness. I had only met my father a few times. I knew how to act because of my mother, who had demanded the same sort of respect. She didn't use a cane to hit though, she used a chain instead.

I had a lot of scars on my body, and all the nannies I had had knew about them. They also knew that my mother was the one who made them. It wasn't like they could do anything about it though. My mother was a lawyer, a wealthy one at that. She could ruin their life in a blink of an eye.

When she died, I thought things would get better for me. Maybe I could start deciding for myself. Maybe I could decide what I wanted to do with my life. All hope of that was shattered right after the funeral, when my father had told me to come and live with him. Again, I didn't have a say in anything.

Slowly, I felt sleep overtake me. I was tired after the flight, and everything that had happened in the last few weeks. I felt my stomach flip at the thought of tomorrow. I would start at Forks high then, something I almost dreaded more then my next beating.

I woke up to the annoying beeping of my alarm clock. I turned it off, stood up, put my thick glasses on, and made my bed. It was six in the morning, giving me two hours to get ready for school. I walked into the bathroom and started getting dressed. In vain, I tried the hairbrush again, but my hair was still sticking all over the place.

I shaved my face quickly, and made sure the sink was dry before I left the bathroom. I walked downstairs carefully, not wanting to trip.

My father was sitting in the kitchen, fully dressed and eating breakfast. He glanced up at me when I walked in and frowned at my clothes.

"Don't you have any normal clothes?" He asked me sourly, folding the newspaper and laying it down on the table. I stood in front of him, my back straight.

"No sir." I said as clearly as I dared. His frown deepened.

"Sit down and eat, boy." I sat down across from him, and the maid instantly filled my plate with eggs and bacon.

"Who bought your clothes?" He asked me as he picked up his newspaper again.

"One of the maids, sir." I answered right before I took another bite. He nodded his head in understanding.

"Your car is parked out front. You will only use it to school and home again. No one but you will drive the car. If your having friends over, you call and ask me first. If you want to do something after school, you call, or ask me first. Any questions." He asked briskly, glaring at me from over the newspaper.

"No sir." I said clearly. I took up my cell phone and saw that the battery was fully charged. Nodding to myself, I put it back into my pocket. We finished eating in silence, and when I was done, I ran up to my room and brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag and ran downstairs again.

My father tossed me a pair of keys, and dismissed me. I almost mock saluted him, but stopped myself in the last second. I did not want to go around with a limp for the rest of the day.

My car was an old gray Toyota. I was fine with it though, it was much better then walking. As soon as the house was out of sight, I relaxed into the seat. I put the radio on, desperate for any kind of music. That was what I wanted to be, a musician. I loved Rock music most, which was frustrating since I wasn't allowed to listen to it.

The school was easy to find, even in the light drizzle of rain. It looked more like one big building. Sort of like the gym in my old school.

I collected my schedule quickly. The lady behind the desk was surprised when she saw me. I looked nothing like my father. Although we did have the same height, we didn't have the same built. He was big, full of muscles, and had light brown hair, and gray eyes. I looked a lot more like my mother, and since no one knew who she was, no one would know who I took after in looks.

I walked to my first class, English. There were a lot of students in the room already, who was staring at me intently. Most of them sniggered, and I noticed that a fat, pimple faced guy with blond spikes was the one who laughed the loudest and most pompously.

"Is this the new guy? You have got to be kidding me!" All of his friends laughed with him, some even pointed. I just sighed and sat down. He was one of those wanna be gangsters.

"Good one Mike!" One of the guys said, laughing extra loudly.

The only one who didn't laugh was the huge guy sitting next to me. He had curly dark brown hair, and looked like a serious weight lifter. He was glaringly handsome, something that surprised me. Big people were usually…not good looking. He noticed me staring and I quickly looked down at the book in front of me. He turned back around, as the class started.

Lunch rolled around quickly, and I hadn't talked to anyone all day. But wherever I went, there was always someone laughing at me. I ignored everyone and their crude remarks.

I was about to walk into the cafeteria when I felt a huge hand grab my shoulder roughly, dragging me back. It felt like four sausages wrapped around my mouth as someone dragged me into the men's room. I was thrown down on the dirty floor roughly. I looked up and saw Mike, and two of his buddy's standing over me with evil grins.

"I think you owe us some money, Mason." What the hell? I didn't…

"Excuse me?" I ask trying to get up. One of his friends kicked me in the stomach, so I fell back down. My glasses fell off my nose and on to the floor. I was practically blind without them.

"You owe us your lunch money. A rich boy like you must have enough of that." Mike said snobbishly. I shook my head slowly.

"I don't." I stated simply. I rubbed a hand over my stomach, it hurt like hell. I was glad my parents only hit me, or my dad now anyway. That I could handle. Being kicked in the stomach like that was far worse.

"Well, I guess we'll have to teach you a lesson then, so maybe you'll get some money tomorrow." Mike said, cracking his knuckles. I gulped and scrambled away from them. Both of his friends pulled me up by the arms and held me tightly.

"What, aren't you going to beg or something?" Mike asked stupidly. I just shook my head. They would do whatever they wanted with me no matter what I said, so I didn't see the point in begging. Beside, my dad would shoot me if he knew I begged for anything.

Mike smirked and grabbed a roll of toilet paper and started rolling it around my head, and body. I probably looked like a mummy. I heard something snap in two. "Oh, I'm sorry, I just broke your glasses." Mike said sarcastically, before all three off them broke into loud laughter. They continued to wrap me in tightly. I'm sure they'd at least used five rolls by now, because I could barely move.

"I've always wondered how it looks like inside a toilet…maybe you could tell me, Mason." I felt myself being picked up as they started to move me towards the toilets. Now I was trying to fight back, but it was difficult to do so when I was wrapped in toilet paper, and two guys was holding me still. The door to the bathroom opened, and I felt all of them freeze.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?" A dark musical voice asked. I was dropped onto the hard floor.

"Nothing, just showing Mason around school. We're done now, though." Mike said, and the door opened and closed again. I tried to sit up, but the toilet paper was too thick. I started wiggling in it, trying to break free one of my arms. The deep voice chuckled, and removed the toilet paper around my face. It didn't help much, because I could only see a huge blur.

"My name's Emmett Cullen. Sorry about them, they can be…assholes." He said, chuckling again. I squinted up at him, and could vaguely make out his curly dark hair.

"Dude, your almost blind." He stated, surprised.

"Yeah, I've noticed." He boomed out a loud laugh and started ripping the toilet paper with ease. Soon enough, I was free. I dropped down to the floor and started searching for my glasses.

"Looking for these?" Emmett asked, holding something out to me. I felt them with my hands and sighted sadly, they'd broken them in two. I put the peaces together and held them up to my eyes, looking at Emmett.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Edward Mason, but I guess you know that. Thanks for the help, though." I said sincerely. He smiled a big goofy smile, and chuckled.

"No problem. You know, just a tip, A T-shirt and jeans doesn't hurt anyone if you don't want to stand out. I'm guessing this isn't the first time this happened." Emmett said lightly. I knew he only wanted to help me, and I would probably wear that if I had the chance too.

"Your probably right. And no, this isn't the first time. Probably not the last ether." I mumbled. I wasn't use to people being nice to me, or even talking to me. I felt after the tape in my backpack, and brought it out.

"Oh man! No, I can't let you do that to yourself." Emmett said, taking the white tape out of my hands. I had predicted something like this happening, so I took it with me.

"What? Their broken, and I have to have them." I protested. I held my hand out, waiting for him to hand the tape over. He chuckled and laid a hand on my shoulder. I flinched away violently.

"Dude, relax." He said carefully.

"Sorry, reflex." I answered quietly. I don't think I've ever talked this much with someone…ever. I just wasn't allowed.

"I was going to take you to my little sister. She can fix them for you. And as you can't see, I was going to steer you in the right direction." He clarified. I nodded my head, and slung my backpack over my shoulder. I couldn't see anything, with my broken glasses in my backpack, so I felt my way over to the door. Emmett chuckled before he opened it and grabbed my shoulder again, ignoring my winching.

"How old is she?" I asked him as we walked through the empty hall. It was in the middle of lunch, so everyone was in the cafeteria. Still, it was weird to not see anything other then blurs.

"Seventeen. She's in the cafeteria with the rest of my family. We don't usually talk with other people so…" He trailed off uncertainly.

"Why are you being so nice to me then?" I asked surprised. He chuckled again, something he seemed to do a lot.

"Because your interesting. Besides, why shouldn't I be nice to you?" It was a rhetorical question, and I had no interest in answering when the answer was so glaringly obvious. Besides, I could probably write a whole essay about why he shouldn't be nice to me. We walked into the cafeteria, because all the blurs got colors. Emmett steered me over to a table with four blurs. I couldn't make out anything else.

"Hey Alice, could you fix his glasses, Newton broke them." Emmett said. "Sure." A high pitched musical voice answered. I felt around for a chair and sat down. Emmett plopped down next to me.

"Well, I know you can't see them, but this is Rosalie, Alice, Bella and Jasper. My siblings." Emmett said lightly. I nodded and gave a brief smile. Everyone had the same musical soft voice, which puzzled me. I didn't have time to think about it, because my phone started vibrating. The only person who called me was my father. He specifically gave me the phone so he and only he could call me. I felt my face pale and I gulped before I fumbled my phone out of my pocked and answered it.

"Hello sir." I said clearly. I whished I could of seen the faces of Emmett and the rest of his family, but Alice was still fixing my glasses. I could feel their eyes on my face, and everyone had gone quiet.

"Don't use that tone with me boy. Now, I called to tell you to come straight home after school." He said angrily. I felt the rest of the blood drain from my face. Shit, what the hell did I do?

"Permission to ask a question, sir." I knew I was walking on thin ice now, and I mentally scolded myself for asking permission. It was just asking for trouble.

"Permission granted, two minuets." He said with an edge to his voice.

"Did I forget something this morning sir?" Which basically meant 'What did I do, and how bad is my punishment?'.

"Wet towel on the floor. 3 O'clock." He practically growled at me. I let go of the breath I'd been unconsciously holding. It wasn't in relief though, quite the opposite.

"Times up. Training room, straight after school. Understood?"

"Yes sir." I said right before he hung up. I sighted once again and slumped down in my seat.

"Here you go." Said a quiet voice from my right. I recognized it as Alice.

"Thank you." I said gratefully. I put them on and looked at the rest of them. They were all inhumanly gorgeous. I smiled half heartedly at them. There was an awkward silence.

"Nice to see you." I said, unsure of what to do with myself. I didn't fit in with them, at all. The girl sitting right in front of me smiled, which left me dazzled. She had chocolate brown hair, and big topaz eyes. Her skin was perfect, and milky white. I noticed that all of them were milky white and had topaz eyes.

"So…are you all related?" I asked, breaking the silence. I was more nervous now then before, because I knew what waited me at home.

"Um, no. We're all adopted. Rosalie and Jasper are twins though, but the rest of us are from different places." The girl with brown hair said, gesturing with her hand to the two blonds. I knew Alice was sitting beside me, so that meant the girl before me was Bella. Jasper was looking at me strangely, and Alice looked like she wanted to say something, really badly.

The bell rang before anyone could say anything though, which I was grateful for. I just wasn't made to have friends, or fit in.

We all parted ways, and I noticed that everyone was staring at me, and the Cullen's. I sighted as I walked to my next class. All I really wanted to do was just go and hang myself. The only thing that kept my going was my music, and the small hope I still had, that some day, when my father had died and I was free, I could go and do whatever I wanted.