I am so tired right now I can't even tell you. So I won't. Here's the chapter, warts and all.

There is nothing stranger than receiving an high school graduation invitation from a person you know is nearly a century older than you. But there I was the next morning with a spare invite from a Ms. Alice Cullen right two sets of clothing: a flattering designer black trouser with cream colored blouse for the ceremony, then an off the shoulder flowy black blouse for the party.

Appropriate and fashionable, but not so much that I would stand out in a crowd.

That vampire knew me so well.

I was just picking up the white shirt, thinking about Bella's graduation and what I could recall from memory, when suddenly the window flew open and Alice hopped in the window. Had I not known of her undead condition, I would have thought she was out of breath.

"Please tell me you're not here to do my hair," I said wincing. She ignored me and seemed to fluttered effortlessly to my closet, plucking a blouse I had no idea I owned from my closet.

"Bella's having a fashion emergency," she said.

"What?" I snickered.

Alice ignored the tone and parted through some spare items just to get a look at them.

"The shirt she was going to wear is one of the ones that was stolen from her room. She needs something before she settles on something oatmeal colored. Do you mind? You and Bella wear the same size shirt," she said never stopping for a breath. She crouched in my closet and picked up a white box I didn't recognize.

"You never even opened the box?" she asked.

I shrugged.

"I didn't know I even had it!" I said defensively. She gave me a look. "And to answer your question, of course you can borrow it. You don't have to ask."

She smirked and c.

"I know. Its just a formality," she sang. She spun around, leaving my curtains to flow gently in with the cool wind while she prepared to leave. "May I ask you something?"

"Do you really want to know the answer or is this another formality?" I teased. She blinked, looking just the slightest bit worried.

"You're going to be with the werewolves later today. Your future disappears there. Will it be important?"

I shrugged.

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't," I teased.

She scowled.

"That's not fair," she muttered. Then she started toward the window again and I found my mind darting back to the mention of her vision of my future disappearing. I swallowed hard and made myself ask the question.

"That's all that's disappeared? Just the time after the graduation?"

Alice looked sympathetic, almost pained.

"Nothing in my visions has changed for you," she said gently.

I nodded slowly and worried my bottom lip in my teeth. Whatever Kim had planned to stop my leaving the books it wasn't working just yet. I could practically feel the concern for my future burning through my stomach lining.

Then in a snap I remembered that Kim was a smart girl. Maybe even a genius. If there was anyone who could find a solution, magic or otherwise, it was her. I wouldn't doubt her when there was Eclipse to worry about.

"Just checking," I said brightly.

Alice plastered on a practiced smile that had probably been soothing worries for decades.

"I'll let you know as soon as I see differently," she said with a wink. Then as easily as she'd hopped through me window, she had disappeared and was on her way to begin the chapter that was Bella's graduation.

By the time I reached the school I had completely prepped myself for the day ahead. First there was the graduation and then the party that the werewolves were scheduled to crash. The graduation itself would be uneventful and when I rolled into the parking lot and found a handy spot right outside one of the gym windows, I felt like an intruder.

I knew this was a strange time to start having morals about intruding about Bella's life, but after reading about her expectations for growing up and the new anxiety she had about her upcoming changes, I couldn't help but relate.

Bella would have to find out the same way that I did that graduation did not make an adult. The ceremony wouldn't magically make you capable of handling life. I couldn't imagine that becoming a vampire or getting married would do the same thing. So instead of going inside, I stayed in the car and let Bella have this moment with her family.

It was raining (big surprise) and the cloud cover set an ominous mood that I usually would ignore. With nothing to do but wait I let my mind wander and watched through the window as my former classmates, my favorite characters, cheered for their friends and family.

I smiled to myself as I caught the unmistakable glimpses of Edward and Alice cross the stage and received their millionth diploma. Werewolves were even easier to spot and so I could see Jake whooping and cheering loud enough to make everyone around him turn around and glare at him.

My graduation was so much better, even if my vampire friends hadn't gone.

Hats were tossed and all too quickly, it was over. I'd spent the speeches and the music going through the scenes one more time. Bella had realized already that she was the target of this whole mess and not the Cullens. And, if my reading was any indication, Edward was not taking this news so well:

"Charlie smiled wider, and then sigh. He turned halfway toward Edward, without really looking at him.

'You coming too, Edward?'

I stared at him, my eyes beseeching. Edward pulled his expression together just before Charlie turned to see why he hadn't gotten an answer.

'No, thank you,' Edward said stiffly, his face hard and cold.

'Do you have plans with your parents?' Charlie asked, a frown in his voice. Edward was always more polite than Charlie deserved; the sudden hostility surprised him.

'Yes. If you'll excuse me…' Edward turned abruptly and stalked away through the dwindling crowd. He moved just a little bit too fast, too upset to keep up his usually perfect charade.

I harrumphed as the words from Eclipse went on to about her dinner with Charlie. For one stupid moment I wonder where Edward would go if he was that scared about Bella's safety. Where would Edward go if he was so pissed, so worried about Bella's safety...

I froze in mid-thought.

"Uh oh," I mumbled to myself.

With timing far too convenient to be coincidental, the car door popped open and closed hard enough to make the whole vehicle shake. Edward's cold pale stare bored straight through me. It was even stranger than the fact that he was in a hideous yellow gown that, despite what Bella said, even a vampire couldn't pull off. It was strange being close to someone this angry, this closely in a car. Even when Paul had his fits during New Moon I was never truly scared.

But apparently Edward was just that livid.

With no other reaction coming to mind, I flashed a tentative smile and held out a finger.

"Remember what Bella said. Don't freak out," I said.

Edward didn't do anything. He just stared at me.

I had no choice but to stare back in the car, the pattering rain making this confrontation all the more frightening. Edward's chiseled features weren't at all handsome when he was radiating with anger this way. He exuded predator that put my nerves on end and sent my blabbering instincts into a panic.

"Come on. You know Bella's luck. You can't really be all that shocked," I chuckled, but couldn't seem to tamp down the nervous edge in my voice. His golden eyes narrowed and his lips parted to say something before he closed them today. I looked at his hands that were clenched into the fabric of his trousers.

"It's part of the story. Everything's going to be fine," I promised him. Even his breaths seemed to be seething. The raindrops fell heavily on the windshield against the metal hull of my classic car. I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel trying to think of anything else that might defuse him. "So… Are we good?"

It wasn't so much as the words that soothed him, but the fact that I knew that there was nothing I could do to placate him.

The vampire took a deep breath and seemed to make himself relax every muscle one at a time. He turned to me again and gave me a slow easy smile, as predatory as it was mocking. It was by far the most eerie expression I'd ever seen on a vampire.

And that was saying something.

"Jacob is inside," he said in a cool voice. "While he was obviously guarding his thoughts from more important, suspicious topics, I did manage to see him doing something that is meant to have an embarrassing effect on you later."

My brows raised, unsure of where this was leading when he leaned in to force me to get a good look of the mischief in his eyes.

"Nothing serious. Just a prank," he said.

"Why... are you telling me this?" I asked him warily.

His smirk widened.

"Because as petty it may be, I think I will enjoy it just the smallest bit," Edward said. I frowned in confusion trying to think of what exactly he was talking about. A prank? This was no time for a prank.

"And to answer your question…" Edward stopped to take a deep shuddering breath and unclenched his muscles one by one. "Yes, we're good." I started to smile when he added with a pointed look, "As long as my family, including Bella, is safe then you and I will be fine. I don't enjoy finding Bella in the crosshairs of an attack that may or may not be random."

There was nothing I could do but shrug at that.

"Yeah, but with Bella being Bella…"

He nodded and I didn't need to finish my thought.

"I know it's bound to happen. It almost makes it tempting to change her ahead of schedule if only to make her more durable," he admitted. Edward looked away, somewhat disgusted with himself for even wanting this.

"You're right to make her wait, Edward. I'm sure she'll appreciate it in the end," I agreed. But I felt worry gnawing at the pit of my stomach. "What kind of prank?" Edward shook his head, his expression stone faced.

"I can't tell you. I wouldn't want to give anything away," he said.

I gaped at him.


"I can't throw off the course of events. Then you could stop it and, well, that might ruin the books," he said a little too casually. His voice was still so chilling that it took a moment for me to hear the sarcasm.

"What's this? What goes around comes around?" I asked.

Edward winked and out of nowhere, the fear seemed to leave me completely. Edward reached for the door handle as I scowled at him. He still had that sad, worried flicker in his eyes that told me he was no less concerned for Bella, but there was also a ghost of a smile at the corners of his mouth.

He left the car and shut the door with surprisingly little force. I craned to see him through the passenger window, trying to get his attention.

"Hey! I have stuff to do at this party. What kind of prank are they planning?" I called after him as he stepped out of the car and shut the door behind him, leaving me to wonder. "Hello? Edward!"

Edward started across the parking lot and headed for the edge of the forest, deliberately ignoring me even though I knew for a fact he could hear me even from outside the car.

"Oh yeah. That's real mature!" I added lamely.

I watched him walk away for a second before I gave up hope that he would pity me and tell me what the boys were planning.

Edward sure was getting good at this passive aggressive stuff.

"I almost liked it better when he yelled at me," I said to one as I stabbed the keys in the ignition. The car rumbled to life and I focused on returning my thoughts to more book related matters. It looked as though the werewolves and vampires were already working together, even if they were making me their common target. I decided to accept this as progress. Annoying as it was, at least they were learning to work together.

I arrived well past being fashionably late, hoping that I would be able to slip in and pretend that I had been a part of the party the whole time. The Cullen's lawn had served as the scene for Laurent's last stand. Today it served as the parking lot for the guests of Bella's graduation party.

"Strange," I muttered to myself.

I parked beside an unfamiliar looking car and stepped out, again astonished at how much time had wiped away.

"Hello," said a cool voice waking me from less than pleasant memories. Jasper stepped around one of the cars to greet me with a warm smile. His own party clothes were just a tad too stylish and grown up for someone that was supposed to be passing for nineteen, but his hair was rumpled, like he'd run his hand through it too many times.

I looked back at the house where the music was thumping and I could hear the mixtures of laughter and loud murmurs from inside. The party was a hit, naturally.

"What are you doing out here?"

Jasper shrugged, putting his hands casually into the pockets of his grey trousers.

"I needed some air," he said simply. Jasper sucked in a deep breath before adding. "There are just too many noises, emotions, and… humans."

His golden eyes flicked up to meet mine, looking for hesitance from me. As usual I gave him none, which seemed to reassure him.

"Yeah, well," I began slowly. I lifted up the bulky hardcover book inside. "You're scheduled to be inside unfortunately. Do you think you can be okay?"

Jasper gave me a curious frown.

"I have quite a few appearances in this story," he remarked as he walked with me around the makeshift parking lot that was the front yard and toward the house. I shrugged, realizing that this was true. He'd had next to no part in Twilight and only acted as a catalyst for the events in New Moon.

"Where were you during the graduation?" he asked.

As we were just making our way up to the porch I didn't think that now was the time to explain that I was feeling growing pains that mirrored Bella's. So I lied instead.

"Hiding from Edward," I answered quickly.

He chuckled.

"Speaking of which Edward said that Jacob did something at the graduation to prank me. Do you know what that is?" I asked Jasper. He shook his head and did his best not to smile when I narrowed my eyes in frustration. "Wonderful."

Jasper started to open the front door for me in that outdated, chivalrous way one would expect from an older man or a date.

"You're sticking to your usual rules?" he asked. "Pretending not to know any of us?"

"I'm only here to observe," I confirmed. And it was true. Never mind that I was overseeing the crashing of this party, but still I would be observing the crashing. Jasper gave me a somewhat sympathetic look as he gripped the door handle. "I already got my nice little break. It's back to work for me."

Jasper seemed to concede that this much was true. He opened the door, unleashing the wave of noise that was worthy of Hollywood clubs. I'd expected some noise and the extravagant party lights, but this was over the top. Apparently the house had serious soundproofing as well.

Amps were stacked up in strategic corners for optimum acoustics and lights swiveled from the rooftop displaying interchanging patters of colors and stars that moved in tune to the music.

"Classic Alice," I muttered.

Jasper, one of the few people who could probably hear anything being said in the room, smiled fondly at the mention of his wife and waved me forward in that southern gentile way that made him look more like a generous host than a good friend.

No one looked twice at my entrance.

Jasper moved away from me and seemed to make way to the kitchen. I made my brain focus through the noise and movements to pinpoint Bella and Edward. Finally I spotted (my) blue shirt and knew Bella was making her rounds trying to make everyone happy all at once.

I smiled sympathetically, noting where she was and moved toward the dinner table that had been pushed aside and laid out with drinks and food.

"Try all you like, honey. There's no making everyone happy," I muttered, voiceless under the cover of eardrum exploding music. "Especially here."

I poured myself a fruity drink from the punch bowl, deciding that if there was any time to risk eating or drinking at the Cullen's it would be when there were a couple dozen other humans that were also using their formerly unused bathroom. I'd barely brought my lips to the plastic red cup when I sensed someone slide in beside me while I watched the party.

I was downright shocked to see the blonde haired, blue eyed guy I'd known from when I first came to Forks. Mike Newton was certainly dressed for the occasion in what was probably his "good" shirt and some pressed khakis. His hair was arranged in a strange wind swept look that looked vaguely Edward inspired and his shoes were polished.

Where the Cullen's always looked as though Alice had dressed them, Mike looked like his mother had dressed him. He leaned on one arm against the wall next to the table and stared at me with a smirk that was nonchalant and just a tad bit creepy.

After staring at each other too long, he realized this and straightened.

"Hey," he said loud enough to be heard over the music.

His brows went up like he was expecting me to say something. I had nothing else more meaningful to say but, "Hi."

Mike stared at me another beat. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"That Jacob guy says he talked to a friend that you know. Some guy named Quil?" he said. Then he paused after that. Apparently this was supposed to be some kind of hint for whatever I was supposed to say next.

"I know him," I confirmed. "What about him?"

Mike's arrogant smirk disappeared for a second, then lit up his face again with an ice breaking chuckle.

"I know, Cammy," he said moving closer as though afraid that we would be heard over the pulsating music. I kept a carefully calm expression on my face because his knowing something could mean any number of things. Did he know about the Cullen's? Did he know about the Pack? Did he know he was in a book?

At my blank look, he continued.

"I know you've had a crush on me since you moved here."

If there was ever a time for a needle to scratch off the a record, that would have been it.

"What?" I squawked in surprise. "What? Why-… Oh."

Suddenly I understood what he was talking about. This was Jacob and Quil's prank against me. Putting me in an awkward situation with the one and only hopeless, wannabe popular guy at Forks High.

I felt a blush rush up to my cheeks, but Mike seemed to think that my embarrassment was due to him finding out my "secret" than the vengeful fury that it was.

What the hell did I do to deserve this?

"What?" I repeated. I didn't seem able to form any other coherent word at that moment.

"Well, those weren't his exact words," Mike went on, not comprehending the incredulous look on my face. "Jacob Black said that Quil said that you had a huge muffin-stealing crush on me. They said that you would just die if I asked you to dance tonight."

Muffin-stealing crush?

I suddenly remembered Paul stealing Quil's muffin from Emily's batch for me about a week ago. It was so stupid, so insignificant that I'd nearly forgotten about it. Competing with the werewolves for food was something that all of us were guilty of at one time or another and now Quil wanted revenge?

"I'm going to kill him," I muttered. This time my muttering fell into a rare lull in the music and Mike must have heard it. His smile dropped again, this time turning to horror. "I don't have a crush on you. I'm sorry. My friend's a jerk."

Mike looked astonished, like he couldn't confused by the very notion of being turned down. Weird. How many times had Bella turned him down?

"You don't have to be embarrassed," Mike assured me. "I think it's cute."

Okay. That was just annoying.

"I have a boyfriend," I said.

Mike froze, confused all over again.

Behind him I could see Tyler, Eric, and some other guy whose name I couldn't remember, snickering to each other while they watched our awkward exchange. Clearly humiliated Mike swallowed hard and stepped even closer to me, making me back up.

"Look, I told my friends you were into me. Can you just dance with me once?" Mike asked. I made the mistake of looking into his face. Bella was right to compare him to a labrador retriever. There was something distinctly puppy about the look on his face and not in the romantic way Paul could get away with. It was less intelligent, more pathetic. "Please?"

I sighed.

"Sure," I said before remembering that I was supposed to be here to observe and make sure that truce was made without a hitch. A smile exploded onto Mike's face before I could get the chance to tell him that I wouldn't be dancing with him long. Not to mention I was about to embarrass us bother even more with my less than average dance moves.

Luckily for the two of us it was a slower dance so I could get away with my patented "white-girl two step" that didn't require too much rhythm. He held onto my hips and I wrapped my arms around his neck and used my elbows to make leverage between us so I wouldn't be plastered to his front.

I looked over his shoulder, suddenly realizing that I could see Bella and Edward much better from this point.

"So…" Mike said eager to fill the silence. "Did you hear I got a new car?"

Distracted, I tried to angle Mike so he wouldn't get in my view of Edward and Bella.

"No. Not really," I said.

He shrugged, bumping my arm that rested on his shoulders.

"Eh, it's not that big a deal. It's just a brand new Honda. Just a sedan," he said but his tone implicated some false modesty. I tried (and failed) to look impressed. "The cool part is how I got the car."

"Uh huh."

Edward seemed to pick something up, as his head lifted from the crowd. He glanced back at me, but he didn't seem to be enjoying my discomfort as much as he'd said that he would. He was too worried, scanning across the room for something.

Here we go.

"So I was in Port Angeles picking some stuff up at the farmer's market for my mom when suddenly some guy comes up to me and goes 'are you Mike Newton' and I go 'yeah' and he just gives me a weird look," Mike went on, too enraptured with his own story to see that I was hardly hearing him. Edward stepped into the darkened kitchen, where I could only partially see him and Alice. From what I could see her face had gone blank and even paler, a sure sign that she was having a vision.


"Yeah," Mike went on. "So then I go inside and I come out and my car is gone. Just gone! That guy stole my car! I had to fill out a police report and everything!" He shook his head, smiling. "Can you believe it? Anyway my insurance ended up covering everything. So I got a free car!"

All at once every vampire in the room dropped their human façade, just for a second, as they whipped around to face the front door. The doorbell rang.

"Let the games begin," I said to no one.


I blinked in surprise, having forgotten all about Mike. Then suddenly I was annoyed all over again, my patience for Mike Newton run out.

I forced a smile at him, slipping out of his hold.

"Sorry. There's something I have to do," I told him and backed away. Mike seemed worried that his friends might see that I was less than thrilled to be dancing with him. He stood alone on the dance floor, unsure before he started bobbing his head to the rhythm alone and navigating to the opposite end of the makeshift dance floor.

I'd nearly gotten to the kitchen when something grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

The entire Cullen family, minus Esme and Carlisle, stood there as still as before staring at me waiting for an explanation.

"Hey," I said.

"There are werewolves in our house," Rosalie said practically biting each word. I looked back, realizing that I was completely out of sight. I knew from my pre-party reading that Bella was missing Edward as she talked to Jacob. Here he was again, taking the time out to scowl at Jacob from afar and trying to figure out from me what was going on.

When I had nothing to say to Rosalie felt the need to step toward me and cross her arms over her chest.

"There are werewolves in our home," she repeated.

I took a step back.

Unsure of what else to say I could only say, "True."

To my surprise Jasper seemed just as upset as Rosalie.

"This is too far, Cammy," he said.

"They're lucky that there are humans around right now," Emmett agreed. Edward wasn't arguing, but I guessed one of the few things holding him back was that he felt Jacob did have some right at a party meant for Bella.

"Cowards," Rosalie snorted.

I held my hands up in a calming gesture.

"I understand that they are really on your turf this time," I began interrupting what looked like the beginnings of an angry vampire mob. "But this doesn't have to be a messy confrontation. How about we do things the Carlisle way and talk to them?"

Edward stood at the opening of the kitchen, watching the party like a lion stalking the herd for a single target. His brow winged up as he gave me a skeptical look.

"He's giving Bella a present," Edward said. He gave a little huff and shifted his stance. "She hates presents. And she isn't exactly pleased to see them."

Emmett grinned.

"Bella doesn't want them here. That means we can kick them out. Right?" he asked. He looked at Rosalie before adding, "Violently?"

The corner of Rosalie's lips tugged into a tempted smirk.

This was getting out of hand.

"No, no. Just…" I interrupted quickly, hoping to distract them long enough that Jacob could have finish his conversation with Bella. I looked to Edward desperate for someone to understand. Oddly enough it looked like the werewolves would be safer than any of the other Cullen "kids" because he would never want to upset Bella. "Talk to them. Please?"

Alice sighed, giving me a knowing look that wasn't necessarily understanding. It was as though she thought she might guess where this was going. Edward looked from her to me, his expression less understanding and more incredulous.

"I need to tell Esme and Carlisle about the vision I just had," she said to Edward. He nodded once. "I'll rescue Bella on my way back."

Edward gave her a small, grateful smile and quickly set to watching Bella again.

Worry flickered across Jasper's face. Clearly he was not comfortable with Alice confronting the werewolves, which much meant that things were exactly on track. His head flicked up when he seemed to sense something.

He looked at the door, ready to leave after Alice.

Remembering that Jasper had a somewhat stronger prejudice against werewolves than the others, I felt a twinge of fear. "Jasper, remember to keep an open mind!" He didn't answer me. With a sweep of wind that ruffled my hair out of my ponytail, he was gone too.

I jerked a thumb over my shoulder.

"He's okay, right? He's not going to go punch a werewolf or anything?" I asked the others.

"As long as no one goes near Alice," Emmett quipped. I felt my face blanch knowing that Alice and Jacob were going to have a face-to-face confrontation. The tension was needed to put the right people in the room and make it so the minds came to the right conclusion. That cooperation was the only way to make this an unfair fight in our favor.

"They're coming here," Edward explained to Rosalie and Emmett. "This newborn army is bringing the fight to us."

Emmett grinned and Rosalie frowned at the exact same time.

"Excellent," Emmett hissed.

Edward pointed his glare at Emmett.

"They're going to come with no other reason than to kill Bella. This has nothing to do with the rest of us." Emmett's smile dropped and he had the decency to look somewhat ashamed. Rosalie gave Edward a disbelieving look.

"Somehow I doubt that," she said, her voice low and accusing. This seemed to strike a chord with Edward even though he tried his best not to show it. Nobody had a verbal jab quite like Rosalie. She flipped her hair and looked at her husband, as though deciding to leave Edward with the mess he'd made. "Come on, Emmett. Let's go see what Carlisle wants us to do."

Emmett, oblivious that Rosalie had just left Edward feeling like he was the one that caused all this, followed his wife up the kitchen stairs. I watched Edward, feeling a stab of regret for whatever he was feeling. Did Paul ever feel like that? I know I did. All the time.

Edward recovered quickly and gracefully, making himself concentrate on the conversation Bella and Jacob were having in the other room. I dared to step around the stove and cabinetry to see what was going on. Alice had Bella in tow just before Jacob slammed his palm against the wall, blocking either of them from going anywhere until Alice explained her vision to him.

Jasper was not pleased, suddenly appearing on the other side of Jacob. Even though I could only see the back of his head, I knew the look that Jasper was giving him. Nobody messed with Jasper's wife.

I glanced back at Edward.

"Jacob has an interesting thought process," Edward admitted.

I shrugged.

"I guess," I said.

His eyes narrowed in concentration as though he were considering something. Edward was tensed, poised to dash off in the same manner as Jasper to stand next to Bella. But he didn't move. He seemed stubbornly planted to the ground.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

Edward looked at me, his head tilted in the direction of the party like someone trying to eavesdrop on someone in the next room. In this case, then next room seemed to be Jasper, Jacob, and Alice's thought process.

"If I go there Jacob will stop thinking about the attack and I like the conclusion he's come to with Alice," Edward said. He blinked a few times, as though suddenly realizing that he was standing too still and needed to look somewhat human for anyone that glanced his way.

His body swayed instinctively toward Bella, wanting to be by her side.

"Should I go to her?" he asked me.

And this was the hard part.

"No," I told Edward. "Let them talk this out. They'll be plenty of time for male posturing later." Edward's jaw clenched, but he gave a short little nod. I went to stand by him while he continued to "listen" to the conversation.

"Three o'clock tonight. We're going to be meeting with the Pack," Edward relayed.

I nodded, already knowing this.

"And where will you be?" Edward asked more curious than concerned.

I grinned at him.

"Where else?"

Edward was too worried to give me a real smile, but he tried. Tonight was the first night of Jasper's newborn-killing boot camp. There was only one way I knew to cheer him up.

"Oh and I've been meaning to thank you for letting me slow dance with that tool," I said. Edward snorted a surprisingly undignified sound that caught the both of us off guard. I narrowed my eyes at him. "He talked about himself the whole time."

Edward was quiet for a moment, his eyes still on the situation as Jacob, Quil, and Embry started to turn to leave.

"The Mike Newton that Bella doesn't see is quite fond of himself. He is also fond of 'that's what she said' jokes," Edward said. I had to cover my mouth to keep from guffawing out loud. The party was still in full swing, but it looked like my presence was no longer need.

The werewolves leaving ended the current chapter.

"Well, my work here is done. Even though I don't really feel like I did anything," I said to Edward. He gave me a meaningful look.

"You did," he said. "Trust me. You did plenty."

It was strange that Edward had gone from ready to rip my head off in the car to grateful that I'd set up werewolves to crash Bella's party.

"Yeah, well, remember that the next time you decide it might be funny to put me in an awkward position with one Bella's friends," I told him. As more and more people began to watch the Cullen family now whispering in a circle, I knew that more people would start looking for Edward and could see us talking together.

"Tell Alice that I said thank you for the invite," I said by way of leaving. "I'm going to La Push. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they find out they're fighting with you and not against you. And then I'm going to do the 'I told you so' dance."

Edward nodded.

"Good. At least I'm not the only one around here eating his words," Edward said coolly. I smiled, getting ready to turn to leave when I heard Edward call my name. I turned and Edward gave me a sharp nod.

"Thank you again," he said.

I smiled weakly right back at him.

"Any time." Then like that he was gone, risking what would look like a magical reappearance of Edward between strobe light flashes overhead.

I slipped out the back, eager to get back to La Push and watch more puzzle pieces of the story come together.