I thank digital imagination for the review and mentioning me in his/her profile

I thank digital imagination for the review and mentioning me in his/her profile.

9 years past since. Sora, roxas, namine, and kairi now go to high school and have been good friends. Jaden and alexis are now collage students. And have been a couple since an incident at the spring dance.

Alexis: Don't ask!!

Jaden: Oh come on lexi, you have to admit it was funny.

Zane: No, it was annoying!

Me: Shut it!! I'm trying to tell a story! So shuuuttttt uuuupppppp!!

Axel became the FBI'S top field agent. Aerith got a coaching job at the high school, she got sora to join the track team, and she tried to get roxas to join basketball. But his calling turned out to be tech work for the drama department. Aerith respected his choice; after all she just wanted her boys to have extra curricular activities. Cloud had his own dojo to teach martial arts and duel monsters, (he's a champion award winning duelist) and fuu ran the most popular restaurant in town.

Namine was busy getting ready to help roxas do some research at the library. "Now remember namine, don't be out too late. And don't let roxas touch you impropriety." Fuu told her daughter. "Don't worry mom. Roxas knows dad would kill him, for real." Replied the blond teen to her mother, as she was slipping on her shoes. "Besides, he's out grown that sort of thing." Then namine stood up and picked up a small backpack from her bed, then headed for the front door. Just as she reached for the knob, "remember, past 10:30 your grounded, pregnant you better hope his parents will support you both." Stated fuu. "OKAY!!" shouted namine, as she exited the door.

In the company boardroom of the Trinity Blade Shipping Corporation, three figures sat at a table disguising matters. "The explosives will arrive in an hour." Spoke one of the clocked ones; reveling that she's a woman. "Just get things ready larxene." Said the one; who was named xemnas. And with that both men left the docks once the meeting was over.

Namine arrived at the library half an hour later. "Hello namine." Said the Liberian. "Oh, hello baston. Have you seen roxas?" she asked. "No, but I'm sure he'll be here soon." Said baston. Namine sighed and walked away saying, "figures, but thanks any way baston. I guess I'll just get the research started… sigh…. Like always."

Fifteen minutes past as the library. As namine was working, an explosion was heard. At the moment baston was about to call someone a blond woman came in. "Larxene what the hell happened?" baston asked his commanding officer. (He's in the terrorist group) "The FBI found us. Now I'm being followed by a certain red-head." Replied larxene. This gave baston an idea.

"Don't worry. I know this red-head, his daughter is in here." He said in hopes of a reward. Larxene merely smiled and said "good work, now here's your reward." Baston fell to the ground. "Looks like I need another intern." Said larxene as she pulled out a knife from baston's chest.

Namine didn't hear the explosion or the brutal murder, because she was watching a video at an audio station. "Damn it roxas, he should have been here by now!! I swear if he expects any more help from me that bustard has another thing coming!!" namine screamed forgetting she was in a library. "Well, let's hope he gets here then." Said a voice behind namine as she took off the headphones. Namine was terrified to see who it was.

So sorry for the late update but things came up that needed my urgent attention.