-This is my first fanfic, so please go easy on me. If you see any spelling errors or typos, please bring them to my attention. The title is temporary, and suggestions are welcomed. The first chapter is short, but I promise they won't all be that way. Enjoy!-

"I swear to God! You're all the same!" Sarah was more than sick of all the backstabbing teenage guys. She didn't want them to declare their love for her. She didn't want their fancy chocolates or expensive gifts. She just wanted to be treated like a decent human being.

This is the moment I've been waiting for since two long years ago...and to think that I, the Goblin King, would wait for a mortal...

"No, Sarah. Come on! Don't be like that. You know I've treated you like royalty," pleaded her latest boyfriend.

"So you're allowed to go hooking up with other girls just because you've been a nice guy? Are you serious?" She always picked the quiet ones. They were nice to her parents, spent time with Toby, took her to the movies, and acted like prince charming for a while. But whenever she started to expect anything from them, they always left her in pieces.

How perfect. She's falling apart on her own... This is going to require next to no effort at all...

"Sarah! It meant NOTHING! We were both trashed, you know?" The smirk on his face suggested differently.

"No, Sean! I DON'T know! You said you had a huge exam to study for, and you went off to a party with some random chick instead. I can't trust you, and I'm sick of you always going out with your friends and getting wasted! Get out before my father comes home and kicks the shit out of you."

That poor boy… He hardly even copped a feel. It's a shame, too. She really enjoyed his company.. almost as much as I do hers...

Jareth had watched every move Sarah made since she left the Underground. The women of his kind swooned at the very sight of him, but he wasn't interested in them. He knew what he wanted and had no intention of letting her get away. Sarah hardly ever thought of him, except for in her dreams. They melted into each others arms every time she reached slumber. Jareth was her heart throb. He could feel Sarah's lust through his crystal ball and would never deny such a beautiful creature the chance for love.

"Toby, it's just not fair! Every time I get close to something I want, someone always snatches it right out from under me!"

Be a good little girl and wish yourself away...

"I almost wish I didn't have to exist in this world anymore. I can't win."

You can always win down here, Sarah...

"Sorry, Sarah... Want to play with me?"

"Oh Toby, you're sweet, but no thanks. I'm going to my room for a while."

Sarah closed her bedroom door and collapsed onto her bed. She always spent rainy afternoons in her room to stay away from her mother, who would be home soon. Sarah rolled onto her side and spotted her old Labyrinth book on the shelf. She grabbed it and flipped open the back cover, where she had once written "I wish the Goblins would come and take me away right now!" Jareth let out a chuckle as he twisted his hand into the air knowing that, with a little magic, she wouldn't be able to help herself. Sarah read the line out loud and no sooner had she taken her next breath, thunder boomed as her windows blew open. Jareth sat on her windowsill with a devilish glow about him.

"WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?" She fell off the bed, struck by horror.

"Sarah... it does appear that you've wished yourself away to me."

"Well I didn't mean to! It slipped out somehow! I was only reading! Besides, everyone knows that you can't wish YOURSELF away!" Tears streamed down her face as she backed up against the wall, praying that Toby would come wandering into the room before Jareth had the chance to take her once again to his mystical world.

"I expected much better from you. You're a refined young lady, Ms. Williams. Shouldn't you treat your house guests with respect?" He grinned as he crossed his legs and played with the boots that stretched up to his thighs. He wondered what dress size she wore and which color to tell Hoggle to order... for a queen should always look her best.

"You were not invited. I already beat your labyrinth. What more do you want, Jareth? I've been through enough for one day. It's not fair! Can't you just leave me alone?"

"Sarah, Sarah, Sarah... life isn't always fair, now is it? If you cooperate, I'll let you chose between the black and the red lace I've picked out for tonight..." His eyes grew as she stumbled, overwhelmed with panic.


"Oh, but I can..." and with a snap of his fingers, they were gone.