Prologue:Three days after the final victory for the mew mews, a spacecraft approached the desolated planet that the inhabitants of that shuttle called home. The surface looked barren, covered in decades of ice and fogged by the planet's fumes. Kish, Pai, and Taruto's ship descended into a scarcely noticeable crevice.

"Home," said Taruto with an amazing lack of enthusiasm.

Kisshu's words dripped with mock cheerfulness. "Just as desolated as before."

"That's about to change." Pai maneuvered the craft on to the landing space.

"Do you suppose everyone will take it well?" Kisshu looked toward the emotionless Pai for any sign of what he was thinking.

"Those old bags-of-bones are gonna have to take it well!" shouted Taruto in defiance. "We may not have earth, but we got the mew aqua! We can make this place even better than that earth! So those old farts better not give us any grief about this!"

"Don't speak of the elders like that." Pai cautioned.

"I must agree with you Pai," A figure teleported into the center of the ship, his face grave and even more emotionless than Pai's. "That is a most unwanted thing to call your elders, Taruto-kun."

"Y-Yakimo-sensei!" Taruto stuttered in surprise, a blush creeping into his features. "How is the colony?"

The elder turned towards him, his robe making a quiet whisper on the shuttle's floor. "They are doing as best as can be considered in our current situation, Taruto-kun. Which brings me to a very important question." He turned his intense gray eyes onto Pai. "We were out of contact for some time, you must understand that we're very eager to know of how your mission went."

Kish tossed his head nonchalantly. "I'm sure the information we have will be a little different than what you're expecting, Yakimo-sensei."

The pale senior turned to look at him, "Oh? Then perhaps we'd better assemble the elders right away." He turned back to Pai. "We will be expecting you in 5 minuets." With another stern glance toward Taruto and Kish he teleported away.

"Why the heck do they always recognize you as the leader, Pai?" Kish asked, feigning a pout.

"Because he's the one that doesn't fall for the enemy." Taruto snickered.

A flash of annoyance crossed Kisshu's eyes, but his smirk grew wider, "Oh? And you haven't either, Tar-Tar?"

"Don't call me that!" he screamed.

Pai turned toward them, "We'd better go. It wouldn't be wise of us to make them wait."

There were actually five elders in all, though when the trio arrived the room held at least seventy people.

The first elder was Hanro, the oldest of the entire colony. He looked about the age of 60, though he was hundreds of years older than this. His eyes were an intense emerald while his hair had long ago turned the snowy white it now was. Yakimo had taken his place behind the old being where he could be at Hanro's beck and call.

The second, Geberot, was a pompous fool who seemed to only inherit his current position due to family relations, though he was a good tactician. His hair was beginning to whither away, and could barely hold the black sheen it once contained, his shifty yellow eyes never content with what he saw. His son, Yakuro, was very much the same in hair and eye, but otherwise unnaturally quite the opposite of his father. While Geberot was fat his son was quite wiry, with muscles as proof of the hard work he did. His father's eyes were wide and glazed, while Yakuro's angular ones showed full awareness to his surroundings and a shrewd way of observing. Where his father was a coward Yakuro fought, and where his father sneered the boy usually appraised. The only downside to Yakuro was his stubborn attitude and fiery temper. Despite this, many looked forward to the day that he would take over his fathers place. This made the son and father very unfriendly towards one another, and Geberot took it upon himself to point out every wrong he could find in his only child.

The third leader was named Levern, Pai's oldest brother, he didn't have much of a say in the circle because of his "young" age. He wouldn't have been within the group of elders, but Pai and Levern's father, Enuch, had died in one of the blizzards a few years back and it was Pai's older brother's duty to take his father's place.

Kisshu walked to his place behind the fourth leader, Issus, who also happened to be his grandfather. Kish took much after him were it not for his pigtails and golden eyes, while Issus had a loose ponytail holding his dusty green hair back and away from his purple irises.

Taruto went behind the fifth member of elders. She was very young and had the same colored brown hair as Taruto's own, which is quite natural since she was his mother. While the well being of the people was the main concern for the elders, Yakima, as she was called, was in closest relations to the people, and acted more as a spokesman than any others in the group.

After they had all taken their places, Hanro stood and bayed all to sit. He spoke in a firm voice not likely heard in one his age. "Our people welcome you home with gladness Pai-kun, Kisshu-kun and Taruto-kun. It is normally done in our ways that we would hold council alone and you'd have time to rest. In all truth, however, we are all clearly eager to here of your victory over the earth-beings." All eyes naturally turned toward at least one of the heroes-from-war, Kish and Taruto trying to keep from looking into their people's eyes.

Pai stood gazing ahead at Hanro, his unemotional mask unwavering. "Our news that we carry, Hanro-sensei, is not one that you expect."

Geberot started wheezing piggish chortles, "You've lost? What nerve you have to return to our home in such a way. Have the earth-beings made you forget your place of honor?"

Pai gave a piercing glare towards the second elder, who let his laughing drift into an uncomfortable silence. "It is true that we did not defeat the humans and take their planet as our own, Geberot-sensei." He looked back to Hanro. "Even when Deep Blue-sama appeared we were without hope of defeating them. But the beings have given us a precious gift." At this he took out the mew aqua and held it before his people, who had gone silent and stared at the sparkling amount of liquid. "On earth, they called this substance mew aqua, it has the ability to heal and create new life. Though it doesn't seem like enough, even a drop alone can redeem half of this planet to the lush form it once had."

The trio's audience gasped in amazement, there hope had been rekindled. Since Geberot couldn't handle looking towards Pai any longer, he focused his glare towards Kisshu and Taruto. "What kind of lies are you trying to shove down our throats? You find that you cannot defeat the earthlings so you make up this story on how a bottle of some sparkling substance is going to save us? Where's your proof?" Despite the natural opposite in the father and son, Yakuro's face showed the same amount of skepticism as his father's, and a tinge of anger began to sparkle in the young man's eyes.

Kisshu fixed a fanged smile on his face, making it appear he was giving a pleasant threat. "Geberot-sensei, surely you know us better than this to make such petty accusations towards us. We couldn't defeat the mew mew's and reclaim earth, so we brought you the next best thing, a way to re-create that planet."

"Ah, yes, the Mew Mew's." said Hanro quietly. "So the mere number of 5 earthlings was enough to withstand our three best soldiers? Are humans that powerful?"

"And as I recall from one of your transitions, you said the five earthlings were females, were they not?" Geberot sneered.

Yakima leveled a steady gaze at the second elder. "Would you care to expand, Geberot, as to why the fact that they aren't males would make so much of a difference?"

"The Mews were designed to fight off and counter our attacks, Hanro-sensei." Taruto piped in, shooting a nasty glare towards Geberot. "They're also the ones who harvested and willingly gave us the mew aqua after the battles."

"Then how would we know that the enemy didn't trick your befuddled minds after the battle and that liquid won't obliterate us all?" Geberot countered, carefully avoiding Yakima's gaze and instead glaring at her son.

"Hanro-sensei." Pai interrupted. "I would like to propose a test, if any of our people have any doubts."

"I agree to my brothers proposal." Levern asserted quietly. "I see no reason why our own would lie to us. We trusted them with our lives when they went to reclaim earth for us, why should we doubt them now?"

"I agree with Levern, Hanro-sensei." Yakima put her hand lightly on her son's head. "There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to trust my son."

"I also agree to this." Issus said firmly.

"Very well, Pai-kun. The elders have spoken and wish you to give a test of this rare substance you have." Said Hanro.

"Thank-you for granting this to us, Hanro-sensei. If someone could bring in one of the plants from the vegetation facility, we will show proof of the mew aqua's capabilities."

While Yakimo left to retrieve a plant, the whole room went abuzz with murmurs. Some appeared to side with Geberot and were sharing and confining their doubts with one another. Most faces were alight with hope of the new beginning, and many were trying to converse with Pai on this.

Taruto moved over to Kisshu, "What if they don't like it? What if we really did fail our people?"

Kisshu glanced down, his eyes serious (for once). "We didn't fail anyone, and they'll get proof soon enough of our loyalty. If they don't like it, then they can't possibly have the best in mind for the colony."

The grumbles and quiet conversing ceased as Yakimo came back into the room carrying a dead fruit tree. Taruto quietly made his way back to his mother. Yakimo set the pot in the middle of the table and turned to Pai, "Pai-kun, you claim this substance heals and re-creates things. I hope this isn't too overdone as to what you were hoping."

Pai glanced at his brother for permission and strode towards the pot. "Thank-you, Yakimo-san. This will be perfect for the example." He carefully removed the crystal stopper and tipped the bottle forward. No one in the audience spoke; even Geberot seemed to be holding his breath. A single drop of sparkling liquid fell from the bottle and Pai quickly replaced the stopper. The drop landed on the lowest leaf and then fell into the soil.

The people waited for a moment, two moments, five.

Just as Geberot was about to begin his outburst the plant began to shimmer and glow. The room was filled with gasps and sighs as a feeling of happiness, not felt for a long time by these people, flew and filled every space within the room. The plant, for those who were able to see it happen, began to grow anew and with vigor.

The crumbling leaves softened back to a rubbery green, the trunk shot higher than it had in life, creating many more leaves, the decaying fruit fell away as buds appeared and rapidly became yellow blossoms, then they too fell away as large, ripe fruit took it's place. The tree grew beyond the need of the pot and shattered it, then began to work its way in and over the table, making the elders scatter. Everyone watched in awe as the tree slowly came to a stop, just barely touching the top of the cavern-like room. The roots dug deeply into the rock, and finally also stopped moving. Gradually the light faded away, but the feeling it left behind was tangible.

Hanro picked himself up with Yakimo's help and made his way gingerly toward the tree. He reached for one of the lower fruits, which seemed to shimmer. It was a lovely shade of blue with a peach shape. Hanro brought it to his face, and before anyone could stop him, took a bite of the fruit. The room was still, everyone intent on nothing but watching the elder's face as to what he thought. He stared at the fruit a few seconds more, then turned to Pai. "Forgive us for having placed any form of doubt on you, Pai-kun, Kisshu-kun, Taruto-kun. You have brought hope back to this desolate planet, and for that, no one will be able to thank you enough." He turned to the other elders, "Have our scientists look into this substance and see how we may best use it, I want none more of it wasted."

The elders began to file out of the room, each one attempting to discreetly take a piece of the fruit to try it themselves. The crowd that had been held back as if by some spell now surged on the trio, offering thanks and congratulations in loud voices, while at the same time grabbing for some of the fruit.

Only one elder lingered, with eyes of frustration focused on the heroes. And when he left, only one person didn't feel the calming effects of the mew aqua, and instead stared angrily at the group from the shadows. Yakuro watched the pudgy figure of his father disappear from view. A coward, he thought bitterly, and three failures, he glanced back at Pai, Kisshu and Taruto. They claimed that Blue-sama could not help them, their wrong! They failed Blue-sama, and in doing so Blue-sama could not win. And when they lost, they ran away and then had the nerve to grovel at the enemies feet still for help! The earth was ours! It is ours! Yakuro turned away from the crowd, motioning two other more sulking friends to follow. And I will win earth back for us!

"Yakuro, what will the elders say to what we're doing? What if they label us traitors for this?!" Tyrais exclaimed, her carefully cropped short hair seemed to frizz the more she became antagonized.

Yakuro looked at her in a way that seemed to demean her. She was slightly shorter than him, her violet eyes complimenting her raven blue hair. She carried herself proudly, wearing a black tank and mini skirt, with high boots to match. The lack of respect she gave him tended to make his temper rise, which it was doing now.

"The humans aren't the true inhabitants of earth, we are!" he began to argue. "We had to leave centuries ago and wait in agony for the time when we could return, and look at what happened while we were away! Some other, inferior species arises and takes over the planet, and starts to destroy it all over again! We're more powerful then them, no matter what that failure Pai-kun thinks! We can go, wipe out the race, and come back heroes!" He turned over to a boy at his left. "You agree with me, right, Lentro-san?"

The pale boy looked toward Yakuro, his hair being almost the color of Kisshu's, only more vibrant. His orange eyes half-closed, looking more tired than he ever was. "You know I agree with you, Yakuro. Those humans are going to get tenfold from us what the last group gave 'em. But cut the –san stuff, will you? I'm barely older than you, and being taller means nothing."

Yakuro turned to the other boy, "And you, Xakiteu?"

Xakiteu had sandy blonde hair that was currently swaying with him shaking his head, "I can't believe you're worried about his, Tyrais." He turned to look at the girl, who still stubbornly held a pouting position. "Those earth-scum would probably wipe us out if they got the chance, we're just hitting them before they can. Once we conquer the race, our people will have two planets!" The boy's red eyes penetrated into hers.

Lentro turned and regarded her as well, "If your main concern is the elders blowing up at us, we don't have to worry." He regarded Yakuro for a moment, "You did take precautions for this, correct?"

Yakuro's yellow eyes blazed at the sensed challenge. "Of course I did!" He looked down. "My father says he'll help us in anyway he can, and that includes keeping the elders off our backs."

Xakiteu raised his eyebrows. "Geberot? You trust your cowardly father with this?"

Yakuro tensed. "He's the only one that seems to agree with what we're doing."

Tyrais sighed loudly, causing the attention of the boys to focus back on her. "Fine, so long as I'm not going to get my family in trouble for this, let's do it."

Lentro smirked. "I take it we're 'borrowing' the 'heroes' ship?"

"It is the only one that would make it to earth." Xakiteu mused.

"Lentro, you and Xakiteu work on breaking into the ship's system and get it running, me and Tyrais will meet you guys there in 30 minuets, we'll make sure everything else is prepared." Yakuro looked down towards the lights where the festival was being held. Next time we'll be the heroes. There's no way we'll lose.

End Prologue.