Unusually Unusual

Chapter One: A Defining Moment

In life, everyone has their defining moments. Points in time that change your life forever and when you know nothing will ever go back to being the same as it was before. Lakin Montgomery's defining moment happened early on in life and she knew once it had happened that everyone would look at her differently, think of her differently, treat her differently. And she wasn't wrong by any means.

The bright North Carolina sun was shining down through the trees as a thirteen year old girl bounced through the woods next to her parents' home, seeming to emit her own ray of sunshine via her golden blonde hair. Her hazel eyes sparkled with joy as she saw her best friend running toward her.

"Lakin!" he yelled. "Want to come see me wrestle Matt on the trampoline?"

"Don't you ever think of anything else, Jeffrey?" she asked him then laughed when he shook his head. "I guess I can. I don't see why you're so into this. It's just a bunch of big sweaty guys jumping around in a ring."

"But it's so much more than that, Lakey. It's an art. It takes time and takes a lot of thinking."

"Then are you sure it's the right thing for you to be doing?"

"Haha…very funny. Come on," he said before taking her hand in his and heading just through the trees to his own house. When they arrived, Lakin and Jeff saw Matt sitting on the trampoline, waiting for them.

"Hi Matt!" Lakin greeted him as he waved back.

"You'll be cheering for me, right?" he asked as Jeff jumped onto the trampoline.

"I don't know. Who did I cheer for yesterday?"

"I'm pretty sure you cheered for Matt," Jeff told her.

"No, she didn't. She cheered for you," Matt argued.

"I'll just cheer for BOTH of you. How's that?" she asked, hoping to settle the dispute between the Hardy brothers and it seemed as though she had.

As Matt and Jeff began to discuss what was to be done in their "wrestling match", Lakin looked around her. Birds were chirping. She could hear the bullfrogs by the pond off in the distance and her hair was gently blowing in the summer breeze. She glanced back up at the Hardy brothers who had locked up in the center of the trampoline, but she couldn't help but notice the limb on the tree that hung right above the makeshift ring. It seemed like it was about ready to fall at any moment and smash the trampoline below it but Jeff and Matt had assured her many times before that that would not happen.

This time was different, though. Lakin had a really uneasy feeling about it all. She began to feel light-headed and dizzy. She closed her eyes, hoping the feeling would pass, but she was wrong. It only got worse.

Her eyes were still shut but she saw Matt and Jeff clear as day, as if she had her eyes wide open.

Matt had Jeff in a sleeper hold and Jeff was trying to fight out of it. He managed to do so and wound up behind Matt before giving him a German suplex. The branch above them was crackling but the boys took no mind to it. She could see what was left of the base of the limb begin to split in two. She yelled to Jeff and Matt but they were too wrapped up in wrestling to think that she was doing anything else but cheering them on. Before she knew it, the branch had broken and plummeted down through the trampoline and her best friend and his brother.

She quickly opened her eyes to see Jeff in Matt's sleeper hold, struggling to get away before finally getting out of it and turning behind him preparing to do a German suplex. Lakin looked up and saw the branch begin to break, going unnoticed by the Hardy boys.

She got up from her spot on the ground and bolted to the brothers, grabbing an arm of both Matt's and Jeff's.

"What are you doing, Lakey?" Jeff asked her confused. "We're in the middle of a match."

"Come on. You have to hurry," she said, tears beginning to stream down her face as the limb above them continued to crack. "Please."

Matt and Jeff immediately jumped down off of the trampoline, worried about what was wrong with Lakin. No sooner had their feet touched the ground did the branch that had been hanging loosely for the better part of two years, come crashing down on their trampoline where they had just been.

"Holy shit," Matt said, looking back at the broken makeshift ring in shock.

Jeff just turned to Lakin. "How did you know?"

"I saw it before it even happened," she cried before pulling Jeff into a hug, relieved that he and Matt were safe.

Later that day, after Matt, Jeff and Lakin had cleaned up the disaster that was the Hardys' trampoline, Jeff pulled Lakin aside and took her into the woods. They held hands as they made it to their destination. Jeff climbed up on the large rock that sat next to the pond before helping Lakin up. This was their spot that they would come to whenever one or the other needed to talk. Whoever wasn't talking was listening and then they would offer as good of advice as a thirteen year old could offer.

"So what happened today?" Jeff asked as soon as both of them were seated.

She stared at the pond below them, dipping her toes in the cool water. "It was like I was seeing the future, Jeffrey. One minute I was there, watching you and Matt. Then the next thing I know I'm there, but like five minutes ahead. In this vision, I saw the branch fall on you and Matt but as soon as it did, I snapped out of it. I looked up and the same stuff was happening that I saw. I couldn't let that happen."

Jeff didn't answer. He was in shock that he had come so close to death and probably both he and Matt would be dead if it hadn't been for Lakin. He looked over at her and noticed her far off stare. He could tell that she was really freaked out about all of this. He leaned over and pulled her into a hug. That day had changed his life drastically. It was his own defining moment. From that point on he looked at life in a different light and he knew that Lakin would too. He just hoped that he never saw the fear that was in his best friend's eyes ever again.

Present Day

Lakin sat out at her and Jeff's place by the pond, thinking about the day that her life had changed. She remembered how the next day, all of Cameron knew about how Lakin had saved Jeff and Matt's lives and the vision she had had before it. At first it seemed as though everyone was amazed at the thought that she could see things before it happened. That was until she began seeing things that had happened in the past. She would walk into and old home and be overcome with the dizziness and light-headed feeling she had felt that day and then her mind would take her back to a time when the states were divided in the Civil War. She would see soldiers dying on the steps, pleading for help.

She would be so into the vision that she wouldn't even realize that she was screaming bloody murder. She would open her eyes to see looks of puzzlement staring at her and soon the word got around town that she was nothing more than a freak. Everyone believed it, even her own parents. Well, everyone but the Hardys. They took her in and stuck with her through everything.

Lakin sighed and laid back on the rock before closing her eyes. What she wouldn't give to have Jeff here with her then. She knew that he was finally living his dream of being a professional wrestler but she couldn't deny that she wished that he was home more. But it seemed as her prayers had been answered. As she lay there, with her eyes closed, the all too familiar feeling came over her and she could see Jeff pulling into his driveway that was still just a walk away from her house. He got out of the car and walked over to her house but when he knocked there was no answer. He immediately knew where she was.

A few minutes later, she heard footsteps across the gravel around her and she smiled, not even bothering to open her eyes. "Hey, Jeffrey."

"Hey, Lakey. You see me coming?" It never ceased to amaze Jeff how well Lakin controlled her gift. Sure, for awhile she tried to resist, but after a long heart to heart in this exact spot, Jeff convinced her that she should just be her and not someone else. He didn't want for her to always be denying something as rare as what she had, but rather to use it to her advantage. He always accepted her for her. So what if she had premonitions or psychic powers or whatever you want to call them. That just made her even more interesting and special to Jeff.

"Yeah.," she smiled even bigger before opening her beautiful hazel eyes to look up at Jeff. "How was your week?"

"Shouldn't you know?"

"How many times do I have to tell you, Jeffrey, that I don't want to do that or else we'd have nothing to talk about when you come home?"

"You'll have to tell me every time I do come home," he laughed as he laid down beside her. "It was kind of rough week. I had another ladder match against Carlito for my Intercontinental Title. Those always take a toll on me."

"Sorry, I didn't watch."

"In order to watch, you'd have to own a television, Lakey."

"I know," she replied before staring off into the afternoon sky. "I've been having these really strange dreams lately, Jeffrey," she said out of the blue.

"What about?"

"A man."

"Really? What's he look like?"

"I don't know. I see him perfectly when I'm sleeping, but once I wake up, I don't remember anything about him. All I know is that I always feel like I've seen him before. It's really strange."

"What happens in the dreams?"

"I'm sitting in a hotel room and I'm waiting for something or someone and all of a sudden he barges in asking if I've seen Randy. I don't even know a Randy."

"I do," Jeff said, dismally. "Unfortunately, I work with one."

"But why would people you work with be in my dreams?"

"I don't know, Lakey. Maybe it means you're supposed to come on the road with me."

Lakin rolled her eyes. Jeff had been onto her for the past few months now about coming on the road with him and getting her away from the ridicule that she puts up with in Cameron. "I'm fine, Jeffrey, I really am. Plus, I wouldn't want your friends to think any less of you once they see that you're with some sort of freak."

"If they thought any less of me because I have a friend who has an extraordinary gift then they aren't my friends and I'd get rid of them in a heartbeat. You're my one true friend, Lakey. You always have been and you always will be."

So this is a new story idea that I'm toying with. I got this idea probably about a month and a half ago when I was driving back to school from my house and we went over a bridge and I was just thinking…what if that bridge were to collapse but I could somehow see it before hand so we wouldn't go over it…yeah, really positive, I know.

Anyway, it's obviously nothing like I've ever written before so I REALLY need your guys' input so pretty pretty please…REVIEW!!


P.S.: Yes, I'm putting aside my dislike for Matt Hardy for the sake of this story…who knows maybe I'll come to love him and make him a main character in one of my stories…nah.