Me: Okay, time to have some fun!

Jacob: Um, okay. What ya have in mind? Chris: Ah! Run away!

Me: Well, I'm ganna ask you two some questions and you'll answer them. Sound okay?

Jacob: Sure. Chris: No! No! And no!

Me: How long can you hold your breath?

Jacob: a wile. Chris: Ah! I'm drowning!

Me: What happens when you have too many sodas?

Jacob: Um, I belch really loud. Chris: Ah! A leprechaun with a metal pipe! (He's hallucinating).

Me: Wow, usually I just see sleeping blue birds flying upside down around my head. Oh, hello blue birds! Why are you dressed like pilots?

Jacob: LOL! Chris: Stay away evil leprechaun! (Grabs a chair and hits his leg). Owe!

Me: Well, any way, next question. What do you think about cats?

Jacob: They're annoying.

Random cat: Meow!

Jacob: Shut up! Chris: I am not a mutt!

Me: Don't yell at QB! (Hits Chris). And don't tell him to shut up! I'd hit you too but I've learned from watching Bella's mistake!

Jacob: (Grinning). Chris: I hate you.

Me: I know, next question. What effect do shinny things have on you?

Jacob: None, why? Chris: Shinny, shinny pretty, pretty-

Jacob: Shouldn't you stop him or-

Me: Shinny, shinny pretty, pretty-

Jacob: Um, okay. I'm out of here.

(Me: I was very bored. Hope you liked the randomness!).