Kisses and Splashes
By: Koorino Megumi

A collection of short drabbles, variations on what may have happened after Tidus' return at the end of X-2. Dedicated to Ari Powwel and Chevira Lowe.

Drabble 1: A Kiss

He had been back for 24 hours already, and still the most important thing hadn't happened yet.

It wasn't usually Yuna's way, but she had been dreaming of this for so long...

"Tidus?" she asked to get his attention.

He turned to her with a smile that quickly faded. "Is something wrong?"

"Not for long," she mumbled, gathering her courage.

She leaned forward and kissed him, pressing her lips against his and keeping them there. He must have been surprised, but after a few seconds, she felt his arms come around her in an embrace. They didn't separate until both were out of breath.

"I think I like the new you," Tidus commented.

Yuna blushed. "It's your turn next time."

He winked. "That's a deal."