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Chapter 1
"Out by sixteen or dead on the scene but always together" two young girls said together as they put their hands together and stirred the blood mix.

"There now you will change as well and we will be together forever." said the older girl.

"Yes. And we're making our own pack. We are going to be the leaders," the younger girl smiled happy knowing that she will forever be with her sister… suddenly everything changes and the young girl saw her parents being killed by a red-colored wolf the wolf looked at her and went to her..

"Out by sixteen or dead on the scene but always together. That was the promise we made…I'll be back for you, sister" it said to her as it left her…
Yuki awoke with tears in her eyes. She remembered clearly who her sister was. It was her nightmare ever since she was little and she knew her sister that her sister was looking for her.

"Wake up Yuki, we should get going." Yori said

"Um…yeah, you go ahead. I'll see you in class." Yuki said with a smile. Yori nodded and left
When Yuki was sure she was out, she took out a box from under her bed and opened it. She took out a needle and what seem like purple colored liquid. She then took a band and tied it around her arm to tighten her muscles as she injected the purple liquid into her arm. She then took a toothbrush and put it in between her teeth to keep herself from screaming as the pain took her body over…

"Miss Cross, you're late. What do you have to say for yourself?" The teacher asked

"Sorry, I overslept." Yuki said took her seat, down next to Yori.

"Very well but you have to stay after school today. " he said.

"Oh…" Yuki answered.
The day ended without much to talk about. Still she had her duties to manage. The night class was passing by as always until Yuki heard a yell. Then a girl come into the night class saying that she was bleeding. There was blood all over her shoulder as the night class looked at her hungrily...