"I don't know what got in me." yuki said as she looked at the door…

Luz looked at Yuki with a sad smile. "come on go get dress and we can head to the mall. Ok just us grils and keep our minds off this, ok everything going to be ok." slowly Yuki let Luz pick her up and take her to the bathroom Yuki changed in no time and they were off to the mall quitly, around 12 they both sat at the food court eating Yuki was a little better and they just talk about school. Yuki had a new wardorve and was eating her hamburger. Latly her mood have been crazy one minutes she was find and calm the next she was pissed and yelling at anyone who cross her even a little just yesterday she had given Zero a black eye for taking her phone. No one know what was going on with her and she would not spek to many her and Luz would stay in the background as much as possible.

"Yuki I love the new clothers you got but they don't really seem you. I mean they seem to be a little too tight or small."

"lets just leave it ok I pick what I want not you now lets go we still have a few place to go before we leave." Yuki snaped at her.

Most of the mouth went on like that. With Yuki temper becoming less and less tamped It seem that only Luz could snap Yuki out of her small angner moments until one day when all hell brok lose.

It was a wesday morrowing and Yuki and Luz had take the medic they both were runing late and so Yuki made Luz go on with out her as she got dress.. That when she saw one of the offits she had gotten she had not warn one outfit since she got them so she put on the long dark blue silk looking skurt it huged all of her cuves that she had grown thought out the year, she then put on a bellybottion shut and a long blue necless, she then put black flipflups on and stared to walk out of class. She had her head held high, as she pass other studens they all looked at her like they had never seen her before a few of the guys cat wisred at her as she walked by them and she just smirked. She open the door to her class room and walked in everyone went quti when they saw her

"Cross-san where is your unifome?" he asked

"didn't feel like waring it." she said as she walked thouse Luz.

"well you may be the headmaster daughter but that dose not mean you can do as you wish. That dose not mean that you can go and break rules." he yelled at her and Yuki rolled her eyes.

"quit down old man, you get payed to teach not to act like you're my father." she said as she sat down,

"I don't think you should be talking Cross-san you are the most far behind in this class. So if I was you I would pay attaion or you well have to re-take this class and my even be held back." this got Yuki pissed. If only he know, then she smiled again.

"Hey old mad do you have the final pirnt out?" she asked this shooked her tacher and nodded

"yes I do, why?"

"I'll make you a deal. You give me the final now and I get it done in ten minutes and then if I pass with no mistake then I well be able to skip the rest of the day along with Luz and have a A for the rest of the yaer there are only 4 weeks of school left so it well be no big deal." he was beyond shook even the studens

"and if you don't pass."

"I well but just to humer you if I fail of don't have it done in 10 mintues then you can hold me back as much as you want and I well even take extar class after school." Yuki said as the teacher nodded

"Find Maybe now you well learn some respit after you fail." he put the the fanl in fround of Yuki

"You may star….." he looked at the clock

"Now." Yuki took her pen and stared her final

"I lie to you the same way that I always do. This is the last smiled I well fake for you…. " Yuki stared to sing to her favorite songs as she did her test. And in no time she was done she had it to him and he looked at her with a stund look then then look out his red pen realy make her test as a fail. But it never came. When he was done he looked at Yuki in a new light.

"you have everything right…. You even got the fulmal that was never fully finsh, you finshied it. No one could ever do it before." Yuki smirked

"Not so hard I use to do look them up as a kid and I fighter them out with…" Yuki stopped and looked down

"with who?" he asked her when he saw a sad look in her eyes.

"with my pet dog. Now as promish me and luz pass with an A and we can leave now. Come on luz" Yuki said as she stood up and they both left leaving a everyone in surpised.

Once they were out Yuki laughted and turn to Luz whom saw her eyes full of tears.

"I just messed up didn't I" it wasn't a question and luz hugged her friend. Trying to make her feel slitly better.

After school.

Yuki was doing her normal prefits dutiys as she always did. Everything was going find that when she heard it.

"damit Luz you just a loser!" a boy yelled as he pushed her to the grown. Yuki eyes turn red and she went over to them they were not to far always.

"Hey! YOU!" she yelled at him as he turn and smiled

"hey Yuki baby! You look HOT!" he said as he looked her over and Yuki punched him. She punched him so hard that he fell back to the middle of the night and day class.

"what the Hell! You bitch!" he yelled at her as the day class mad a path for her as she walked to him she stood there Luz was behind her.

"say your sorry right now." Yuki said as she nodded to Luz.

"Ya right she and you are a freak! Good I can see why you they killed your family." Yuki freoz. "aw Yuki am hurt you don't even rember little old me. We use to be class mate at school when we were in preschool. You and your sister the two most smartst girls in japan, then one tracked night you mother and father were killed the killer was never found and the two girls were never found you were blelive to be dead. Brigitte but here you are stading in front of me like nothing had happen back then. I looked back on my preschool aboum and saw pictior of you and your sister sitting together you both were as much of a freaks as Luz. I bet you were the one that killed them or was it your sister? With your IQ I can see how you would make it look like a murder. Why I don't know but there were rumors that they were going to take you and your sister always from each other. I would put my money on that. I wonder were your sister is though, but if you look like this would love to see her….." before he could say anything else yuki took him by his ear.

"I said to tell her your sorry to Luz now." Yuki said as she lift him

"Let go!" he yelled and then he shcremed as Yuki put him on his knees.

"come on now you want to talk a minute ago so talk tell her your sorry now!" she pulled harder on his ear

"Yuki let him go please your going to hurt him."Luz said worried for both but mostly for Yuki she know Yuki would bet herself up for this later.. A few of the night class try to take Yuki other hand but she just thought them off with a shak of her arm. She then looked back at him he staring to cry. Suddenly her fighters were getting wet with something on his ear and she saw it was blood. She let go of him and saw as the blood went down her hands she then looked at him

"go to the nurs the rest of you just go to class and drom room now!" she yelled all of the day kids stared to run now know what Yuki was caple of and none of them wanted to know what was going on with her or the young man. The only one left were the night class.

"I said go to class. There nothing to see here." yuki told them

"aw but there is still a lot to see Brigitte."

"that right I might shouldn't you at less greet old friends that just came to see You B." two voice said as yuki looked around

"whos there?" she telled as she saw two fighter up in a tree.

"we are the messagers of your sister and our leader. Shes been wating for you a little too long don't you think B. I think its time to come home or at less the new home your sister made just for the both of you." the first vosit said smiling

"ya and you could even bring your firned Luz was it. She is one of us as well." both of the fighter seem to be half human and half wofe and yuki just stood there.

"its time to come to sister. Brigitte Fitzgerald"