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I decided to write this story in a more poetic format, similar to my other story, Down Reputation Goes, because I likened it so much. And of course, this is dedicated to the tragic yet amazing episode Same As It Never Was. Hope you enjoy and please review!

Who Are You?

Who are you?

I stared

Trying to breathe

To control my wildly beating heart.

Have you come back to haunt us?

To curse us?

For giving up hope?

For giving up on you?

I shook my head to clear it

I am being too irrational

Years are beginning to take their toll on me

So what are you then, ghost?

Some figment of my imagination?

Can't be

Since the others see you too.

But I embraced you

To make sure.

You are warm.

I heard your heart

Beating rhythmically in your chest.

I inhaled your scent

Of grease, metal and sweat.

You are very much real.

I breathed in relief.

You spoke.

I listened.

Not to words

But to sounds.

Sweet sounds I had forgotten.

Your voice

Brimming of determination

Alive with hope

They radiated their message to me.

It seemed strange that I understood

Through sound alone.

Could it be that you are a musician?

You claimed you're from another dimension

Another world

Clean of Shredder's rule

Where Splinter and Casey are still alive

We were still young

Innocent and unmarred by time

When everything was still fine.

So you're a time traveler?

Later that night

You decided to make pizza

Arguing that after a day like this

Pizza is the way to go.

I snorted.

Maybe you're Michelangelo in disguise

The one from thirty years ago.

Before, all I ate were bland.



But the pizza you made was scrumptious

I relished in the warm, crisp crust

The gooey cheese

The ravishing pepperoni.

Mikey gobbled everything

Like it's his last meal.

Leo is slower

Savoring each bite carefully.

April's face is alight with pure delight

And I can remember how pretty she used to be.

All the while, you smiled

Happy that we are together again.

You must be a chef sent from above.

Afterwards, you begin fixing the Karai bot

Working your magic

Like a magician.

I watched.

You begin talking again.

This time, I listened to the words.

You asked for colours.

The pale-smoke goggles.

The forest green screwdriver.

The muddy brown gloves.

You used a weld and revealed

Another red other than blood

More comforting

And not so frightening.

You pointed out wires

Decorated of blue, red, white and black.

Then to the stars and moon

Of lily-white and silver-dust.

You made a wish on a shooting star.

I scoffed.

All my wishes were crushed

Long ago.

You stared, agape.

You reminded of memories and innocence

Of laughter and happy families.

You clasped a hand to my shoulder

Begging to not forget

And disregard.

Hope can be powerful

Even more than the unstoppable Shredder

Only if remembered.

I obeyed the requests of my artist.

My savior.

Tonight, you have made see

More colours than in thirty years.

And see hope for what it is:

A weapon that none can take away.

My lost brother Donatello ...

Are you him?

You resembled my brother

And yet you don't.

You smile like him.

Think like him.

Sleep like him.

Laugh like him too.

You could break up any argument

And unite us after it.

Instinctively, I rubbed your head

After your long, long, long explanation of astrology.

Old habits die hard anyways.

You pouted

Trying to escape from quick hands

Seeking the others for help.

And I would laugh again.

We would laugh again.

But you aren't my brother

No matter how hard

I tried to believe.

None of the names

I had given

Seem to fit.

You are all of those

And none of them.

I wanted to thank you, stranger

But I don't know your name.

Who are you?