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"Initiating docking procedures," DECA said suddenly.

"What?" Karone asked confused. She'd been staring at the communications panel so hard that DECA's voice had actually made her jump. "Who's docking with us?" she asked, already hurrying to the Computer Systems Consul.

"The Astro Megazord Shuttle."

Karone stopped where she was, looking up at the nearest camera, "What?"

"The Astro Megazord Shuttle is presently docking with the Megaship."

Karone shook her head, trying to figure out exactly what was malfunctioning. "DECA, what is the Astro Megazord Shuttle?" she asked looking at a monitor that was indeed displaying a small shuttle docking with the Megaship.

"The Astro Megazord Shuttle is designed to combine with the Astro Megaship to form the Astro Megazord. Docking procedures complete. Now pressurizing Shuttle Bay 1," DECA added.

Karone considered this for only a second before running off the Bridge and making her way to the Shuttle Bay.

The door opened before she could reach it. "Who are you?" she asked, immediately pointing her Astro Blaster at the four strangers standing there.

Ashley followed her teammates off of the shuttle. "Where are we?" she asked looking around the huge, empty room. She noticed Alpha stumble behind her and gave him a hand getting off the shuttle.

"Your guess is as good as mine," TJ muttered. "Come on. Let's see if there's anyone on this ship."

They stuck close together as they headed towards the door. Ashley noticed the distinct lack of a door knob and wondered how it opened. She didn't have to wait long for her answer. As soon as TJ got close, it slid upwards, revealing a long corridor. And a girl.

Ashley's eyes widened and she fell back a step at the sight of the weapon. "Who are you?" the girl asked.

The four of them exchanged glances, but it was TJ that spoke, "Is this your ship?"

The girl narrowed her eyes, "I said, 'who are you?'"

"We're Power Rangers," TJ said reluctantly after a moment's hesitation. The girl's expression didn't waver. "Or at least we were. We didn't mean to come here, we were pulled in..." TJ trailed off.

Ashley took the opportunity to get a good look at the girl. She was about their age, shoulder length blonde hair, and she wore what looked like a uniform. Gray pants and a jacket with several insignias on it, and a bright yellow shirt underneath.

"Karone," a male voice came from somewhere. The girl raised her left hand and Ashley noticed she was wearing a black device on her wrist. Something inside her screamed morpher. "I need you on the bridge."

The girl looked at them, apparently debating what to do. She cursed as the ship shook, throwing them against the wall. She took off down the corridor as soon as she regained her balance. "Wait," Ashley called after her. It took them longer to untangle themselves and regain their balance.

"Andros," Karone said as soon as the bridge doors slid open. "We-" another jolt of the ship cut her off. "What's going on?"

"We're under attack."

Karone rolled her eyes. "I can see that," she told him hurrying to the weapons consul. "By who?"

"I don't know. DECA, full power to the Astro Thrusters."

"Astro Thrusters are disabled."

Karone fired a shot at the enemy ship with no apparent effects, "I'll go."

"No, I need you here," Andros told her. He felt completely useless, navigating with the engines down, but he knew it was enough to keep the ship from crashing into the planet below.

"Andros!" Karone called as the ship jolted from another hit.

He was about to tell her to go when he suddenly felt the thrusters power up. "Thrusters are back online," DECA told them.

"What? But how?" he wondered out loud, pulling back on the controls as far as they would go. He knew that a few more seconds and they wouldn't have been able to escape the planet's gravitational pull. He looked down at the small monitor next to him, seeing four people, apparently just having fixed the engines. "Who are they?" he asked looking at Karone.

He didn't have time to wonder as another laser struck the ship. "DECA, get us out of here. Hyperrush 9," he said as soon as he managed to position the ship to where he knew they could make the jump. Andros stared at the screen intently for a few moments, watching the simulated star field, "DECA, are they following us?"

"Negative. The enemy ship is unable to match our speed."

Andros sighed in relief. Then he turned to Karone. "Who are those people?"

"That's what I was trying to tell you," she said, already on her way to the Megalift. "I have no idea. Their shuttle just suddenly docked with the Megaship."

"What? That shouldn't be possible," Andros said, following her.

"DECA called it the Astro Megazord Shuttle. They claim to be rangers."

As soon as the doors to the Megalift opened, the two rangers, Andros still morphed, hurried to the Engine Room. "Who are you?" Andros asked as soon as he spotted the intruders.

The four teens exchanged looks. Andros took a closer look at them. Their clothes were torn and dirty and their faces didn't look much better. None of them appeared to be seriously injured, but he was sure they had their share of scrapes and bruises. They looked like they had been in a serious battle, and lost. They had a robot with them. He vaguely recognized it as an Alpha model from Eltar. He also looked like he'd seen better days.

"We're Power Rangers, from Earth," the man in red told him. "At least we were, until Divatox destroyed our Power Chamber."

"Divatox," Andros said remembering the vileness barging back on the Cimmarian Planet. It certainly supported their story, "She thinks she destroyed you. What are you doing here?"

"We took a shuttle to go find Zordon. We were on our way to Eltar when we got pulled into this ship."

"Ships power reserves at twenty percent. Unable to maintain Hyperrush velocity," DECA said suddenly.

"All right," Andros said, apparently accepting their explanation. "DECA, drop out of Hyperrush."

"Come on," Karone told the Earth Rangers, following him to the Megalift.

The ride up seemed to take forever. Although Ashley guessed it was much faster than any elevator she had ever been in even though she could barely feel it moving.

As soon as the doors opened, the Red Ranger and the girl in yellow got to work. "DECA, damage assessment," the Red Ranger told the air.

"Long range scanners are disabled, Mega accelerators damaged, aft lasers disabled, Megadecks 5 and 6 on auxiliary power."

Ashley half listened to the computer as she stepped into the massive room. "Wow," she heard Cassie say barely loud enough for her to hear.

"Where's the nearest planet we can set down on?" the girl in yellow asked.

"There is an uninhabited planet with a breathable atmosphere within range of our engines," the computer told her.

"Set a course. I want to get there as fast as we can. Before whoever that was finds us again," the Red Ranger said.

"Estimated time to arrival: 27 minutes."

"Aljas, blastes forias," Alpha said suddenly. He was doing something with the black box he had retrieved from the ruins of the Command Center.

"What's wrong with him?" the girl in yellow asked.

"We think his speech circuits were damaged in the explosion," Carlos told her.

"I can fix it," the Red Ranger said. "Power Down!" he called, and in a flash of red light, his suit disappeared revealing a man about as old as them with striped hair. He wore the same uniform as the girl, except with a red shirt. "I'm called Andros. This is my sister, Karone."

"Well hey, I'm Cassie. It's really nice to meet you."

"And I'm Ashley," Ashley said quickly stepping forward, smiling at Andros. She felt herself blush slightly as Andros smiled back. A small smile, but it was unmistakable.


"TJ," TJ stepped forward and extended his hand.

Andros looked mildly surprised, but Karone clasped his hand. Andros did the same a moment later, "You said you were headed for Eltar?"

"Yeah, to find out what happened to Zordon," TJ told him.

"Zordon's been captured. Dark Specter's draining his powers to make himself stronger," Andros explained.

"But if Dark Specter drains all of Zordon's powers then..." Cassie trailed off.

"Then we're all history," TJ finished.

"Zordon's strong," Andros assured them. "It'll take some time to drain his powers. Which gives us some time."

"Andros," Karone said, "what exactly happened on the Cimmarian planet?"

Andros shook his head. "I went there to find out what was going on," he said for the benefit of the four of them. "They discovered who I was before I could learn much. But I think Dark Specter named a successor."

"Whoever was firing at us," Karone guessed.

Andros nodded.

"Abusthasas menign," Alpha told them, holding up the box.

"I think we should get him fixed," Andros said walking over to the robot. "I have tools in the cargo bay."