Okay, so this was originally part of Crazy on You, but I don't even know where it was supposed to go, so I'm letting it be a very, very short one shot. Enjoy :-D



I hate you today.

I hate how your eyes are all full of intelligence and wisdom.

I hate how I've always found your eyes to be your most attractive feature.

I hate how your shoulders are all broad and strong, dwarfing my own skinny ones.

I hate how we fit perfectly together because of your shoulders.

I hate how you stand tall, without letting burdens or worries sag your back.

I hate how the way you stand makes it so much easier to hold you.

I hate how your smile is crooked, like an overgrown child's.

I hate how your smile melts me.

I hate how you taste so sweet, like candy or chocolate or caramel.

I hate how you taste sweeter than all those things combined.

I hate how you think you can use my full name.

I hate how I let you because, to be honest, no one else makes it sound the way you do.

I hate that every time you walk away you rip my heart in two.

I hate that every night I lie awake wondering where you are.

I hate that when you say no, something inside me twists.

I hate that at this point, whatever it is is so twisted I don't think it will ever be right.

I hate that you complete me.

I hate that I'm sitting here writing about everything I hate about you.

I hate that I could probably fill two rolls of parchment with the things I hate about you.

I hate that none of it will ever be true.

I hate that I'll never send this to you because I really would hate myself if you read this.

I hate you, but really, I love you, and I always will.