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This story is a crossover between Stargate SG1/Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica 2003.

Prologue: The Fifth Race V2

The end of the ORI war marked the start of a new age for Earth: the Age of Development. Finally free of a war that was taxing its resources their eyes were set on the inside. By the start of the year 2009, the decision was made to give the IOA, under a new directorship, the means to implement the lessons learned in the galaxy: the IOA's new authority, derived from its incorporation into the ONU, decided Earth's Intergalactic Policy.

By Mid 2009, the development of the delta site, a new off world base replacing the beta site, would start with a transfer of activity from the SGC to the Delta site because while the Cheyenne Mountain Complex allowed a completely secret program, it did not allocate any expansion of its activities. As a matter of fact, the study of technologies brought from the off worlds missions carried by the SGC during its tenure was previously a domain reserved to Area 51 in the state of Nevada but after numerous breaches in security and infiltration by the Trust it was decided that a new facility for the SGC: Earth would be necessary. The new facility was soon ready, not on the planet but on a large space station installed on the Moon and equipped with all the new technologies discovered off world: transport between Earth and the Moon was assured by Asgard Beam and liberal use of shielding technology allowed the facility to have a living area capable of housing a hundred thousand scientists, diplomats and military personnel, additionally to a complete work facility 5 times as big as Area 51. The transfer of competence was approved and as soon as the SGC's Lunar Base was completed, the new programs began: the diplomacy negotiations and research projects were handled by the SGC: Earth and the SGC: Delta Site handled all the explorations and combat missions. Thanks to an increase in its funds, the SGC: Delta Site was able to train and maintain in activity a contingent of 200 SG Teams.

Free of the tracking by the ORI of the Asgard Database onboard the Odyssey, a duplicate was transferred on the moon base as to start it's study and the re engineering of technologies it contained notably the blueprints for the Asgard O'Neill mother ships and its replication technology.

The partial release of knowledge acquired during the tenure of the SGC was decided as a jumpstart for the Planet's technologic evolution. By the end of 2009, artificial gravity, Naquada reactors and revolutionary mathematics theories started a new industrial revolution. The Naquada reactors replaced progressively the old plutonium nuclear reactors plants permitting the refit of the energy grid as to accept more power, and the drop of energy prices in the world. The artificial gravity and its counterpart artificial Antigravity were spreading in a multitude of directions, from transport to habitations (the first habitable HUB began construction in 2009 and was finished in 2010 with accommodations for thousands (Earth's first floating city was born). And finally the mathematical theories bred true in the discovery of the fabled cold fusion reactors in 2010, which pronounced the death sentence of fossil energy.

In 2011, the Stargate Program, in part, was revealed to the General Public. The aftershocks of this revelation forced the new IOA to curtain the advantages obtained by the Stargate program to Democratic Governments and Allies. A new Satellite defense grid was installed in orbit around the planet for both defenses from without and within. Sensors were installed which detected the use or creation of new technology and the satellites were used to control the spread of the technology. Several terrorist groups were discovered and automatically eradicated like this by their unauthorized use of technology. Little by little, with much protestation from the foreign governments, a treaty was put in place to allow the use of new technology in exchange of the adoption of democratic governments and the cessation of hostilities on the planet.

By the end of 2015, Earth was one of the major powers of the Milky Way Galaxy alongside the Jaffa Nation, their allies.

This development was the final stone as an interplanetary development, by the colonization of 2 planets rich in essential mineral deposits for Earth. Ship yards were created in orbit around the new colonies where the industrial process for the construction of Earth's first space Fleet.

Thanks to the study of the Asgard and Ancients databases, Hybrids ships were designed using the combined technology (see vessels description at the end of the chapter); Earth was finally able to show the galaxy why they were the Fifth Race.

Earth's Fleet first challenge came from an unlikely front, the Pegasus Galaxy: Michael, the Wraith/Human hybrid unleashed the hybridization Virus which converted humans and wraith alike into hybrids under Michael's control. Thanks to the database recovered from Michael's laboratory in 2008 by the Atlantis Expedition, the clone of Doctor Becket was released from cryogenic chamber and administered the serum which kept him alive. Thanks to his knowledge in genetics he was able to successfully create an antivirus which disabled the human hybridization process in the virus but leaving the wraith part intact. Free from the threat of this Virus, the human population of the Pegasus Galaxy was left almost untouched contrary to the Wraith who fell to this Virus or at Michael's Hands. By the End of 2011, the entire Wraith population was replaced by Hybrids under Michael's control. Due to the loses endured by the wraith military during the hybridization his final attack was launched at the end of 2012 on Atlantis: 100 Wraith Cruisers and 50 Hive ships, the entire Wraith Fleet under one command, Michael's. His goals were simple, capture Atlantis and its technology, and use it to dominate with his Hybrids the Pegasus Galaxy.

Unfortunately for his Goals, he did not count on an armed response from Earth. He was met, not by 1 or 2 ships and the Atlantis City like he encountered previously but by the First Fleet composed of 21 ships: 10 Odyssey Class Battle cruisers, 5 Prometheus Class Battle Cruisers, 5 Beliskeners Class Asgard Mother ship and finally the first and only Earth made O'Neill Class Asgard Mother ship.

With Atlantis powered by Naquada Cold fusion Generators, the City was able to power its shields and assist the Fleet by deploying its contingent of drones. With the Drones concentrating their Fire on the Hive Ships, the 1 Fleet under the command of General Jack O'Neill attacked the Wraith Cruisers. While they were able to defeat them, even with 7:1 odds, the Fleet took heavy damages and lost 18 ships including the O'Neill Class Asgard ship.

The Battle of Pegasus was the final battle for the Wraith and their Hybrids descendants and marked the end for this engineered Race.

2016 was marked with the creation of the Terran Federation, a federal government instituted by Earth and its colonies. The federation was ruled by a Federal President elected by the citizens. In an amalgam of the models of the federal government of the USA and the European Union each nation or colony of earth conserved its internal policy and inter-economy, but the galactic representation and global policy is assured by the Terran Federation.

The federation's Army was instituted and at the same time took precedence over the national armies of earth which were disbanded and incorporated. Due to the complete change of strategic necessities compared to the old army of earth, instead of an army, navy and air force the division was between the Space Navy and the Space Troopers.

In 2020 the Atlantis City was brought back from the Pegasus galaxy after a suitable replacement in orbital defenses and army troops became available and installed in its place.

The City became the new Capital of the Federal Government on Earth and like its name sake was situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This decision was made so as to not favor any earth country and make homage to the Ancients, racial ancestors of Humans everywhere in the galaxies.

By the year 2030, the Terran Federation spanned 15 worlds between its 4 colony worlds, the old Allied Worlds (Langara, Cimmeria, Edora, Galar, Hebridan, Latona, Madrona, Orban, Tegalus, Tagrea, Etc) and the liberated worlds from the Aschen Confederation. These Worlds were a part of the Aschen confederation until their war against the federation in 2020: after years of searching, the Aschen were able to discover the Stargate address for Earth and send ships to conquer the planet. Their surprise was complete for instead of discovering a planet inferior technologically to them they found an enemy ready to meet them head on. This war marked the renewal of the Terran Armies. The Terran Space Navy previously used evolutions of their first Daedalus class Battle Cruisers incorporating more and more Asgard and Ancient technology in their makeup. But the Terran Ships design had to evolve to enable a more powerful integration of the technologies. In the Year 2 of the Aschen war, the decision was made: an entire new line of ships needed to be created. This was the birth of the Hephaestus, first in the line of Dreadnoughts followed by the Heavy Carrier, Zeus and the Cruiser Artemis. But the real tide of the war turned when the most powerful ship ever created by the Terran Space Navy exited space dock, causing a rupture in the long file of Greek divinities named ships, (finally succumbing to the incessant nagging from the (retired) General Jack O'Neil) the Super Dreadnought Enterprise. Finally, after 8 years of war and a civil rebellion on their captured planets, the Aschen surrendered to the Terran Federation.

In 2050, the Nox, ending their isolation on their Home world, decided to renew contact with the Terran Federation. Thanks to their help in advanced healing technology, a gene therapy was developed for the population of the Terran Federation. This gene therapy was widespread and permitted the dissemination of the ancient gene and the elimination of the human gene defects which put an end to numerous illnesses and gifted humans with a longer lifespan. The therapy also jumpstarted the natural evolution of the human brain, with the help of the Alteran Gene, and allowed the Human members of the Terran Federation to evolve past their physical capabilities.

With the last pockets of Goa'ould found and banished, the Milky Way Galaxy is finally at peace in thousands of years.

But an old Memory brings back in its wake the whispers of troubles to come……

Description of Terran Federation Ships and technology Post Aschen War:

Composition of a Squadron:

4 cruisers

1 Heavy Carrier

2 Dreadnoughts

Composition of a Fleet:

2 Squadrons

1 Super Dreadnought

6 Cruisers


Cruisers: The cruisers are an inspiration from the early earth battle cruisers without their complement of Space Superiority Fighters. Its shape is that of a 200 meter long Plane with "Wings" on the back, like a T. It's primarily used as an escort or attack group of 4 ships.

-Powered by 2 Neutrino Ion generators.

-2 Alteran Drone launchers on their "wings" capable to launch swarms of Alteran drones

-Point defense lasers to protect their hangar bays.

-Hangar bay equipped with 10 standard Jumpers

-Their more powerful weapon: Antimatter Cruise missiles capable of destroying a planet by burrowing into the core before detonating.

Heavy Carrier: the Heavy Carrier is the space equivalent of the old Earth Aircraft Carrier. It is an Half Saucer Shaped Ship of a kilometer of diameter and with 200 meters high towers on its top. The ship has along its edge 50 launch tubes for Superiority Space Fighters and 3 Hangar bays capable of beaching a cruiser size ship.

-Capacity of 300 Superiority Space Fighters launched in waves of 50.

-Powered by 1 ZPM and 4 Neutrino Ion Generators as backup.

-Defense Shield tied directly with one of the ZPM, its defenses must be optimal as its attack capabilities are dependant in their Superiority Space Fighters.

-Point defense plasma cannons around the launch and hangar bays.

Dreadnought: this mother ship is the equivalent of the Asgard O'Neill class ship. Its role is to destroy capital size enemy ships. Its length is 500 meters by 150 meters with a height of 300 meters at its highest.

-Powered by 4 neutrino Ion generators and a ZPM especially for its hyper space engines. Thanks to that it's considered the fastest ship in the fleet.

-Heavy Laser weapon capable of dissecting a capital ship in half

-1 life Zone, heavily shielded area of the ship where the crew and their family's quarters are installed, in the shape of a city and with artificial sunlight.

-1 hangar bay equipped with 20 Jumpers

-Antimatter Missiles

-4 Alteran drones launchers

Super Dreadnought: veritable behemoths, these ships are the central pieces of any fleet deployed and are generally used as the Flagship of the Fleet's Admiral. Shaped in an H form of 2 dreadnought interconnected, these ship are 2 KM in length by 1 KM.

-Powered by an artificial singularity derived from the ORI ships, placed and controlled in the middle of the ship. It provides a limit less energy capacity for the ship and, if necessary, the other ships of the fleet.

-All the dreadnoughts capability of attack times 2.

-Enormous life zone capable to sustain 5 thousand people plus its crew of 2 000.


-ZPM: Zero Point Module, Ancient power source, cylindrical in shape and containing energy compatible with Ancient technology -- including the Stargates. A Z.P.M. derives its enormous power from vacuum energy, derived from a self-contained region of subspace time, and has a potential life of many millions of years.

Some Ancient technology requires Z.P.M.s, and the city of Atlantis relies on three of the units for its primary power generation. A Zero Point Module or equivalent power source is required for a Stargate to establish a wormhole to a gate in another galaxy. It is possible to construct a version of the device from Earth-based materials, as Jack O'Neill (under the influence of the Ancients' library of knowledge) once did to reach the Asgard when he needed their aid.

SG-1 first discovered the technology when O'Neill, again under the influence of the Ancients' knowledge, led them to the planet Proclarush to retrieve a Z.P.M. from Taonas, the Ancients' abandoned base there. They brought it back to Earth and found the Atlantis outpost in Antarctica, where the device powered the Ancient drone weapons that destroyed Anubis's attacking fleet. The module was later used to power the Stargate for the Atlantis expedition's long-distance journey to the Pegasus Galaxy.

-SATELLITE SYSTEM: It incorporates groupings of pyramidal drones equaling a massive defense system which could easily protect an entire planet. These advanced orbital satellites are capable of detecting incoming vessels while they are still thousands of light years away, and able to break through shields to destroy mother ships.

The satellites are powered by heavy liquid Naquada, an extremely rare and refined form of the mineral. Each device is equipped with at least two long-range sensors.

-Alteran Drone Weapon: Of Ancients origin these extremely lethal weapon, when activated, will automatically seek out a target to destroy. Not unlike a squid in its dormant appearance, drones are controlled by the mind of an operator in a central chamber, or aboard a Puddle Jumper. Multiple drones often operate in tandem with one another, and they are able to operate in space or in an atmosphere, and can easily penetrate the most advanced Goa'ould shield technology. Thousands of the weapons comprise the Ancient super-weapon discovered on Earth. Drone weapons are not to be controlled by the inexperienced or weak-minded. One inaccurate command and a drone will come to life, seeking out a target on its own. The technology can be installed in a multitude of Ancient technologies, from outposts to Puddle Jumper ships. En masse they are typically powered by Zero Point Modules, though single drones can apparently operate from smaller power sources.

-Gene Therapy: developed jointly with the Nox, this gene therapy rewrote a large part of the Human genome. Thanks to the study of the Ancients and Jaffa genome several ameliorations were introduced to give a better lifespan and the ATA gene of the ancients as well as advancing the level of development of the human brain. Several genetic illnesses were also corrected and purged from the human genome.