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She wanted the rain.

She wanted to tilt her head back and feel the drops as they cascaded down her face, replacing the tears she'd seemed to cry since her journey had begun. She wanted to shiver as the water ran gloriously down the back of her neck and beneath her shirt, because her shudders would no longer be borne of fear. She wanted to feel the hydration on her lips, as though it were a kiss from the heavens, welcoming her home. She wanted to feel the soaked grass and the muddied soil beneath her bare feet as it bound her, reminded her of her place in the world.

She wanted to see her reflection in the puddles before she jumped in them, sending ripples through them as she did everything else. She wanted the splashing of the water to complement her childlike, delighted cries as she skipped from place to place, laughing freely for the first time in ages.

She wanted one great, big thunderclap, a final explosion banishing the darkness to the ends of the earth. She wanted brilliant lightning to blind her, and all those who had suffered, so they could not see what had been damaged and what could not be repaired.

She wanted gusts of wind to expel the remaining sights and smells of the final battle at the tower. She wanted sharp breezes to blow away the lingering clouds of explosives, along with the residual smell of gunpowder, lead and loss.

She wanted a baptism—not one of fire, as she'd endured since being dropped in the O.Z.—but wanted to feel her sins, her past, her failures wash away with the torrents.

Oh, how she wanted the rain.

She kept close to the windows in the palace, keeping watch from dusk till dawn, scanning the horizon for any sign of the cleansing she wanted, that she needed, that her family and friends deserved.

The sound of the first drop hitting the pane settled an indescribable excitement in her stomach. Its brothers and sisters quickly followed suit, marching themselves down the glass as though part of a parade arranged in her honor. She closed her eyes and listened to the rapping of the beads as they sang to her, a familiar tune so soothing it reminded her of her mother's lullaby.

The thunder, the lightning and the wind rounded out the symphony, harmonizing with the rain in a way even the greatest composers could not orchestrate.

As she dashed from the castle, she thought back to a quote she'd heard in a movie once: God is in the rain.

This storm certainly proved it. As the downpour tumbled over her lithe frame, she felt God, Ozma, Allah, Yahweh, Ishvara and Vishnu surround and embrace her, warming her despite the cold of the drops themselves.

She stood with her arms outstretched, head tilted back, eyes closed. She wanted to be enveloped by the tempest, every inch of her body and soul purified.

She heard her mother cry out that she'd catch her death standing in her bedclothes, and that simply wouldn't do, as they had quite a busy schedule planned for the next morning.

She heard her father only laugh.

She heard Glitch wonder over and over when it had started raining, until Raw placed a hand on his shoulder in an effort to stop the misfiring synapses.

She heard Cain grumble about the lack of security in the courtyard, how she was too exposed like this, and how she had to be the one missing her marbles for standing out here and letting herself get soaked to the bone.

She heard the squishing of her sister's feet in the garden as Azkadellia came to stand beside her in the torrent.

She felt warm even before they joined hands.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she asked, her words mixing with rainwater in her mouth.

"The most beautiful thing I've ever seen," her sister confirmed.

The glorious rain lasted for almost thirty minutes. The sisters stood in the courtyard, happily welcoming and dancing among the long-awaited drops, until the final guest had bid them goodnight.

When it was over, she heaved a deep breath, inhaling the cleanliness. She felt it prickle her skin and her heart as it worked through her veins, as well as the O.Z..

She felt rejuvenated. She felt purified.

She'd never felt so alive.