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As Edward and I were looking for my mother, at the airport, I was suddenly in a huge bear hug. After I was finally released, Edward was then made the next vixtim and I had to admit it was pretty funny to see. It proved the great Edward Cullen can be surprised.

The car ride home was horrible. I felt like I was being interogated. She asked me all kinds of questions. Most were easy but I knew she was saving the harder ones for when I was alone. Which is why I planned on having Edward by my side 24/7.

Once we got to her house, Edward was the one being questioned. I would've felt worse if it weren't for the fact that some of the things she asked him I was curious to hear the answer.

"So Edward, where do you plan on going to college?" She said this in a kind tone.

"I am still weighing my options but I'm probably going to go to the University of Alaska with Bella." He answered.

"Where have you been accepted to?"

And the college questions continued for about 15 minutes.

Soon after that we all realized what time it was. We took a flight that would allow us to get here at night. My mother showed Edward his room and then led me to mine.

"Goodnight sweetie see you in the morning"

"Goodnight mom"

After I took my shower, brushed my teeth and hair, and changed into my pajamas I went back to my room where I saw the love of my life. I then ran to my bed so I could be held by him.

"I'm sorry you had to be interogated like that" I told him.

"It's ok love. While I was being questioned your mother had some interesting thoughts" A sly grin appearing on his face.

"Like what?' I asked and I had to watch my voice so I wouldn't wake up my mom.

"Well at first she had mixed feelings about finding out that we were going to go to the same college and then she thought that as long as you lived in a dorm she could accept that. But then, knowing you, she thought that we would probably live together. And did you notice how she kept looking at you funny?"

"Not really, why?"

He laughed. "At first she thought you came down here to tell her that you are pregnant, so she kept looking to see if she could tell." At this I had to laugh too.

"Then she thought what if we had gone to vegas and eloped and the came the thought of engagement"

"I can't believe that you kept a straight face, if that were me I would be in shock or laughing" I said as i was giggling.

"She is also watching us for any sign that we are married or engaged"

"Like what?"

"She is going to be watching you to see if you put a ring on an important finger" He now had a smile on his face. And I knew what he was thinking. He was probably thinking about how to get me to cave into the marriage thing.

"You should get some sleep now. I have a feeling you're going to need your strength tomorrow." He was laughing as he said this.

"Why?" I asked suspiciously.

"You never told me your mother was like Alice" was all he said.

"Oh no! She's planning a shopping trip isn't she?!" I practically screeched.

All he did was laugh some more, started playing with my hair, and hummed my lullaby. Which I can never stay awake when he hums that so I instantly fell asleep.

When I woke up Edward quickly pressed his lips to my forehead and told me he had to go back to his room before Renee cam to check on us.

I surprised my mom when she came into my room and found me wide awake.

"Oh," she gasped. "you're awake."

I laughed "Yes I've become a morning person." only a little lie because I wasn't one to sleep in until noon but I wasn't one to get up at the crack of dawn either.

"I was thinking about what we could today and I know you don't like to go shopping, but it's too cloudy outside to walk along the beach which is what I wanted to do but..."

I stopped her here because she had said the one thing I loved and the thing that would allow me to drag Edward with me which would make me much happier. "Shopping is fine mom. You can't be worse then Alice." I said with a grimace remembering all the shopping trips I had to endure whil playing barbie Bella.

"Do you want to ask Edward if he wants to come along?" I think she expected him to say no whic is why she asked this.

"Sure!" I pretty much jumped up and ran to his room. Without falling which is a major accomplishment for me.

"Do you want to go to the mall with us?" I asked giving him my best puppy dog face.

"I guess if it will make you happy." He said with a smile.

"Yes it will make me extremely happy!" Rushing over to him to give him a kiss. Then we both got lost in the kiss because the next thing I heard was Renee clearing her throat in the doorway.

When we got to the mall Edward saw a music store that he wanted to go in and Renee wanted to take me to buy clothes so she told Edward to go to the music store and said we would meet up at the food court in an hour for lunch. Which I didn't really like that plan because I would be alone with Renee for an hour. That meant an hour to not only torture me with clothes but with questions.

Surprisingly the hour went by fast. Renee didn't ask me that many questions and the ones she did ask were easy at that I was shocked. I was sure with the alone time she would have been asking me all kinds of difficult questions. She would've bought me the entire store if I would've let her but I limited how much she could buy me.

We met up with Edward who had obviously found a lot of cds he wanted or liked because he had two big bags from the store. As soon as I saw him I all but leapt into his arms.

"Hello to you too." He was shaking with laughter.

"I missed you." I said forgetting that my mother was behind me. She looked at me strange and sighed.

"We were only gone an hour." She said.

"It was a very long hour." I whispered for only Edward to hear. He, again, started shaking with laughter.

After the mall we went to the video rental store and decided we would each pick a movie to watch tonight. I picked Becoming Jane. I had seen previews for it and it looked good. My mother picked Across the Universe which she heard was good. Edward decided to be funny and picked Dracula, but of course my mother didn't get why Edward and I were laughing. The fact that he picked that, even as a joke, surprised me.

We watched the movies and after the last one Rnee and I were about ready to crash and Edward faked that he was tired. So we all said our goodnights and went up to our rooms. Like the previous night, after i got out of the bathroom, Edward was waiting for me on my bed. I climbed into his arms and lay there thinking how lucky I was. Also how much I loved him.

"I love you" he said. There were times when I swore he could read my mind.

"I love you too" I said as I turned so I was facing him and kissed him. That was all that needed to be said at that moment. He started to sing me to sleep.

Sadly the next day was sunny so Edward said he had to finish his term paper. Renee understood and asked me if I wanted to go to the beach.

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