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The Twisted Dream

Parte Uno

Tsuna yawned, wincing as he sat down on his bed after a traumatizing day at school. Reborn had once gain found a bizarre way to train him by rigging the schools track with enough explosives to make it a hazardous mine field.

Tsuna had just barely made it through the mine field before he was confronted by Hibari and ultimately 'bitten to death' with his tonfas for disturbing the peace of the school.

Now, the only reward Tsuna got for his efforts of surviving Reborns 'death field' was a truckload of bandages, a broken rib, and a black eye.

"Reborn really does want to kill me," Tsuna grumbled as he struggled to reach over towards his lamp. As soon as his hand brushed the lamps switch, a book fell off his desk, making a soft thump on the floor as it landed.

Tsuna blinked, trying his best to reach down to pick it up, but stopped when he read the name.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

He smiled. It had been a while since he had read that book; well, he hadn't read it. It was more of his mom doing it than him, but still…

Gently, with much effort, he picked it off the floor and placed it back on his desk. Tsuna frowned slightly. He didn't remember the book being in his room. Tsuna had thought that his mom had given it away by now.

"Ah well…" he said, going back to turning off his lamp. He'd give it to Lambo, I-Pin, or even Fuuta tomorrow. After all, he didn't need the book anymore. Tsuna knew it from front to back.

With a small yawn, he slowly closed his eyes and faded into dreamland. If only he had known his dreams would be completely and utterly deranged in every sense of the word, he probably would have forced himself to stay up all night.


Tsuna jumped, his eyes shooting open. If he wasn't so used to being abruptly awakened by all the chaos in his house, he was sure he would have had a heart attack. Instantly, his eyes went towards a boy who looked awfully familiar…minus the rabbit ears and the fluffy tail. He was running down the road with a shirt that seemed too big for his small body, the sleeves flopping two and fro with his floppy white rabbit ears.

"Uh…F-Fuuta?" he said, his eyes widening even more than he thought humanly possible. What was he doing with rabbit ears? Where those REAL?!

The boy stopped, turning his large doleful eyes towards him. He looked a bit confused, and slightly curious. "Hm? How do you know my name?"

Tsuna blinked. Uh…this was odd. No…now that he thought about it, what the heck was he doing under a tree near a dusty road? Wasn't he just lying in bed?

Fuuta raised an eyebrow, patiently waiting for an answer in exactly four seconds before he turned and began to run down the road again.

"W-Wait! What's going on?!" Tsuna yelled after him, but all he got for an answer back was, 'Sorry sir, but I'm late!'

"Fuuta!" he called, but the small little boy with oversized shirt, and the floppy white rabbit ears, was nowhere to be seen.

Tsuna had wished that Fuuta would randomly come back. However, he knew that boy wouldn't, especially since he seemed so adamant about getting to some meeting or whatever somewhere.

"Heeee! Where am I?!" Tsuna screamed, holding his head and shouting towards the sky. Wait a second…this whole situation was sickingly familiar…


Tsuna's screaming stopped and he tensed. There was only one person he knew with that creepy laugh. Slowly, he looked up in the tree. Smiling down at him was the very person he hoped he would not see…Mukuro.

"Hello there, little Vongola."

"M-M-Mukuro?! What are you doing here?!" Tsuna shouted, his eyes examining him fearfully. On top of Mukuro's head were two pink and purple striped cat ears. He even had a tail to match. What made things worse…was the fact that his grin seemed even more disturbing than usual.

"I don't know," he replied with an even larger grin. "Where is here?"

"Here is here!" Tsuna barked, his fear temporarily replaced by an ounce of annoyance. Was this one of Mukuro's sick jokes?

"But if here is here, and you are here, then isn't your question answered?"


Mukuro laughed, swinging so he was hanging upside down from a tree branch. "You never cease to amaze me with your ability to grasp the meaning of words."

Tsuna stood up; backing away from the tree his feline-like Mist Guardian had taken a liking to. It was never good to have the semi-sane Mist Guardian anywhere too close to him. He always made Tsuna uncomfortable with his constant grin, sultry voice, and well…creepiness. "Mukuro, you're behind this aren't you?"

The person in question shrugged. "Maybe. It gets rather lonely and dull where I live."

"So does that mean you had something to do with this?"

"Oya oya…who knows, little Vongola?"

Tsuna's patience was on a thread. "Is this an illusion of yours?" He looked around. Everything looked so real…but then again, wasn't that the point of illusions; to make things look real?

"What is an illusion? If an illusion is real to the person seeing it, doesn't that make it real?"

Tsuna held his head. "S-Stop that! Answer my question!"

Mukuro simply 'kufufued' and slowly began to disappear.

"Wait I still…oh never mind…" Tsuna said, sighing and shaking his head. Chaos in real life, and chaos in his dreams (or at least he prayed this was a dream). There was simply no safe place for him anymore. This was just a dose of too much insanity for him. Reborn blowing things up, Lambo randomly shooting rocket launchers in his house, and even Dino coming over with that demon turtle Enzio who had taken a strange enjoyment in destroying his bathtub and front door, seemed like heaven compared to what was going on now.

"Alice in Wonderland…" he said aloud. Yes, that's what this whole weird experience seemed like…but things were a bit different. He didn't have to read the book to know that something wasn't really right. Wasn't Alice supposed to chase the white rabbit down a rabbit hole or something?

"GAH!" Tsuna rubbed his head vigorously. He wasn't going to solve anything just standing here looking like a fool on the side of the road. Tsuna knew he was going to regret this later on, but he decided to take the first step to getting out of this situation; he walked forward.

To be continued! xD

Rofl, my head is crazy. I had watched the movie a few days ago and this idea just sorta smacked me in the face like a fish. Using Alice in Wonderland as reference to torture poor Tsuna just seemed like something Mukuro would do, lol.

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