As the sun poured in through the window that morning Scully gave a slight moan of dissatisfaction as she found the other side

It had been a rough couple of months for the agents, their marriage and their partnership had been put to the test a few times with a couple of cases, not to mention their beliefs. But in the end they came out triumphant and alive, even if a few lives were lost.

Scully listened intensively as Mulder described their latest case to her. Men who were drilling in Alaska for the Artic Ice Core Project (AICP) had started showing strange behavior and ended up giving off a strange video transmission, about how the people weren't who they were, followed by loose of contact. Mulder then explained how they had been trained to handle the isolation and that they would be given a three day window to travel to Alaska and explore into the bizarre phenomena.

An hour an a half later Mulder unlocked Scully's apartment door and walked in carrying a suitcase that was half full and headed straight to her bedroom. Once inside he found her rushing about packing warm clothes and other necessities. He smiled to himself as he placed his half packed suitcase on their bed and opened it, all that was in it was a few flannel shirts, socks and underwear.

"Jesus Mulder." Scully said when he came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck.

"Sorry, Scully. Didn't mean to scare you." He said kissing her lips when she turned in his embrace and pulled him close to her. When she pulled away and got back to packing he could hear her slight laughter. "What's so funny?" He asked.

"That's all you're packing?" She asked motioning to his half packed suitcase. "What about pants?"

"Well if I'm going to need to wear pants, why even go?" He joked, it was one of his classic innuendos. He had thrown plenty of them at her while they were dating and even now that they were married he refused to stop.

A soft white object flew from Scully's hand, across the room and landed over Mulder's face. When he pulled the object off of his face he found it was one of his old shirts from a few nights ago and it smelled strangely of Scully's perfume and shampoo.

"Are you sleeping with my clothes at night?" He asked accusingly.

"No." She said but her voice betrayed her.

"Uh-huh." He said getting up and approaching her.

"But if I was…" She said turning around, her hands carrying a few flannel shirts and undershirts. "…it's only because I'm not sleeping with you and it's the closes thing I have to you." She said innocently walking over to her suitcase and dropped the clothes in the case. "Now why is your suitcase empty?"

"Most of my clothes are here." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world and placed a soft peck on her check before continuing to pack.

A few hours later, after a long flight they arrived in the freezing cold city of Nome Alaska. As they arrived at Doolittle Airport they met with the other people with whom they would be staying with and investigating the case with. A male doctor, Dr. Hodge, a male Geologist, Mr. Murphy and a Female Toxicologist, Dr. DaSilva were the three people along with the pilot, Bear who would be with them while they were on their case, though investigating what they were still unsure.

Upon arriving at Icy Cape the small group met a gruesome scene, two body's lay dead on the floor. Both done in the same thing, a bullet wound to the head, most likely self inflicted. As Scully started taking pictures to document the scene, Mulder and the others searched about the area for anything that would give off a red flag that would hopefully point them in the right direction to start their investigation and hopefully understand what had gone wrong in the small cabin with the men that now lay dead.

All had been quiet and calm until screaming could be heard followed by barking. Everybody ran towards the commotion to find Mulder on the floor of a lit room, a dog was on the floor desperately trying to attack him, but failing as a tennis racket was between him and his target.

"Hold on." Bear called as he approached Mulder and pulled the dog off of him. This only allowed the dog an easier target, thus for turning him to bear. In an instant Mulder had a tarp and had covered the dogs head so he could no longer see and Dr. Hodge had injected the mutt with a serum that had rendered him unconscious.

"Are you ok?" Scully asked calmly as possible, her outer cool exterior never betraying the fact that on the inside her heart was pounding a million beats per second and she was begging to look him over to make sure he was indeed alright.

"Yeah, he didn't break the skin." He said not noticing the fact the fear was in her eyes. "Bear, you ok?"

"He got me." The man said looking over his wound as the blood poured out from his jacket sleeve. Hodge approached him with some iodine and offered to help, but only ended up giving the man the bottle instead leaving Bear with both his wound and the bottle.

"Is it rabies?" DaSilva asked as they began to examine the dog.

"I don't see any indications. If this is rabies it's certainly not a strain I'm familiar with." Hodge said looking over to Scully as she searched the dog's leg for any signs of illness.

"Look at this, black nodules. Swollen lymph nodes." Scully said lifting the leg to show the group a small bunch of black bumps under the dog's leg.

"Symptoms of the bubonic plague." DaSilva said looking up a bit worried.

"I'll do a blood test. We'll take it from there." Hodge said turning his back to leave.

"This dog has got a skin irritation on its neck." Scully said moving the hair out of the way to get a better look at the wound.

"Looks like it's been scratching off its own hair." Murphy said.

Suddenly from under the skin something moved as if passing through the skin from underneath and traveling through the body.

"Look at this. Look at this!" Scully said and soon everyone was hovering over the dog's neck desperately trying to get a look at what she wanted them to look at.

"What that hell was that?" Murphy asked both disgusted and intrigued at the same time.

Later on that day as Scully finished up her autopsies she had concluded that the men had killed each other, but only two of the men had killed themselves. It wasn't long 'til Hodge mad the knowledge known that the black nodules on the dog had disappeared, and though were not present on the dead bodies could have played some role in their death.

As Murphy explained to Mulder sheets of the ice cape and how the men had been drilling inside of a meteor, Scully was arguing with Hodge about how one of the men's blood contained the chemical ammonium hydroxide. Dr. DaSilva agreed with Hodge about how the body would evaporate and how there was no source of the chemical anywhere to be found, that is until Murphy opened his mouth. He explained how it was frozen in the ice samples and how the ammonia as higher then the water in the ice core as well.

He led them over to a small desk where a microscope sat quietly and explained about how the atmosphere could not produce such amount of ammonia a quarter of a million years ago unless a foreign object was introduced. That was when he allowed Mulder a peak at his prize, resting on the microscope was some organism that looked foreign in just about every sense of the term. Mulder had taken one look before quickly moving out of the way for his wife to take a peak, knowing full well she would know a lot more about the organism then he ever would, not to mention the fact that she was the one with the doctorate in the family….well the medical doctorate. God forbid they ever have children who ever want to follow in mommy's footsteps; he'll be left in the dark chasing after aliens alone.

"That same thing is in Richter's blood." Scully said, sending a pang of curiosity though everyone, including Mulder. "What if that single celled organism is the larval stage of a larger animal?" She asked making her way over to another microscope, Mulder behind her the whole way.

"That's kinda a leap, don't you think?" Hodge asked, looking up from the gift Murphy had to offer to the group to the space Scully now stood in looking into her microscope at the same organism that had infected Richter's body.

"The evidence is there." She said accusingly as if he refused to see the obvious.

"Maybe the organism in the ice core somehow got into the men." Murphy said looking into Scully's microscope wanting to see the proof for himself that both organisms were in fact the same.

"Come one, nothing can survive in sub-zero temperature for a quarter of a million years." DaSilva said skeptically, almost scared, as if she were trying to make herself believe it more than anybody else.

"Unless that's how it lives." Mulder said, getting a look from Scully that told him she was secretly pondering this theory.

"Look it, I don't see why are you squabbling over some bug?" Bear said interrupting their conversation, growing slightly paranoid with the fact that he may now hold the very same organism inside his body. "You said yourself Scully, your autopsy said those men killed each other. That's it. Now I say, 'let's just get the hell out of here'."

"I agree." Hodge said. "We can have the bodies sent to a facility where they can make a definitive diagnosis." Scully looked over to him, her mouth open ready to protest and object. "In the event something was missed, Agent Scully." He said looking over to her. Mulder looked over to Scully and tried to hold back a laugh, he had seen that look many times before that was the same look that had him in trouble on some nights when he forgot to come home to her apartment, really 'their apartment', for the weekend.

"If those bodies are infected with an unknown organism we can't take them back." Mulder said once he had regained his composure and he was sure Scully was going to keep her mouth shut. "We can't go back without proper quarantine procedures. We can't risk bringing back the next plague."

"Let's say your right; they came down with something…" Bear said his total demeanor had changed; he was starting to act a bit paranoid. "We haven't, and I ain't waiting around until we do." He said turning to leave.

"I think it's safe to go back, there's no reason why we'd be infected. We've taken all the necessary biologically safeguards." Hodge said wanting nothing more then to leave as well.

"The dog did bite bear." DaSilva said softly.

"It jumped Mulder too!" Bear said quickly and loudly turning on his heel and heading towards DaSilva furious.

"It didn't break the skin." Mulder said defending himself.

"Hold on!" Scully yelled intervening to defend her husband as she approached him to stop a fight before it even broke out. "There's only one way to proceed. A doctor eliminates every possibility. We must determine if any of us is infected."

Needless to say everyone was game for the tests required to se who was infected or not, that is everyone except Bear. He gave up quiet a fight, such a bad fight, that Mulder had to pull out his gun and even then Scully had to tackle him down to the floor when he hit Mulder in the back of the head with a glass jar. In the end the poor man turned out to be infecting with some form of the virus when they had him pushed up against the table they saw it swimming under his skin by his neck and ended up pulling a long parasitic worm from his neck, however, in so doing they also ended his life.

What they did learn from the organism though was that it rested in the hypothalamus gland, most likely because it's release of acetylcholine which produced the violent behavior in the host resulting in the murderous acts.

Later that day as Scully worked over a body in one of the back rooms that served as a morgue Mulder entered quietly and looked lovingly down to the woman who he had come to admire even more in the past few hours. With this new organism on the loose nobody was trustworthy, only her, and nobody was worth talking to, honestly talking to, except for her. Even outside these walls that's what he had loved her for, but even now as he looked at her zipping up on of the bodies he began to understand why he loved her and why he married her.

"I'm just uh…Double checking. Making sure I didn't miss anything." She shyly stumbled over her words and he knew she was tired, she only did that when she was tired or embarrassed and she had nothing to be embarrassed about while working. Not unless she was thinking about the time they made love in the morgue, but he doubted that, her eyes gave away the truth…his wife was tired and he wanted nothing more than to hold her close and carry her off to bed and hold her as she slept, but he couldn't.

"Just some sleep right?" He asked softly speaking what was on his mind, she giggled softly as if to push it aside.

"Sleep. I'm so tired I can't sleep." She spoke, but her eyes begged to continue, not without him, she wanted to crawl into a nice warm bed and just leave all this behind and forget it all. But she dare not speak one wrong word and the FBI finds out, the walls echoed and the people outside of them could not be trusted.

"We'll we're all wired and hypersensitive." Mulder said looking her up and down, trying desperately not to kiss her, it had been days since he had last done so, but felt like years. "It will be good to get a fresh start in the morning."

"Mulder I don't want to waste a second trying to find a way to kill this thing." She said turning to leave the room. She knew what he said was true, but when she woke up tomorrow morning she wanted it to be in his warm embrace, in her warm bed back in D.C. to the non snowy, sunny day outside, birds singing and kids outside playing at the park.

"I don't know if we should kill it." He said, causing her to turn around and face him, is he serious? Her dream automatically changes. She's alone in that bed it's cold out and a blizzard has kicked in; there are no birds and the bed is made of rock and grass, the sun is nowhere to be found the kids are all dying of the virus Mulder doesn't want to be destroyed, but still she doesn't blame him. Still she wears her wedding ring now for all to see instead of keeping locked away in her jewelry box with his. "This area of the ice sheet is formed over a meteor crater. The worm lives in ammonia. It survives in sub-zero temperature." She looks to him pissed off and curiously as h starts to state the obvious. "Theorists in alternative life design believe in ammonia-supported life systems on planets with freezing temperatures."

"No." She stated calmly, stopping him mid sentence as she once again attempted to leave the room.

"The meteor that crashed here a quarter of a million years ago may have carried that type of life to earth." He explained, his voice growing a bit higher, trying to get his point across from her.

The one main problem in their marriage and soon to be their long partnership….they are both stubborn and thickheaded, him so more than her, but still they are. Scully's mother saw that the second she they had their first fight, it's what made them fall in love with each other from the start, but when it came to an argument to world was going to end before the other backed down, especially when one had a point to make. Though they had little fights in their relationship, when they did have them it was best to beware, it was just too bad the people outside of the makeshift morgue didn't know that.

"Mulder that pilot developed surface symptoms within a few minutes." She said walking towards him so she was in his face and didn't have to yell as much, however, her voice was still subconsciously raised an octave or two higher than need be. "Within a few hours, that parasite had total control. What would happen if this got into the population?" The image of those sick children from her ruined dream flashed before her eyes again. They were at the park, all yelling and screaming, only not like normal children do they were attacking each other trying to kill each other and nobody around tried to stop them. "A city the size of New York could be infected within a few days." The mental image of a little girl dead in her lap and some gut feeling that the red haired girl was her and Mulder's daughter. She quickly feared her emotion was coming out in her voice and looked up to him and she him she was fine, but serious about killing this virus before her nightmare became a reality.

"Exactly! But what do we know about it? This organism might be lying dormant in another crater." He said sensing something was wrong with her, but not knowing what it suddenly bothered him. Something was deeply bothering his wife and he didn't know what it was; he highly doubted it had to do with their case at hand. Did he forget her birthday?

"Mulder if we don't kill it now we run the risk of becoming Richter and Campbell with guns to our heads." She said and he saw as if a slight weight was lifted from her shoulders and suddenly it was lifted from his. She was scared of the fact they would end up either killing each other or themselves. He wanted to pull her into an embrace and tell her all would be fine that it wouldn't happen, but he knew she would just pull away and tell him it wouldn't happen if the organism was destroyed.

"If we do kill it now, we may never no how to stop it or anything like it in the future." He said speaking the truth, he wanted her to know the was a reason, a good reason for keeping this thing alive.

"Future! Mulder how can you talk about the Future!" Scully asked loudly, furious with her husband now.

"Easy, you're my future." He muttered. "And with this thing on the loose in other craters we risk the possibility of it spreading and infecting others and there not being a future!" He started yelling back near the end.

"This thing needs to be destroyed Mulder in order for me feel safe, for the world to be safe it needs to be destroyed! Think of your children." He looked down to her oddly; his eyes wide as his gaze traveled down her body to her flat stomach. "No! Not now, but in the future, this parasite is a biological hazard." She said restraining a laugh from the look that crossed his face as he thought she was carrying his child. "These men gave a big sacrifice, not just for the evidence, but also for themselves." She said exiting the room.

"Look, how do you know it can't be contained?" He said his anger back once positive he wasn't arguing with a pregnant woman.

"It can! By extermination. We should take those bodies, worms and all and incinerate them." She said her voice growing even more. The argument now had a new category who could yell the loudest without anybody noticing.

"Something going on we should know about?" Hodge asked entering the small joining room through a pink door, DaSilva and Murphy hot on his trail. "Agent Scully you alright?"

"Yes I'm fine. It's nothing." She said her tone had calmed and her mood was much more relaxed, Mulder silently thanked god for their entrance. So much for cuddling with wifey tonight, he joked to himself.

"You seem a little stressed out." Hodge said looking over to her curious as to her reaction.

"What the hell are you trying to say?" She asked aggressively walking up to him as Mulder walked up beside he rand tried to calm her down.

"Let's all just settle down." H said placing his hand in front of her, a soft gesture that he wasn't going to let this guy pick on her. "It's been a hard day. We're all tired and scared; let's not turn on one another."

"At least not without a good reason." Hodge said looking down to Scully defensively.

"Maybe we should all get some sleep." Mulder offered, though knew it would be useless when the only person he could trust would be far away from him.

"You kidding? You think any of us could sleep right now?" Hodge asked looking over to DaSilva then back to Mulder. "Guys let's face it we gotta check for spots and any person or persons who has them should be confined. Are we agreed on that?" Hodge asked, Scully slightly nodded her head.

"Are you going to do the exams?" DaSilva asked Hodge softly almost fearfully.

"No." Scully spat out. "We do them in front of each other. No secrets." She said locking eyes with Hodge and keeping her anger locked with him, never once backing down, he just locked eyes with her as if he wasn't showing any fear, but Mulder could tell the man was scared of what she could do to him. Mulder was also glad that his wife's anger was pointed else where for the time being.

Needless to say the examinations were clean, nothing showed up on anybody and it appeared that everybody was clean and safe from the virus. From the looks of it they would be leaving as soon as there would be another open window and a plane could get in to get them, which they all hoped was soon.

"Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite." Hodge called as they all made their way into the rooms for the night.

"Good night Mulder." Scully said softly looking at the small empty hall that was only big enough for one person to get by at a time. She desperately wanted to crawl next to him and sleep until spring, but knew that getting caught in the same bedroom could raise the wrong questions and Bureau might find out.

"Good night Scully." He said softly looking over to her knowing she needed comforting and feeling bad for being able to provide it for her.

"At least everyone's okay." She said looking over to him trying to leave herself with a reassuring thought.

"Don't forget. The spots on the dog went away." He said not wanting to scare her or leave her with nightmares, but merely to warn her and have her beware those around her. They both went into their rooms for the night in hopes of getting sleep, but both knew that wasn't going to happen, especially with the other in another room across the hall.

As soon as Scully got into her room she looked around and came to the conclusion that the man's room whom she was now using had either previously had a birthday or was about to have one. That and he and Mulder had the same taste in entertainment, which didn't bother her, the posters around the walls made her feel as if she wasn't alone or going to freeze to death. She looked over an old photo before paranoia set in and she moved the desk in front of the door so nobody could get in. She knew the chances of Mulder trying to sneak in were slim especially after everything that had happened, but part of her wished he would. She wanted him to come bursting through the door, telling her he was wrong, to destroy the organism so they could all go home and be over with it, but as she sat on the floor reality hit her, this wasn't going to happen because this wasn't how her Mulder really was.

As Mulder watched Scully's door closed he silently blew her a kiss goodnight and closed his own door. He looked around his new makeshift room curiously and then to the bed, this was going to be rough. He found sleeping in any bed difficult without his wife by his side, that's why at his apartment he found no reason for his bedroom and slept on his couch. He gave off a generous yawn before locking the door and taking off his shirt and getting ready for bed, making sure to leave his gun on the nightstand as to make sure for an easy reach. It wasn't easy getting to sleep, without his wife's gentle breathing to soothe him to sleep if never was, not to mention the nightmares that awaited him once his eyes were closed from the night his sister was abducted. He suffered from sleep insomnia on some nights, but Scully somehow got rid of it, perhaps it was her presence that relaxed him. Whatever it was about her, it almost had him walking across the room and knocking on her door just to crawl into bed with her…almost.

As Mulder finally found sleep a nightmare hit him, however this one was different than all the others. He had been walking down the street from the Bureau after work and was heading to the park, the sun had been shinning and he could hear the kids playing not too far off when Scully's voice echoed in his head. 'What would happen if this got into the population? A city the size of New York could be infected within a few days.' The sun disappeared as did the laughter and a dark ominous feeling lurked over him as he approached the park.

There before his eyes blood covered the slides, swings, sand box and other equipment and bodies lay lifeless on the floor. His heart sunk to the floor as he saw his wife on her knees not too far off in the distance cradling something in her arms. He prayed to God it wasn't what he thought it was, and he rarely prayed. As he approached his wife he spotted red haired pig tails and Scully's face, tears pouring from her eyes.

"Scully?" He begged, but already the tears were falling from his eyes as well he knew, and she knew.

"She's dead Mulder. She's dead." She cried hugging the girl close to cry on her dead form and kiss the cold cheek. "Our daughters dead."

"How?" Mulder asked unable to believe it.

"They found traces of the organism in the children, Sammy had it too." She said flipping her daughter over to show a bloodied wound on the back of their daughters neck. Mulder looked at the wound shocked and in disbelief.

"WOW!" Mulder yelled sitting up in bed and still in shock from his nightmare. He searched around frantically in the dark for the light switch and once bathing the dark room in a soft shade of white he reached for his gun holster to make sure his gun was still there.

Between replaying his dream, regaining his composure and trying to think back to what Scully had said about future children he heard a loud crash from somewhere outside his door and felt the need to check up on it. He quickly changed, grabbed his gun and left his room, checking his Scully's room to make sure everything was ok with her, but when he found it closed he assumed all was well. However, when he passed by Murphy's bedroom he not only found the door open, but also the man was gun and his radio was left abandoned on the bed.

As he entered the main hall where they kept most of their work Mulder had heard dripping by the freezer and walked over to see a red substance leaking out and onto the floor and as he opened the door to see what was causing it, a large and heavy object fell on him and threw him to the floor. As he looked to his side he soon found that his objects was none other than Murphy himself, however, he was no longer alive and just as he was getting up to get a better look at the poor man the lights were being flicked on by the switch at the far end of the room. A voice he loved to hear, but didn't want to hear right now spoke.

"Mulder what are you doing?" Scully asked wiping sleep from her eyes, shock was now on her face as she witnessed her husband on the floor leaning over a dead man. Hodge and DaSilva were not that far off behind her.

"Murphy is dead." He stated the obvious, unsure of any other way to respond.

"You killed him." Hodge accused shocked at the scene before him.

"I found him like this." Mulder said standing to his feet, defending himself. "I heard one of the doors close. I came out to check it out. It was one of you." He explained looking back and forth between Hodge and DaSilva, knowing full well his wife would never kill anyone without reason, and even then she would have a difficult time doing so. People think it's easy, but taking a life is hard, to do so one must be heartless.

"He's lying." Hodge said, his face showing no emotion.

"You could have done it and not even known." DaSilva said, her voice trying to show sympathy as if Mulder were delusional somehow.

"No!" Scully said raising her hand trying to silence them. "He said he didn't do it." She said looking over to him, their eyes locking, panic was in her voice. She searched his eyes for the truth, she longed to know if he did it or not, no matter what she would still stand by his side. Till death do they part, their death; no one else's.

"I don't have any of the symptoms." Mulder said raising his hands as if by doing so he were to be cleared of all charges being pressed against him.

"You checked him yourself, Hodge." Scully said turning, losing eye contact with her husband for a brief moment. She would come to regret that mistake for her stare was the only thing keeping him locked in his place.

"Yeah six hours ago." Hodge said, his tone growing angry.

"It was one of you." Mulder said moving from his spot next to Murphy's dead body towards the group and soon Hodge began to advance on Mulder.

"Stop it! Stop it! Shut up!" Scully yelled getting between both of the men, feeling like she was the mother to two boys fighting over a toy neither wanted to share, oh that would be so much easier. "Mulder just put the gun down and let Hodge give you a blood test." She said looking to the object in his hand then looking to his eyes. She knew straight out he didn't kill anybody, but she also knew that the other two people wouldn't rest until Mulder's blood was checked and Mulder and Hodge would be arguing over who killed who and that was not a game worth playing. Trust was not something worth betting on at this moment.

"Why so he can doctor the results? I'm not going to let him stick a needle in me he could be infected." Mulder yelled unable to believe the words that were leaving his wife's mouth, of all the things they had been through so far, she didn't believe him when he said he didn't kill the guy.

"He needs to be confined right now!" Hodge yelled watching as Mulder's temper grew and only all the more convinced that he was infected.

"Then just turn around and let us take a look at your neck." Scully said reaching for his arm scared that maybe Mulder was infected. Never had she seen him act in such away.

"I'm not turning my back on anyone! As far as I'm concerned you're all infected!" He yelled, backing away, Scully slowly followed him, scared he might hurt himself.

"Hodge is right we oughta lock him up." DaSilva said, her voice now rising as well. Hodge was slowly backing up, following them and as he reached for a crowbar he turned ready to hit Mulder over the head with it. But just as he got ready to, Mulder raised his gun and pointed it at him; unfortunately Scully pulled out her gun and pointed it at Mulder.

"Mulder…"She warned, her heart was racing a million beats per minute and she wanted nothing more than to drop the gun, but she forgot about her personal relationship with the man before her and she acted professional as could be.

"Scully get that gun off of me." He said looking over to her once seeing what was in her hand.

"Mulder you have to understand." She said never showing weakness or signs of wavering.

"Put it down!" He yelled now pointing his gun directly at her, her professional exterior was still strong, but on the inside she was crying, she could no believe she stood here with her gun pointed at her husband, the man she loved and his gun was pointed at her. She could feel her heat stop in her ears and she was sure she would fall to the floor, but luckily she was stronger than that, two brothers and he had made her that way. She held her place, held her gun hand steady and spoke.

"You put it down first!" She screamed, her voice shaking she could tell from the look in his eyes it was killing him to have his gun pointed at her. It was destroying him to be in this situation and it was also taking every ounce of energy not to through the gun to the floor take her into his embrace and hold her tight and never let her go.

"Scully!" He yelled. "For god sake's it's me." He said calmly, his voice growing low and shaky, he could tell she wanted to cry and he wanted to hold her.

"Mulder you may not be who you are." She said her emotions were slowly escaping as she looked over the tip of the gun and into his eyes, so much fear and love in one stare. He saw what she meant, he saw everything she was trying to do and with that said, he lowered his gun slowly walked over to her and gave her his gun. "Why?" She whispered so softly she wasn't even sure she uttered it.

"Because I love you." He whispered back into her ear as he walked by her towards Hodge and DaSilva. She looked over her shoulder to find him doing the same; they locked eyes briefly before he turned his head.

"I'll do it." Scully spoke up as Hodge unlocked the store room, all three people looked back to find Scully jogging over to their little group. The two backed off leaving husband and wife alone to open the door, but stood close enough incase they planned anything stupid.

The room was dark and Mulder was the first to enter, as he did so he searched around for the light, bathing the small room in a soft vomit glow.

"In here I'll be safer than you." Mulder said truthfully looking back to the woman who stood at the entrance of the door. Scully merely looked at him, still unsure of what to say to him. She then turned and left the room, closed the door and locked it so he couldn't get out, the sound made her heart ache.

For hours Scully didn't move from the storage room door, though Mulder probably had no idea she was there, Scully stood on the other side knowing he needed her. After a long while of feeling useless she made her way to the main hall and found both Hodge and DaSilva fast asleep at their post. She slowly made her way over to DaSilva and moved her hair out of the way in order to check her neck, but before she could even catch a glimpse Hodge came and moved her hand out of the way and asked what she had been doing. She also had to throw her bullets out into the freezing artic cold in order to make the ass happy.

After another failed distress call Hodge and DaSilva managed to run some tests with the organism and they soon found out that the worm will destroy another worm if introduced into its host. Once this theory was tested on the dog and showed to be conclusive, both Hodge and DaSilva agreed to let Mulder out of his cage if he agreed to let the worm into his body. Scully, however, wanted to speak with him first, she wanted to 'make it seem like it was his idea' but in reality she just wanted to make sure he was infected.

"It's just you?" Mulder asked softly once his eyes had adjusted to the light that came in with Scully. He felt as if he had died and she was an angel in the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

"Yes." She whispered softly. Once the door was closed she reached her arm up and pulled the switch so she could see his face.

"It's one of them." He said quickly.

"No one's been killed since you've been in here." She merely meant to state the obvious, but feared he took it in an accusing manner.


"We found a way to kill it." There eyes never lost contact. "Two worms in one host will kill each other."

"If you give me one worm, you'll infect me."

"If that's true than why wouldn't you let us inspect you?" She asked moving closer to him.

"I would have, but you pulled a gun on me." He said, his teeth grinding together as he moved his face closer to hers so they were only millimeters apart. "Now I don't trust them, I want to trust you." It hurt her slightly to learn she had lost his trust for the moment, but I guess she didn't expect anything less she didn't after all pull a gun on him. Hell, she didn't really trust him all that much right now either.

"Okay." She said softly, thinking over his words. "But now they're not here." With that said he turned around and lowered the upper part of his shirt so she could examine his neck. They both knew that if one of the others opened the door to Mulder with his shirt off and Scully with her hands all over his bare back they would have a lot of explaining to do and not much of it would make sense. Especially because these two could hardly ever keep things just normal, and with Scully leaving a warning with Hodge to come in if she needed help he would most likely burst in at the wrong moment.

As her hands roamed over his soft skin she was happy to find there were no worms of any sort and he was clean of the virus. She smiled inwardly and lowered her hands, as he turned around to face her she offered him a smile and turned to leave. As she reached the door, however, she was pulled back and felt her head being lowered from the back as she could feel her shirt being lowered from the top. Soon she could feel his warm hands on the base of her neck as he searched around. It took every ounce not to let out a soft moan as he gave her a soft massage and placing a soft kiss to her smooth skin.

"You're fine, relax." He said smiling at how quickly the Goosebumps covered her bare skin, she smiled back and turned on her heel to place a soft peck on his lips. "We should go." He said pulling away.

"Yeah we should." She said lowering her head, her serious mood coming back; she began to wonder which one of them had killed poor Murphy. "I just examined him, he's uninfected." Scully said as the storage door opened and she exited the room.

"So is she." Mulder said making his way behind her.

"Which means that it must be one of you."

"Alright, let's go over to the main building. I'd like to check him myself." Hodge said not believing what either agent said. "Then he can examine both of us. You want to lead the way?"

Mulder quietly walked ahead of Hodge and Scully followed but before they got two feet DaSilva threw Scully in the storage room and locked her in there while Hodge tackled Mulder to the floor and DaSilva got the worm in order to place into Mulder's ear. However, just as it was about to take place Hodge realized that the worm was now moving beneath the skin of DaSilva's neck. He immediately threw her off of Mulder and got off himself and yelled to the agent the new information, the scared and raged woman ran to the main building as Mulder let Scully out of the storage room where she was trying to get her way out with a metal bar.

As Hodge grabbed the loose worm off of the floor and the three of them chased the hysterical woman into the room they found her with a gun aimed and ready for firing, luckily Mulder jumped at her and tackled her to the ground. Scully was at his side in an instant to help keep her in place as Hodge placed the worm in her ear. The rest the two worms took care of themselves inside of her body, and until help arrived they made sure she didn't move from her bed and at least somebody was always with her at all times, though most of the time they managed to fit all four of them in there.

Once they were rescued, which turned out to only be a day later, thank god for DaSilva, she was quarantined to the nearest hospital where they were to keep an eye on her. Due to their tests coming back normal they were released and set free to go home, Mulder wanted to go back and do more research, but found out it had been burned down, which also burned his idea.

"It's still there Scully, two hundred thousand years down. In the ice." He said looking over to her.

"Leave it there." She said staring off into space before looking up to him and grabbing her language to walk off towards the plane. She stopped half way to make sure he was coming when she noticed he hadn't been following her. When he made his way to her side they walked together to the plane in silence.

"I'm sorry." He said once they were seated on the small fifteen passenger plane. Hodge was in the row across from them bundled up in a blanket trying to get some sleep.

"For what?" She asked not understanding what he was talking about.

"Pulling a gun on you." He said looking over to her.

"I'm sorry too, I pulled it on you first." She said looking into his eyes knowing it had really gotten to him.

"I'll make it up to you." He said pulling her under his arm so she could sleep in his warm embrace.

"How?" She asked from her spot on his chest, her eyes were closed and the sound of his heart beating was soothing her to sleep.

"The plane that takes us to D.C., we'll join the Mile High Club on that one." He said a smile could be heard in his voice, but she knew he was serious as could be. Mulder took a long look over at Hodge to make sure he was asleep before he gave a small peck on Scully's forehead and whispered 'Goodnight'.

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