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This is a story that I am working on with a friend. Most of the story will be written by her...(I'm just helping a bit)

Takes place in the TYL arc, and this is another version of how Byakuran might have felt about Tsuna.

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Byakuran's smiled and stretched his hand out to Tsuna who was walking towards him, the other Vongola members following close behind. Before Byakuran was able to say anything a loud bang from a gun covered his words.

There was the smell of blood. Somebody was dying. His ears were ringing as his eyes widened in surprise, fearing for the worst. Of all the victims it could've been, it was Tsuna's body lurched back.

So it really was Tsuna who got shot. ...Why?

Tsuna started to fall, his eyes widened at the surprise attack until he saw Byakuran's equally wide eyes and his ghost of a faded smile as he stretched out his arm. Three seconds felt like hours,...months,...years...

Though grimacing at the pain, Tsuna then smiled and mouthed several words that spelled out 'arrivederci' as his eyes shut, never to open again, when he hit the ground. The surprised Vongola members screamed out and ran to their boss.

Gokudera fell to his knees and cradled Tsuna's limp body screaming, "Jyuudaime!! Please... Jyuudaime!"

As tears streamed out of Goukudera's large green eyes, the salty drops fell on to Tsuna's already cold face. A blue sword rushed out in the speed of lightning and attacked the white demon's subordinates. Yamamoto left a trail of water drops but he moved too fast to see his face.

"hahahaha..." Byakuran laughed as he bowed his head down towards his hands, "Hahahaha... HAHAHAH" Byakuran threw back his head spreading a large smile on his face. This is just another one of those stupid nightmares that plague my mind. Tsuna promised me he would come back...He will...Tsuna please stop joking around...As Byakuran's mind raced with these thoughts, the rest of the Vongola members started to charge in. Byakuran's 4 subordinates including the subordinate that shot Tsuna grabbed Byakuran's arm.

Smiling, the subordinate responsible for the Vongola Jyuudaime's death yelled, "Now is no time to be laughing, sir! We got your father's revenge—those bastards are pretty angry though, we'd better get out of here!"

At the age of 7, Byakuran was told that he would be one of the leaders of a very ancient mafia family. Byakuran had never wanted to be part of this. He wanted a normal family...a normal life. But no matter how many times he protested, kicked, bit, screamed... the end result would always be the same. He WILL be the next leader even if it means using force.

"Come on, we must get there on time to meet Iemitsu," his father, Hiroyuki, growled, pulling on his son's arm impatiently.

Devoid of emotion, the middle schooler could only follow. How long has it been since he had showed even the tiniest bit of emotion ? A week? A month? A year? Byakuran had lost count. It was easy to know what his father was thinking. His father actually had a simple mind. Befriend the family, know its secrets, and destroy it from the inside, that's how he worked.

Byakuran looked at his hands silently. Though appearing clean, they were actually filthy from the many times they had shed blood. He was no longer innocent. It's been like that for quite some time actually.

"Iemitsu-san, I would like to meet my son, Byakuran." Hiroyuki roughly grabbed his son by the shoulder and shoved him out.

Byakuran merely looked up at the friendly face with emotionless eyes.

"He's in high school right now."

I'm in middle school, you lame excuse of a father. But Byakuran only looked on quietly.

Perhaps there was a sudden flash of emotion in his eyes, or his finger twitched, but Iemitsu seemed to see right through him.

He grinned. "High school, huh? Well, that's a shame. My son's only in elementary school." Turning around, he waved at two figures in the distance. "Tsuna! Come over here for a sec!"

It was a mother and a son. They were smiling and laughing happily while sharing an ice cream cone. Byakuran couldn't help but wince at the sight. It had been years since he was that close to his own mother, and even then, she was sickly and never seemed to be awake when he had the time to visit. Now, it was too late. The little boy, he couldn't be older than 7, suddenly waved and hugged his mother one more time before running up to his father. Is that what it's like...to have a mother?

"This is my son, Sawada Tsunayoshi. Tsuna, introduce yourself." And yet, even though they were the same words, Iemitsu's were more gentle, more caring than those of Hiroyuki's.

Tsuna gave a toothy smile. "Ohayo gozaimasu!"

"Byakuran, leave us." Hiroyuki made his name sound as if it were a contagious disease.

"Tsuna, could you go play with Byakuran-kun until I'm done talking?"

"Hai!" Grabbing the older student by the hand, Tsuna dragged him away.

"So Bya-kun, what do you want to play?"

Bya-kun? He merely shrugged. "It doesn't really matter, Tsunayoshi." Either ways, he was too old to be playing with an elementary schooler anyways. It would actually be best if he didn't grow closer to the kid.


"Huh?" Byakuran looked down in surprise. "What?"

"You can call me Tsuna. Everybody does."

He nodded wordlessly. Again, they simply walked for a couple of minutes. Any minute now, and his father would call his name to leave. They sat on a bench.

"It's okay if you don't like me."


"Most of the kids in my school call me stupid and useless," Tsuna confessed sheepishly, "but my mommy told me that everybody changes. Even I can change. I'm going to change from someone useless to someone everybody likes. So I'm going to make you like me someday!"

This child...so innocent...Is this elementary schooler really going to be the next Vongola Jyuudaime? It was pretty ironic, the thought that this kid would soon become the leader of a very dangerous mafia family. The corner of Byakuran's mouth twitched a bit.

"Hey you almost smiled!" Tsuna shouted gleefully. Jumping off the bench, he moved his face closer to Byakuran's. "Smile for me."


Tsuna frowned. Grabbing Byakuran's cheeks, he pulled them upwards into an awkward smile. "You smile too little."

An angry vein popped on the side of Byakuran's head as he also grabbed Tsuna's cheeks and pulled them downward. "And you smile too much."

Pause...the sight of Tsuna frowning and yet smiling at the same time looked too hilarious.

Slowly, Byakuran's cheeks lifted into a real smile as he couldn't control the laughter in him any longer. Tsuna, though appearing to be frowning, giggled as well.

And as he smiled for the first time in years, Byakuran felt more...human again.

"God, they're all monsters! Especially the Guardian of the Cloud and the Guardian of the Mist! Together, they killed half of our minors—the other half just barely got away...I thought they hated eachother!" huffed Byakuran's subordinate. "But the Vongola head is now really dead! Now we just need to get ready to kill the rest of them...Byakuran-sama?"

Byakuran covered his face with his hands, muffling his continuous laughing. Finally he replied in a calm voice "Follow me..." He continued to laugh—but dared not to face his subordinate's direction for fear of losing it there. He turned and walked straight into a dark corridor.

As he did so, the subordinate saw something glistening. Even though it was true that Byakuran was laughing with his usual smirk, there was a silver glint of something, like maybe water on his face.

As they seemed to be shrouded in darkness the subordinate started to feel uncomfortable. Something wasn't right. "Byakuran-sama? Ano, There is something on your face..." and as he reached out, purple eyes glinted in the darkness—in the same moment the subordinate screamed in pain.

His hand hit the wall and slid down and he fell to the floor writhing in pain clutching his stump of a hand. "…Byaku…" The blood spoted face of Byakuran drew closer. The subordinate gasped, his eyes widening in feare not because of his boss' blood covered smirk, but because of the tears that slowly ran down his face...

"Who told you to shoot?" whispered Byakuran as his smile grew wider, but it was no longer a happy smile. It was twisted with malice and anger. "Was it that old geezer's ghost or something?"


"Sorry, I don't forgive..."

Byakuran let a white light swirl around his ring then lifted his subordinate's face, "you have to die for me...heh"

Blood squirted from every direction from what used to be a human. Byakuran's once white and silver clothes was splattered with blood. I really am a monster...

He used his hands to wip away his red tears, smearing red blotches all over his face. The smirk was still glued to his face as he strode out of the dark corridor where he met Shouichi sitting down on the near by passageway listening to his headphones.