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Byakuran leaded back on his chair and kicked off from the inside of his desk and stared at his ceiling blankly. He lifted his wounded hand that was bandaged up and sniffed it, smelling the delicate scent of lilies and slowly allowed his blank face to form a smirk. He turned his chair to face outside. He was really tired... he really wanted to sleep... he really wanted to scream and beat down his father one more time...So...Why the hell am I smiling?

"Byakuran—help me, that wretched Guardian of the Storm almost killed me!—come, on get over here!" yelled his father, blood streaming freely out of his right shoulder.

Byakuran stared at his father, and a smirk spread across his face.

"Byak—what the hell are you doing??"

Byakuran popped open a new bag of marshmellows and sat in a chair watching his father carefully. He only continued to grin wider at each sound of blood dropping and hitting the floor.

His father's eyes widened, "I am your father, so your going to"—

"What? So I was your son? Haven't heard that before. Oh and Father, I think it is time to tell you, I think it is time we make a treaty with the Vongola family." Byakuran smiled and popped another marshmallow into his mouth.

"You…Listen to me, I will listen to all this crap later so quickly help—Gah-!" Byakuran's father let out a small gasp of pain as his 'son' crushed his father's hand with one foot.

"Crap? Sorry, but you have to listen to it. You understand that the treaty requires the signature of the Vongola—the dieing will flame and the Millefiore's is also required so your going to teach me how to do it." Byakuran grinned and took his boot off of his father's hand and sat down again while consuming another marshmallow.

"Ugh…To have a son like you…" His father looked down at his bloody twisted hand and thought He purposely only hurt my left hand so that I can still teach him the Millfiore's signature…Hmpf, I grew him up as a little fox with sharp teeth…

He forced a smile. "Okay then, I will give you the position as Boss and the signature, if and only you kill the Vongola—"

Byakuran leaned until his face was suddenly only 2 mm away from his father's. "Are you deaf, or maybe stupid? Do you know what situation you're in? Give me the way to do signature or you are going to loose your left hand really soon..."Byakuran's smile only grew wider as his father's eyes widened in fear...

"I gave you the ring and the signature so get me some help—let me live—"

"Yeah, you won't lose your left hand." Byakuran took a piece of cloth from the table and wiped the blood off the ring before putting it on his middle finger as it glowed a light turquoise. "Instead, since your no longer needed, I'll practice to see how this ring works—I suppose without a box..."

"Stop! No wait, let me live, I gave what you wanted you're my son!!" his father flinched as he used both his right and the destroyed left hand to maneuver himself away from Byakuran as far away as he could.

Son...Byakuran smirked. "Then I think I'll call you, Papa for my first and last time..." His fathers eyes grew bigger and the turquoise light from the ring continued to glow, the light reflecting off Byakuran's slick eyes.

"You're a're!—"

There was no such thing as "Father" any longer, instead a unrecognizable heap of a corpse. Byakuran's face and body was blotted with blood once more. He wiped his bloody hands on the small parts of his clothes that were still dry.

"Plan, fulfilled…and another secret I can never tell him…" He took the marshmallow packet that he had left on his fathers work desk and ate another marshmallow.

One Year Later...

Byakuran stared up at the ceiling of his room.'s about time for the Guardian of the Mist to do something isn't it... He stood up and left the room

Leo was sitting on the couch.

"Hey Leo!"

"Oh Byakuran-sama you came oh and I have discuss some things with you."

Byakuran put his bandaged hand into his pocket and answered, "If it is about raising your salary I don't think I can do that—"

"Oh no! I am really happy with my salary—it's just that I think I will resign…"

"Hmmm Leo kun, can I ask why you only told Glo-kun about Chrome being in Kokuyo land... and made sure he wouldn't say much about it—well his jaw was pretty much broken..." Byakuran shut his eyes while he continued his explaining, smiling and ignoring the fact that his bandaged hand was starting to get sweaty.

"Byakuran sama...? What are you saying..."

There was an awkward silence.

"That is enough. You are Guido Greco-kun… ha, or should I say... Vongola's Guardian of the Mist..." Byakuran's hand relaxed... Gomen-ne, Tsuna… Looks like I really don't have much choice…I really don't care… any more…

"Eh? Vongla's Guardian of the Mist?"

"Yup!" Byakuran opened his eyes, smiling even wider "Rokudo Mukuro-kun"

"Ehh? What the hell... No, I..." Leo hesitated and an eerie smile spread across his face. "Since when..."

So, I really was right...

"A long time ago Mukuro kun oh! Around the time I ordered Datura Flowers I thought you would have known! It means disguise"

"Hmm... I though you were watching me a bit too much..."

"Your working with the Vongola..."

"Oh? That is wrong—Tsunayoshi is merely my target...Nothing more"

"Oh, is that so…"

"I was looking forward to this defeat you..." Byakuran pulled out his non-injured hand, allowing the ring on his middle finger glint.

"Byakuran… Sometimes it makes me wonder how I suddenly became boss of the Vongola—I mean well… I really hate hurting others and I am not scary like Hibari and I never thought the Vongola as a mafia base." Tsuna said as he stroked Byakuran's hair. Byakuran lifted his head off of Tsuna's lap and sat next to him on the bed.

"Hm I really don't like it if you talk about Hibari in front of me…" Byakuran wrapped his right arm around Tsuna and placed him on his lap.

"Don't do that when we are naked! And you promised that that was the last for the night!" Tsuna was blushing madly.


"No means NO!" Tsuna bent over to kneel his way off of Byakuran's lap. Suddenly Byakuran pulled him back and hugged him tightly. "Hey!" Tsuna grabbed Byakuran's arms in futile use to try and pry himself out.

"You really don't change to do…" Byakuran set his head down on Tsuna's left shoulder. Tsuna stopped struggling but instead placed his arms on top of Byakuran's. Byakuran's eyes widened in surprise and there was only silence. The awkward silence was broken by Tsuna.

"Is there something wrong?"

"Tsuna you are truly gifted as a good Vongola leader…A pure one too… Sometimes I get scared that you will leave me…" Byakuran lifted his head as Tsuna turned his face allowing their eyes to meet. "My past is not exactly a pretty one Tsuna…"

"But the past is the past right? I promise you—I won't leave you…be...bec...because—I… you…." Byakuran's eyes widened. Tsuna blushing madly turned his head around. "But! You have to promise me something too!"

"What is that" Byakuran smirked his eyes giving off a playful shine. Tsuna turned to look at him with a serious face.

"You must not kill any one."

"Kufufu… I am truly not a match for you…you have many skills hidden behind that smile of yours…" Mukuro huffed. Blood was pouring freely through his gloved hand that was covering his right eye.

"You mustn't flatter me like that—you must have more allusions within that bloody eye of yours...I know that you were not fighting me seriously in the first place... your plan was only to send information on the Millefiore's fighting policy to the Vongola head quarters… then to escape as a illusion…"

Byakuran let the white storm of lighting surround the winged ring. "But you made a small miscalculation… information can not penetrate through this office nor can illusion's escape, a small secret I kept from Leo-kun."

Mukuro's eyes widened as the white storm around the ring grew...

"Bye bye..."

Hibari Kyouya, the feared Guardian of the Cloud was alone. Why?

"Not here...He's not here..." Not even his pride could hold back the tears that threatened to fall. He punched a tree angrily.

"Why did you leave me? Tsunayoshi..."

"Kyo-san! Where are you?" Kusakabe called out worriedly. He was not very far from where Hibari was.

Standing up, Hibari clenched his teeth and glared down at the coffin before him. How could you die so easily? How could you an herbivore?

Tsuna panted heavily, sweat trickling down his face almost in the form of tears.

"What are you doing?" Hibari sneered as he forcefully shoved him to the wall with a tonfa. "If you're this weak, then I can't guarantee your life next time."

Coughing and panting at the same time, Tsuna only stared back, too tired to attack back.

The Guardian of the Cloud growled dangerously and brought his face closer to Tsuna's. "It's no fun for me if you're this weak."

If you die again, I'll never forgive that time...

"Hibari-san, Ohayo!" "What do you want, herbivore?" "Oh, nothing. I just wanted to say hi." "Che!"

Hibari's eyes widened. "Urg!" His tonfas clattered to the floor as he grabbed his head in pain at the sudden memory.

"H-Hibari-san!" Tsuna yanked off his glove and worriedly extended an arm. "You don't look so good. Are you ok-"

"Don't touch me!" Slap!

He stood, dazed, staring at his hand, unable to meet the younger, weaker boy's eyes. What did I just do?

"You may go now. We'll finish this tomorrow."

Grabbing his stinging hand, Tsuna quietly sprinted away, leaving Hibari alone to suffer.

"That not the Tsunayoshi I know." Tears trickled down his cheeks once more...or perhaps it was just must be just sweat. "The Tsunayoshi I not here anymore."

Byakuran skipped into Shouichi's room as he easily avoided stepping on the CD cases sprawled all over the floor. Shouichi did not realize Byakuran's existence until he dropped a bouquet of asters on his key board. Shouichi, surprised, flung backwards from his chair, causing a pile of books behind him to crash down.

"Why are you here?" Shouichi stood up and bent down to pick up the pile of books stacking them up messily. Byakuran smiled and said,

"You should clean up this room Shou-kun. I came to deliver some flowers to you"

"I told you to stop sending me flowers...Did you kill him?" Shouichi asked as he placed the last book on the pile.

"Who?" Byakuran asked as his smirk grew wider.

Shouichi's face darkened."The Guardian of the Mist…"

Byakuran pulled out his bandaged hand. "I fought him"

Shouichi managed a smile. "You got that way before you fought him—so answer me..."

"Oh yeah... Leo is gone"

"How did you know he was a spy?" Shouichi stood up to meet Byakuran in the eye.

"Oh, that's because I know for sure that the real Leo was dead a long time ago"

Shouichi stared at Byakuran.

Byakuran's smirk faded. "When a person has an illusion of someone whom they never deserved, that person will never know when to let go…" Tsuna... why is it...that I can't let go of you…when it was you who broke the promise… "I really hate illusions…"

Shouichi looked away. It was the first time he saw Byakuran face without the sly smile...the first time he seemed so desolate. Shouichi gathered his courage to look back up just to see Byakuran's smirk once again.

"Shou-kun, sometimes you can't find the answer to everything through calculations. Be careful because the entire Vongola is like that. They are all...unpredictable" Byakuran grabbed Shouichi's hand and pulled him closer and stuck one of the asters from the bouquet behind Shouichi's ear.

Before Shouichi had any time to react, Byakuran let go of Shouichi and left the room. He fell to his knees. Calculations? Unpredictable? The aster fell to the floor.

"Aster...Unpredictable conclusions in the language of flowers..."

Tsuna stared dejectedly at his hand. It was no longer red...but why did it still hurt. "Even though Hibari-san is scary...I've never seen him act so coldly before." He sighed. "Did my future self do something to piss him off?"

"Don't think of it that way, Tsuna-nii"


Fuuta smiled gently. "Can I sit next to you?" Without waiting for a response, he sat.

" know...Hibari-san is just feeling annoyed."

Tsuna's eyes widened in surprise. "Annoyed?"

"I think it was because back than, your future self chose to listen to Byakuran, than him, which is probably why the future you is...dead." He smiled again. "Don't take it too seriously. Oh!! And Chrome-san is better thanks to Hibari san although... I don't think now is a good time to thank him..."

"Chrome is getting better.. that is good…" Tsuna said absent mildly.

Chrome is better…This attack plan will have to work…hmmm… Tsuna stared at the door way where Hibari left. So every time Hibari sees me, he sees my dead future self?—Because I chose to listen to future self is dead? Tsuna looked down to his feet and continued to think, what on earth happened with my future self...

After saying 'goodnight' to Fuuta, Tsuna left the room dejectedly and trudged down the hall, passing the room where Hibari usually was...

"The herbivore outside-"

Tsuna froze where he was.

"-tell me who you are. If you don't, I'll bite you to death."

The door slid open slowly in an agonizing way. "...Hibari-san."


Hibari sat inside, sipping tea. His black yukata slid open partly as he bent down gracefully to pour more. "What is it? Sawada, what are you doing around this time?"

Bravely (or perhaps foolishly), Tsuna stepped in, sliding the door shut as he did so.

"I'm tired, so just tell me the basics and leave." Hibari closed his eyes. I don't want to see you...I don't want to hurt again.

"I-" Tsuna gulped and prepared himself. "-I'm sorry."

While Hibari opened his eyes in slight surprise, his expression remained emotionless.

"Sorry. I'm sorry, Hibari-san," he repeated.

"What for?"

"I don't want you to feel annoyed when I'm around. Even though you want to forget the past, you can' I'm trying to stop that from happening again...but-" Tsuna balled his fists nervously.

Stop...Stop talking..."But what?"

"But, you can't bring a dead person back to life!" he finally choked out.

I don't want to hear!

"...pftt..." Hibari snapped. "Pft...HAHAHA!!

"Hi-Hibari..." Tsuna could only stand and watch in fear as the Guardian of the Cloud threw his head back and broke out into hysterical laughter, something Hibari himself had never done before. He could only wait until the strange laughter subsided.

After some time, Hibari set down his tea, which had been threatening to spill during his outburst. His face was expressionless as if it had never undergone the fit of laughter earlier. He stood up. "What you said...if that's so,...then what are you?"


"Why is a supposedly dead person standing in front of me? Even though you're Tsuna...YOU'RE NOT THE TSUNAYOSHI I KNOW!" Hibari could only smile sadistically as Tsuna flinched in fear. "So don't talk as if you know."


"Don't talk as if you know me!" Pushing Tsuna to the wall, he grabbed hold of the herbivore's neck, cutting off his air. It was delicate... as if the tiniest squeeze would destroy the Vongola brat altogether.


"See? You're weak. An herbivore like you wouldn't last long at all. Just like last time-" Even I don't think I can completely defeat Byakuran and yet, you believe you can?

A slender arm extended and gently stroked the Guardian's cheek.

Hibari looked in surprise at the dying Vongola.

Even though, I can break your neck with just one snap and not feel any remorse...even though I can kill you... Hibari's eye's widened. can

Slowly but surely, his grip on Tsuna loosened just enough until Tsuna could breathe properly.

"Hibari-san..." Tsuna rasped out, "When I was little, I knew a boy. He was just like you..." Weakly lifting his arms, he raised the corner of his temporary tutor's mouth upwards. "You should smile."

Something wet ran down Hibari's cheek. was probably sweat. "You..." Lowering his hands from Tsuna's neck, he pulled him into a hug and felt the boy faint out of exhaustion in his arms.

I'll protect you this time. This time...I will bite you to death, Byakuran...

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