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Epilogue- Chapter 16

Blair entered the gates of the school, Chuck beside her, his hand in hers giving her the reassurance that she craved. She faltered for a moment. Sure, Little Jenny had been taken care of last week, and Blair had been restored to her power, but that still didn't mean that she was any less nervous. Every single day since Little J's take-down, people had stopped talking when she had entered the courtyard and stared. Complete silence, and tons of eyes on her. Well, tons of eyes except two. Nate refused to look anywhere near her, but surprisingly, she didn't mind. Nate was old news. She sighed, remembering the confrontation she'd had with him the day of her return to school…

"Blair!" called a voice from behind her, causing the newly returned Blair to whirl around. She'd known exactly who it was even before she saw his familiar face, framed by his wild, golden hair. She gave him a dead stare in return.

He caught up to her and Chuck in the hallway. It was lunch and they had been trying to escape un-noticed to somewhere peaceful, where nobody would stare.

"Blair," he stated once more.

"Nate," she pursed her lips, giving him the cold once-over she often gave Little J.

He shuddered, and she held back a smirk. He'd never been on the receiving end of one of her glares before.

"Can I talk to you…alone?" He asked. She almost laughed. Wow. He had some nerve…

Blair considered it for a moment, and then, slowly, replied, "I guess…"

Chuck almost seemed like he was going to protest, but she gave him a look, a look she used to give Nate, and he withheld any objections. She followed Nate into an empty classroom. He turned slowly once they were inside.

"Well?" She asked, tapping her foot impatiently.

"I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're ok."

"That's it?"

"No, not exactly…"

"Then what else?"

"I…uh…I don't know how to say this…" Nate shuffled his feet, finding the ground fascinating.

"Just spit it out already."

"I don't know what you see in Chuck and I don't know how he could be better than me and I don't understand why you would want someone like him when you had someone like me!" Nate finally blurted out, all in one breath. He actually winced at the glare she gave him this time.

"What do I see? How he could be better than you? How can't he?!" She cried, "How could you even think that you were better than him? You were always pawning me off on him, and you were always more interested in Serena! You weren't dedicated to me, don't even try to deny it, because you were more dedicated to my best friend, the girl you had a one-night stand with and then she fled town and you failed to mention any of it! Oh, and lets not forget, that when she left, instead of coming to comfort me, your GIRLFRIEND, you chased after her, and sent your best friend to deal with me! Making him tell lies about your whereabouts lets not forget!"

As Blair paused for breath Nate tried to open his mouth to protest, but Blair cut him off before he even got out the first syllable.

"Oh, and how about the first time that I got drunk with Serena? Instead of caring about me, you sent Chuck! I was in some pervert's lap for Christ's sake! But you were too busy kissing Serena to care!" Blair gave a triumphant smirk at Nate's quickly widening eyes, "Didn't think I remembered that, did you?"

Blair ranted for a few more minutes, ending with a cold, "So you want to know what I see in him? I see a guy that's always going to be there for me." At Nate's protest of 'It's Chuck... he's not dependable...' she added, "I'm pretty sure you'll find he is. But to satisfy your coming objection, if he's not, which i doubt, I guess I'll settle on the fact that he's not infatuated with my best friend."

Nate cut her off from insulting him more with an 'I'm sorry' and left, his tail between his legs. Obviously he had thought his case was fool-proof, but Blair saw all the gaping holes. He hadn't looked her in the eye since…

Blair took a deep breath. She suddenly registered a pair of hazel eyes burning into her, and snapped her head to look at Chuck, not having noticed she'd stopped.

"Are you okay?" He asked her, frowning.

She nodded, "Yeah… yeah. Can we just… not go in yet?"

Chuck gave her a crooked smile, turning to lean against the wall. "Sure."

Blair stood beside the wall, predictably refusing to touch it. Chuck smirked but she decided to let it go as she remembered what had happened after lunch that same day…

Blair was sitting in her last class of the day, waiting to be dismissed, when she got the shock of her life. Hazel and Penny approached her. They sat down in front of her. They said hi. She was wondering what was up with them when they finally said it outright:

"We miss you, B." Penny blurted out.

"Yeah, school just isn't the same without you… You're the Queen." Hazel added.

Blair scoffed, "Yeah, former Queen. Not unlike Little J over there," Blair pointed at a dishevelled looking Jenny, sitting alone in the courtyard, visible from the classroom via a window.

Both girls glanced briefly at the fallen freshman, before scoffing themselves.

"Please. You are not comparable to that," Penny said.

"Yeah, I mean, you brought her down. Really, you are the heir to the throne, if you think about it. Little J shouldn't have ever been in power…" Hazel added, once again having to get her two cents in.

The last sentence Hazel spoke was more to herself, but Blair responded to it anyways, "Yes, she should have."

She received puzzled looks from both girls.

"She brought me down, so the throne should have been hers by your logic." Hazel seemed about to protest with some dumb, confused exclamation, but Blair continued, "With help from Chuck, of course. Sure, Chuck delivered the major blow, but Little J delivered the one that hit home the most, at least until later that night," Blair muttered the last part, but both girls seemed to have caught it, judging by the odd looks on their faces. They didn't know she'd gone to see Chuck at the Palace Bar that night, and she didn't intend them to, so she kept speaking, drawing their attention away from the statement, "She was the one that told Nate who it was that I slept with, causing Nate to throw a Natey Fit and assume that I was worse than him," Blair realized once again that she'd said too much, because none of the girls knew about Nate and Serena's betrayal either, and quickly continued, hoping to lose them, "So she really brought about the downfall of Blair Waldorf because, lets face it, with Nate on my side, everyone would have believed me and thought Gossip Girl was wrong."

Both girls sat in silence for a moment until the bell rang and Blair vacated her seat, saying goodbye to the two girls. Predictably, they followed her within about ten seconds and proceeded to beg Blair to come back. She eventually gave in (like she wouldn't?) and Blair Waldorf was once again the Queen of the Upper East Side (at least as far as teenagers went…)

Blair noticed that people were giving them weird looks as they passed, she glanced over at Chuck, to notice that he was standing with his eyes closed. She smacked him on the arm, making him jump.

"What the hell?"

"Did the bell ring?"

"Yeah, like a second ago, why?"

"Chuck! You were supposed to tell me if it rang!" Blair smacked him again.

"Ow! Don't abuse me!" He then lowered his voice to a low, almost-whisper, "Or else I'll have to teach you a lesson…"

Ignoring the shivers that jolted down her spine, Blair rolled her eyes, "Oh, no. You don't get to teach me anything for a very long time."

She began walking into the school, smirking at the look on her boyfriend's face. She suddenly didn't care what people thought or if they looked at her. Let them look if they wanted. It didn't bother her as much as it would have before she'd been in that coma. As odd as it sounded, that coma was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She'd finally gotten the chance to confront all of her issues and more or less defeat them. Now, she was issue-free. Or, as issue-free as you can be on the Upper East Side. It is home to Manhattan's elite after all…

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