This was inspired by a Kink Meme request, which, to me, has been lost in its massive five pages. I can't quote the request directly, but it was basically about either wanting people reading 'Franzy's Whip Slash Splash', or the book itself. Forgive me if I got the title wrong. I'm a poor soul who bought TaT in Japan; for me, it's 'Franzy's Whippity Whip Trip'.

Disclaimer: -Insert legal disclaimers here-

"Oh my God"

"Oh, hi Nick! Come to get an autograph?"

There were no words to describe the expression of absolute horror that was plastered on the faces of the defence attorney and his group, as they stood at the front of the line. The line to get an autograph from the world renowned author 'Laurice Deuxnim'.

"I guess…" Phoenix said awkwardly, scratching his neck.

"Wow, Mister Butz, I didn't know that you wrote 'Franzy's Whip Slash Splash'!" Pearl exclaimed, leaning on the table.

"Now, Pearl, you can't go telling my real name in front of my fans! I'm Laurice, remember?" Larry said, patting Pearls head "Now, what do you want me to autograph?"

"My Steel Samurai figure, please!" Maya exclaimed, pushing in front of Phoenix and Pearl.

"Sure thing, Maya!" Larry exclaimed, grinning up at the acolyte, who was giggling madly.

"Wow, I can't believe it was a success!" she exclaimed "How much money do you make with this gig?"

"Hmmm…" Larry thought for a moment, dramatically drawing out the 'm's "Several thousand"

"Wow! Nick, did you hear that! He makes way more than you! He! Larry Butz!"

"You don't need to rub it in anymore" Phoenix grumbled in his head "So, uh, Laurice, what's the story about?"

"Glad you asked, Nick!" Larry exclaimed "The story is about our spirited heroine, Franzy, on her world quest to rid the world of fools and hooligans! The art is subtle, simple, yet effective, and the storytelling is witty and clever! quote a critic!" Larry exclaimed smugly.

"Great, Lar-Laurice" Phoenix said, internally raising an eyebrow "Well...we're holding up the line, so…see you later!"

"Bye Larry!"

"Bye Mister Butz!"

"It's Laurice! Laurice Deuxnim! Larry called after the group after they left the bookshop. Phoenix chuckled, and started to head to their real destination; the pizza shop across the road.

However, no one got terribly far before a familiar voice dragged them back to the bookstore.

"What did you do to my sister?!" Miles Edgeworth exclaimed, slamming down an open copy of 'Franzy's Whip Slash Splash' on Larry's table.

"I made her a celebrity! Aren't you proud, Edgey?" Larry replied, grinning nervously.

"Certainly not! Look at how you've drawn her here! You put in all that innuendo on purpose!" Edgeworth exclaimed, making Larry chuckle.

"Edgey, why would I do that? It's a children's book!..."

"…And anyone who has half a brain would recognise the blatant sexual subtext!"

"Hey, what's wrong, Edgeworth?" Phoenix asked, entering the bookshop again.

"Have you even read the book, Wright?"


"Then see for yourself" Edgeworth scowled, shoving a copy of the book into Phoenix's hands.

"Lessee…oh my god…" Phoenix exclaimed, less then a minute into the story.

"Well, to be fair, it only really makes sense when you know Franzy…" Larry said nervously, chuckling slightly.

"Larry, this is a kids book!" Phoenix cried.

"And this is Franziska!" Edgeworth added "Do you have any idea what she's going to do when she reads this?"

Larry stayed silent for a second, soaking in the last sentence of Edgeworth's.