The Art Of Breathing

Breathing. Such a simple thing

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

But what about when

Those breaths come to an end?

The simple routine cut short

For whatever reason

Old age, disease, suicide, murder

The last one sears through me

Who would be so cruel

As to take the life

Of another human being?

Stop their breaths forever

End the life of a creature

Such a perfect, beautiful creature

With a future ahead of it, him

A future with me

He could have been so much

Captain of the Aurora

As he had always dreamed

But no, you didn't want that

You murdered him in cold blood

Simply because he was in your way

Simply because he was protecting

The ship, his ship

Strangely enough, I feel no hatred

For you only a cold, sort of

Empty feeling like someone

Has ripped out my very soul

Why? Why did you kill, no,

Destroy him, such a beautiful

Creation? Why did you kill Matt?

Why did you take his breath away?