It's been a while since I've written anything, so bear with me if I'm a little rusty. It's taken so long to come up with an idea for a sequel to Vexx simply because I want to do the game justice - hopefully, I will have done this with this story. Another random thing that came to my attention during the posting of this story is that the document editor is messed up. I looked around, and they are all messed up in the same way. Is it just me, or is this a widespread problem? If anyone who reads this can help, please do - I'm confuzzled. Oo"

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I can't remember anything
Can't tell if this is truth or dream
Deep down inside I can feel the scream
This terrible silence stops me,
Now that the war is through with me
I woken up, I cannot see
That there's not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now.

"One" by Metallica

The Shadowrealm

Vexx watched with contempt as Dark Yabu withered into nothingness, screaming his last screams of fury at the young boy. With a flash of light, he disappeared fully, leaving behind a great ceremonial staff - the Keystaff. Vexx grinned grimly to himself. It was finally over.

He picked up the keystaff tentatively, weighing it in his hands. It was lighter than it looked, and smooth to the touch. But he didn't have long to contemplate his victory - the fragment of the battlefield were shifting precariously underneath his weight. The towers surrounding the battlefield were exploding one after another, a deadly domino effect threatening to blow the place to kingdom come.

Time to go, Vexx thought worriedly. He ran to the portal exit, floor crumbling behind him as he ran. He leapt over the colossal gap between battlefield and corridor, pedaling the air, as the battlefield collapsed into pieces behind him-

He landed running, the corridor breaking beneath him. He sprinted on.

The portal ring beaconed to him like a mother calling to her child, and Vexx spurred himself on, hoping upon hope that he would make it. At that very moment, an incident occurred that would change everything.

The cracks in the corridor he had been racing this whole time had overtaken him, and suddenly the floor in front of him had fallen, and Vexx had to skid to prevent himself from falling into the black abyss. He looked at the distance, and his heart disappeared in despair. It was too far for him to jump, even with the Astani War Talons.


There was barely a second left to him before his footing gave way. In one fluid movement, he shifted the Keystaff on his palm so he was holding it like a javelin, and threw it with all his might at the portal. He barely had time to watch it enter when the floor gave way beneath him, sending him spiraling into nothing.

He screamed as he fell, pieces of rubble falling with him. In sheer desperation, he clung for dear life to a falling fragment of battlefield; he knew that there was no survival for him, but he didn't care. He simply braced himself for the inevitable impact that would kill him. And if it didn't, the rubble would.

But there was no impact. He simply blacked out.

And then there was nothing.

No sounds, no sight. In the realm of eternal night and despair, I lay in silence, trying to scream in despair and agony, but no sound was coming from my lips. Nothing could penetrate the blackness. I thrashed in my prison, but there was nothing to break free from. There was nothing. I floated there in utter darkness - not even the talons of light that had bound themselves to me could guide me through the black.

And my heart...well, what of it? Nothing but pain and misery of a life once mine...a life I had saved but could never experience, and this thought gave me immeasurable pain. My grandfather...he was dead and gone. Even with my vengeance I could never see him again. Vengeance gave me pain. Pain haunted my dreams now, every waking and sleeping moment fused in an eternity of solitude and silence.

Death floated around me. I am dead now. Nothing can reach me.