Author: Rene Marie

Pairing: Shassi

Warnings: Slash. The mention of a maybe-not-so-imaginary bar fight. XD Nothing too bad.

Summary: Shawn reflects on Lassiter's lap, and how there's no place he'd rather be. Not even for the delicacy that was sitting on the counter.

Lassi's Lap

He'd thrown himself into Lassiter's lap once, before they got together. He's firmly convinced that's when he'd started really liking the older man. Shawn was nothing if not physically affectionate, and he'd never felt been in another lap that felt so amazing. It wasn't that it was particularly squishy, or comfortable. Carly's legs were actually very bony, and with Shawn having a bony ass, the position typically leads to pain. Pain or not, Carlton's lap was, to reiterate his own thoughts, amazing. It was home, for lack of a better term.

For you see, Shawn never felt so perfect while sitting on anyone else's legs. Sure, those other laps had mostly been more comfortable, but no other person's lap had been so tempting, they didn't call to him. Other legs didn't scream, "Come sit on us! We enjoy your bony ass!"

If they did, well Shawn would be slightly uncomfortable. See, his Lassi was slightly possessive, and he might get upset if Shawn's ass were to be put upon anyone but Lassi's legs. He might be upset to the point of hauling Shawn out of this, completely fictional, person's legs and beating the crap out of this person. Might even lead to a bar fight. But that scenario was completely made up. Completely, it never happened – the police hadn't been called and anyone that had seen what had started the fight was too plastered to remember it 20 minutes later. So yes… it was a figment of Shawn's imagination, because Carly certainly wasn't going to claim remembering any such occurrence.

Anyway, getting back on the original train of thought, choosing not to dwell on maybe-perhaps-not-so-imaginary bar fights, that never happened, caused by an entirely too drunk man that thought Shawn was awfully cute…

What had started this, Lassi's lap is a wonderful place to be, train of thought, was that was where Shawn currently was. He was supposed to be paying attention to the civil war documentary that was on the TV, but he was under the spell that was otherwise known as hyperactive thoughts and Lassi's lap. This thought, somehow, reminded him that there was a pineapple upside down cake, sitting on the counter, just waiting to be eaten.

Oh, but dear readers, we have nearly reached the end – an end that you hopefully did not imagine. For you see, Shawn realized that there was a pineapple upside down cake, within his very sight. However, he was in Lassi's lap. He sure as hell was not going to move from there, not even for the King of fruits and cakes, and smoothies for that matter. Not when Lassi's arms were wrapped so snugly around him, not when he was in Lassi's lap, not when he felt so amazing. This was home, and as far as he was concerned, he didn't get to feel so at home often enough as it was. The pineapple upside down cake would still be there once Lassi realized it was time for him to leave, if he wanted to be on time for work.


Yeah. Another painfully short Shassi. I have several really, really longs Psych fics in the works at the moment, but I've realized that if it's going to be lengthy, I need to have it finished before I post. If it's not finished, and I post however many chapters, I tend to lose interest. Then it's never completed, and I feel bad. XD

This obviously has not been beta'd. I apologize, I did try and read through and correct any mistakes I found – if you see consistent mistakes, point them out so I can remember and correct them in future fics. ) Thanks!

I hope you enjoyed the read, short as it was. ) Reviews make me happy, and I would very much appreciate them.