Dear Mother and Father,

A description in a letter of how Violet feels about Quigley. This is completely pointless fluff, but I really like Violet/Quigley. Enjoy! I do not own any of these characters.

Dear Mother and Father,

I thought you would like to be informed on my new acquaintance, my friend, Quigley Quagmire.

I do expect you knew the Quagmire parents rather well. Klaus, Sunny and I met Isadora and Duncan Quagmire when we began at Prufrock Preparatory School. It is clear that we have an amazing bond with each other. We are all similar in ways of thinking, and are all, if I indeed say so myself, rather intelligent. While I am interested in inventing, Klaus is interested in reading and Sunny in biting things. Duncan is a keen journalist and Isadora enjoys writing poetry. We have all also suffered a terrible loss, the loss of our parents, our guidance in life, our sense of nurture and protection. All in all, we must have been destined to be friends.

We did believe, up to very recently, that their brother, Quigley, was indeed dead. That is certainly not the case. We met him with the snow scouts in a cave in the depth of the mountains, where he revealed himself to be who he is. We were of course overjoyed to find out that he still lives. Quigley is delightful. He is very interested in the art of making maps, cartography. Klaus, Sunny and I like him as much as the other Quagmire siblings, and, speaking for myself, a good deal more.

The thing is, dearest parents that one cannot stay with one's siblings forever. I cannot depend simply on my closest family when I begin to grow old and grey and cannot walk without aid. I must either learn to support myself, or find somebody to support me. Somebody whom I love very much, who loves me back. I am pretty certain I have found that person.

Quigley and I share a bond, stronger than that when my mind clicks with an invention, stronger than when lithium joins to a feebler element. A bond, similar to that, I believe, between my parents. You. I believe that I love Quigley. We have a relationship, that is so phenomenal, that we can sit for hours and talk about nothing, nothing at all, and both be highly amused. I could never be bored in his presence.

Generally, I am writing this letter to warn you, as such, so that you are prepared. I expect we shall marry one day and start a family of our own. We should both like that. Of course, I am most sure that you both will be the best grandparents ever to live. Or not to live, as it were.

Love you eternally,

Your daughter,

Violet Baudelaire xxx