Final Note: So yeah, this is the end

Final Note: So yeah, this is the end. It seemed I didn't make that clear as some people have added this to their alert list and asked for me to update soon! Oh dear, that is clearly a sign the ending wasn't very final. I may consider a sequel later but for now I'm working on something else!

In answer to how the press found out I was either thinking along the lines of a Rita Skeeter-esque scenario or, one of the Weasley's (probably Percy) accidentally leaked it to someone, also, don't forget Neville and Luna would have to know, so maybe they got told and then Luna told someone-being Luna!

And yes, I know the ending was a little rushed, but, to be honest, I knew how it was going to end and I got a little tired of this story, it was too angsty and dark, after a while writing all that pain and depression really gets you down! Sorry about that, but hey, when the creative juices aren't flowing I just wanted to end it already!

Thanks everyone, again, as clearly none of you read the Author Notes! And maybe I'll see you next Fan Fiction! Until then-Mischief Managed!

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